🎈🌞 Leftovers Update Tomorrow & Possets Retour Head Start 🌞🎈

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Leftovers & Possets Retour News

All of the most recent leftovers will be going live tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon EST.  Leftover Links are currently disconnected and will activated at the scheduled time.  Everything except for Telesto & Whiff-Lash can be purchased with LV Points!


Only Lovers Left Alive

The Magician 

Telesto & Whiff-Lash


Spring Limited Collection

Spring Resurgence Collection

Wanna get a head start on your testing for Possets Summer retour?  A number of scents are stocked in the alumni section!  Check out the Blog for links to all the Possets Alumni pages and a list of the Summer Retour scents.  The Blog is also a great place to watch for updates and news if you aren't in the FaceBook Group as nearly everything is crossposted there. :D


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