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Lilith's Winter Travelogue Collection

Lilith's Winter Travelogue pt.1

Lilith's Winter Travelogue pt.2

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 6pm est Thursday, January 17th

Please, please, please do NOT use the Addons listing to order Full sizes of Lilith's Winter Travelogue!  They are available under the size option of the Lilith's Winter Travelogue listings.  If you do order incorrectly, to keep inventory and our final order correct, I will have to refund the incorrect Addon when I see it and you will have to reorder the correct full size and may miss out on it altogether if the order has already closed!



Another reminder, 

The Leftovers Update

6pm est tonight, January 15th!
Poesie's A Very Victorian Christmas
Lab Yules
Lab Missing Yules/ICE
Bastet's Winter Bazaar

Love & Luck,

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