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Black Phoenix Yule Collection

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until Noon est Monday, December 10th

The Black Snowman Perfume Oil
Snow soaked black with tobacco, oudh, and black magnolia.

The Pale Snowman Perfume Oil
Snowballs and carrot seed, vanilla vetiver, and white incense.

The Red Snowman Perfume Oil
Blood-soaked snow, ice-rimmed steel, red tobacco, crushed strawberries, and red licorice.

The White Snowman Perfume Oil
Pestilent snow mounds with mint, white moss, lemon peel, benzoin and frozen sugar cane.

Cathedral Incense Atmos

Chestnut Oudh Atmos
Sweet candied chestnuts mingled with warm spiced oudh.

Egg Nog Cocoa Atmos
Lots of cocoa, adequate amounts of nog.

Eucalyptus And Balsam Fir Atmos
A delightful, invigorating winter breeze.

Excessively Cheerful Christmas Tree Lot Atmos
The piniest pine that ever pined, pining you right in the face.

Fir Needle, Vetiver, And Black Musk Atmos
Sharp, deep green, and resinous.

Lick It With Consent Atmos
Lick It is back, as minty and sweet as ever.

Snickerdoodle Coffee With Hazelnut Cream Atmos

The Bear Prince Hair Gloss
Shaggy fur, snow-flecked and rose-touched.

Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss
Sautéed with brown sugar and lemon juice.

Candy Canes, Powdered Sugar, Snickerdoodles, And Vanilla Cream Hair Gloss

Ginger Cardamom Hair Gloss
A sparkle of fiery warmth on a cold winter’s night

Peacock Queen Hair Gloss
A blood red, voluptuous rose, velvet-petaled, at the height of bloom.

Pine Smoke Hair Gloss
A smoldering bundle of pine needles, bark, and resin with myrrh, frankincense, and burgundy pitch.

Red Currant And Juniper Berry Hair Gloss
As red as blood, as sweet as death, and as green as rebirth.

Rose Red Hair Gloss
The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut.

Snow And White Musk Hair Gloss
A shimmering icicle, the exhalation of winter’s crystalline breath.

Snow White Hair Gloss
Flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

Sugar Cookie Hair Gloss
This time, with sprinkles!

Wolves In The Woods Hair Gloss
Leaves and fir needles crunching under bare feet. Skeletal branches tearing at skin and silk. Snarls in the darkness, yellow eyes gleaming in the shadows.

Yule Incense And Black Fig Hair Gloss
The smoke from compounded frankincense, myrrh, pine resin, juniper berry, bayberry, and cinnamon swirling around a pile of sweet black figs.

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