Happy Monday, Lovelies!

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Happy Monday, Lovelies!

I'm just poking my head up from packing up and shipping the possets to say a few words about Con Exclusives.

While I am very much interested in finding a fairy to use on the regular, finding a fairy for Ajevie is a HUGE ask. The thing is, we're a Big buying group. For example, we needed 30 bottles of Lavender Lace to cover the pre-order. That's just One scent and not even an event exclusive. If the sheer volume weren't enough to discourage a fairy, there's also the matter of there being only so much stock to go around and there are people who get upset when one group gets a huge chunk of the Thing, whatever that Thing may be.

I personally don't feel bad about this since it going into decants means so, so many more people get a chance to experience the Thing. But, that is very much my Personal Opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs and many have other views.

So! It is usually safe to assume I will NOT be decanting event exclusives (except, perhaps, those offered at Vermont Lunacy events) for the time being.


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