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Sixteen92 Halloween 2018

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock is available until 5pm est Wednesday, September 26th

Halloween 2018
Formula 86
Rice powder, sugar cane, warm caramel, heliotrope, tonka bean, dark chocolate

I Be The Witch Of The Wood
Wheat and straw, dark forest, poisoned apple, chimney smoke, fur, blood

Really Most Sincerely Dead
Breadseed poppy, warm coconut milk, honeyed benzoin, black licorice

We Are The Weirdos, Mister
Dragon’s blood resin, cleansing white sage, snuffed-out candles, spell books, metal and ash, dusty tarot cards

Welcome To Burkittsville
Ancient stone, raven feather, forest floor, tangled roots, dark water, pitch-black musk (premium)

Halloween Greatest Hits
The Bell Witch
Sweet cider barrels, orchard wood, blond tobacco leaf, cave and forest moss, glowing pumpkin, dry leaves, turned earth

Death By Stereo!
Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord, whirling tendrils of nag champa

(Every Day Is) Halloween
An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke

One Good Scare
Glowing jack-o-lanterns, charred marshmallows, roasted pumpkin seeds, falling leaves, campfire smoke

Fall Part 2
Dr. Van Helsing
Hellfire, black leather, dark chocolate, sweet smoke, cold whiskey, wild musk and a charred wooden stake

Lucy Westenra
Brugmansia flower, night-blooming Cereus, oud, guaiacwood, honey, fennel, stone

Mina Harker
Cold jasmine tea, ripe plum, black violets, pale skin musk

The Weird Sisters
Iris root, carnation, helichrysum, styrax, ruby-red lips, silk gowns, bone-white sandalwood (premium)

In related news, the Haus of Gloi Fall Part 2 pre-order will be going up on Thursday.  Decants will be available for the Perfume Only scents and samples for the other perfumes will be available as addons from the Haus. :)

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