Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)

Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Permanent)

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Assorted scents in perfume oil.

One (1) perfume oil in 8.5 mL clear glass roll-on bottle.
Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

American Preen
Vanilla, milk, white honey, strawberry, citrus, lavender, benzoin, clary sage (American Cream - LUSH type)

Angelica Lemonade
Angelica, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Lemongrass, bergamot, rosewood (Avobath - LUSH type)

Bergamot, apricot, cassis (Sultana - LUSH type)
Black Cat
Pear, pink pepper, orange blossom, coffee, jasmine, bitter almond, licorice, vanilla, patchouli, cedar (Black Opium - YSL type)

Black Purr-l
Chamomile, lavender, olibanum, myrrh (Black Pearl - LUSH type)

Blackberry Lavender Lemonade
Blackberry, lavender, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Blue Slushy Lemonade
Blue raspberry, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Bomb Pop Lemonade
Cherry, lime, blue raspberry, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Bonfire Hiss
Heliotrope, pine, cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, musk, roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, coconut, soft vanilla (Bonfire Bliss - Bath & Body Works type)

Cabana Cat
Young green coconut cream, tropical orchid, toasted praline (Cheirosa '39 - Sol de Janeiro type)

Lime, neroli, olibanum (Calacas - LUSH type)

Candy Cane Crush
Candy cane, vanilla bean, sugar cookie, caramel, marshmallow (Mr. Hex Original)

Candy Corn Noel
Candy corn, vanilla bean, sugar cookies, warm caramel (Mr. Hex Original)

Caramel Apple Brulee
Red apple, caramel, creme brulee (Mr. Hex Original)

Cat Café
Cardamom, olive leaf, rose, cacao, coffee, oud (Cardamom Coffee - LUSH type)

Lavender, tonka, benzoin, ylang-ylang (Twilight - LUSH type)

Bergamot, cassis, cypress (You Snap The Whip - LUSH type)

Sweet candied tangerine, white musk (Satsuma - The Body Shop type)

Catto Va-meow-ah
Tobacco, vanilla, tonka, cocoa, ginger, sweet wood sap (Tobacco Vanille - Tom Ford type)

Salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine petals, vanilla (Cheirosa '62 - Sol de Janeiro type)

Desert Mau
Rose, lily, jasmine, tonka bean, tobacco, ambroxan, patchouli (Dubai Amethyst - Bond No. 9 type)

Deep plum, clary sage, anise, firewood (Hexennacht)

El Gato Felix
Tangerine, clover, grass, green apple, watermelon (Mr. Hex Original)

Fireside Floof
Toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire-roasted vanilla, crystalized amber (Marshmallow Fireside - Bath & Body Works type)

Ginger Kitty
Bergamot, candied ginger, honey, patchouli, pepper, dark cocoa (Five O'Clock Au Gingembre - Serge Lutens type)

Gingerbread Noel
Ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon (Mr. Hex Original)

Grape Fizz Slushy
Concord grape, fizzy effervescence (Mr. Hex Original)

Gunpowder, smoky, dark, mildly sweet, spicy notes of smoke and wood (Hexennacht)

Blackberry brambles, cabernet sauvignon, sagebrush, dark patchouli (Hexennacht)

Honey I Washed The Kittens
Toffee, honey, bergamot, sweet orange (Honey I Washed The Kids - LUSH type)

Lawyer Cat
Citrus, jasmine, saffron, sage, ambergris, oakmoss, cedar (Baccarat Rouge 540 - Maison Francis Kurkdjian type)

Let Them Eat Catnip
Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk (Let Them Eat Cake - TokyoMilk type)

Lord of Meows-rule
Patchouli, vanilla, black pepper (Lord of Misrule - LUSH type)

Lost Kitty
Sour cherry, bitter almond, plum, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, tonka bean, vanilla, Peru balsam, cinnamon, benzoin, sandalwood, cedar, clove, vetiver, patchouli (Lost Cherry - Tom Ford type)

Madagascar vanilla, creamy amber, lily-of-the-valley, honeysuckle (Vaniglia del Madagascar - I Profumi di Firenze type)

Meow- zipan
Marzipan, almond, benzoin, rose, cassia (Snow Cake - LUSH type)

Golden amber, black cherry, green cardamom (Mr. Hex Original)

Night Of the Living Dead
Overturned earth, tattered burial clothes, an earthy wafting of dark patchouli (Hexennacht)

Nine Lives
Orange, lavender, lemongrass, pine, lemon, cassis, patchouli, fir resin, elemi, cinnamon (Karma - LUSH type)

Nose Boop
Rose, Sicilian lemon, geranium (Rose Jam - LUSH type)

Not a Purr-fume
Cetalox, ambroxan (Not A Perfume - Juliette Has a Gun type)

Orange Creamsicle
Orange, vanilla ice cream (Mr. Hex Original)

Orange Flower Lemonade
Orange blossom, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Blended orange, plum, and a splash of cinnamon (Ponche - LUSH type)

Peach Lemonade
Peach, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Tahitian vanilla, muscovado, cane sugar, cream, almond milk accord, Tonka bean, benzoin, palo santo, white woods, white musk, amber (Tihota - Indult type)

Vanilla absolute, patchouli, blackcurrant, rosemary (Comfort Vanilla + Patchouli - Bath & Body Works type)

Smoked Opium
Mandarin orange, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, myrrh, jasmine, opoponax, amber, patchouli, vanilla, heliotrope, pine, cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, musk, roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, coconut, soft vanilla (Mr. Hex Original)
Soft Purr
Honey, cocoa, orange, bergamot (Soft Coeur - LUSH type)

Mandarin orange, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, myrrh, jasmine, opoponax, amber, patchouli, vanilla (Opium - YSL type)

Spirit Mews
Incense, pink pepper, bergamot, cedar, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, vanilla, benzoin (Double Vanille - Guerlain Spiriteuse type)

Stranger Danger!
Crisp, cool autumn air and a pocket full of candy (Hexennacht)
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry, lemonade (Mr. Hex Original)

Egyptian musk, orange blossom, osmanthus, amber, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli (Hexennacht)

Effervescent grapes, rose, geranium, patchouli, orange, lime, warm musk (Supernova - LUSH type)

Sugared Paws
Bergamot, Sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily-of-the-valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood, powder (Pink Sugar - Aquolina type)

Humid air, earth, ozone, petrichor (Thunderstorm - Demeter type)

Ylang-ylang, vetiver, cedarwood (Jungle - LUSH type)

Toasted Coconut
Fresh coconut husk, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, beach bonfire  (Mr. Hex Original)

Sour cherry, bitter almond, plum, vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, tobacco, vanilla, tonka, ginger, sweet wood sap  (Mr. Hex Original)

Toe Beans
Sugar cookies, vanilla (Vanilla Bean Noel - Bath & Body Works type)

White Sage Lemonade
White sage, lemonade  (Mr. Hex Original)


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