Happy Weekend!

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It is 10pm and I am offically clocking out for the weekend! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures at Sunday's Vermont April Lunacy!

All orders have been ordered. Leftovers are up. Everything that can be filled has been packed and is shipping out in the morning.

I've done a slight alteration to the wording/formating on the Status page. Now, when we start working on collections, instead of "processing", I'll be posting the "Deadline" as below. In 95% of cases, collections will ship before their deadline, but I think this makes things a bit better and clears up any confusion about counting non-business days and what have you.

"Open Collection List

Deadline is the very latest date that a collection will ship out to you and is based on the max 10 day turn around time

Conjure Oils April Fools: Ordered April 5th
Possets Spring Retour: Deadline May 4th
Epically Epic Spring: Deadline May 8th
BPAL OLLA: Ordered April 13th
BPAL April 13: Ordered April 13th
Fools Journey Accidental Restock: Deadline May 8th
NAVA Spring: Ordering April 22nd
BPAL April 420: Ordering April 22nd
DarkDel Lavender Lace: Ordered April 21st/23rd
Haus of Gloi Birthday: Ordered April 27th
BPAL The Magician/May Moon/Good Omens: Ordered April 27th"


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