❤ Monday Update ❤

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

All 203 NAVA bottles have been decanted and I'll finish labeling them today, but I do not think they'll be pulled, packed, and shipped by the official deadline of Wednesday the 15th. I'm sorry. :( Instead, look for shipping notices Thursday/Friday!
In the good news column, everything except for the Laces have arrived and have been assigned their deadline date of August 24th, though since those are small and average size releases, look for them to ship well before their deadline. :D
At the end of August, NAVA PCs will be getting a restock at Ajevie and NEW PC stock will be coming at the end of the year.
Thank you all so so much for your love, condolences, and understanding recently. It has meant the world to me and has made all the difference.
❤ Angi

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