Nocturne Alchemy PC: Lycan
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Lycan
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Lycan
Nocturne Alchemy PC: Lycan

Nocturne Alchemy PC: Lycan

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Slinks = .74 ml vials

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Effective immediately, NA PCs will not be restocked and once they are gone, we will no longer be carrying them.  INSTEAD anytime a new scent is added to a PC collection, we will run a pre-order for that collection just as we would for an LE.

Children of the Night
Ethereal woods, Fall Leaves, Leather (accord, vegan) and Fire.

Essential Oils of precious Cedar, Agar and Guaicwood, Orris, Pink Bay, Olibanum, Green Pepper, Crisp leaves of the Autumnal Equinox, Apricot, Amber Resin of the Japananes Mountains and leather oil of a Wolf.

Sweet Woods, smoke, leather and forest.

Silver Dust
Black Tea Leaf, Bergamot Essential Oil, Leather Accord, Sequoia Wood Essential Oil, Black Vetiver and a cube of sugar.

Sacred Sage Leaf, Skin Musk, Native American Indian White Tea Leaf, Leather Accord and Forest Accord.

Wraith Talbot
Smoke of Agarwood, Rose Rock Resin, Leather Accord, Heart of Amber, Spikenard, Wolfsbane Accord, Autumn leaves and falling Snow.

*Vegan company. All 'leather' notes are accords built with other natural perfumes to create the scent of leather. 


This is a Slink = .74 ml vial sample size. Additional sizes are stocked at Nocturne Alchemy.  As a Permanent Collection, these scents will be restocked periodically.