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Posted by Angela Espenschied on

New DarkDel Laces Have Been Added!

Addons (in drop menu), various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Thursday, August 9th.  

There is currently nothing about these suggesting they're a limited stock release, but if they do change without warning, refunds will be issued.  You will also notice that there is a small up charge to cover DD's shipping rate.

Amber & Lace
The Golden Hour, casting a glorious light onto all it touches: sweet amber
and golden oudh with vanilla cream, white cognac, saffron, and warm golden

Shadow Lace
Dusky plum oudh casts a pall over frayed strands of green cognac and
tobacco leaf. This tangle of threads is stained with a smear of patchouli
and opoponax and intertwined with vanilla cream lace.

Love & Luck,

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