OSMOFOLIA Cloudgazer Samples

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Golden altocumulus clouds glowing in a beach sunset: sugary lemon cotton candy, bleached beach shells, humidity clinging to sunscreened skin, and a precious chunk of ambergris, fading into darkness and evening dew. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: sugar ✦ beach shells ✦ white tea
Mid/Heart: lemon cotton candy ✦ beach shells ✦ sunscreen
Base/Drydown: ambergris ✦ dew ✦ humidity

Wispy, painterly cirrus clouds that float high in the sky above: a basket of white lilacs and prim heliotrope, handfuls of juicy blueberries, sugary fluffs of fairy floss (cotton candy), papery orris, freezing cold air, and a painter's empty canvas. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: sugar ✦ cold air ✦ blueberries
Mid/Heart: cotton candy ✦ white lilac ✦ heliotrope
Base/Drydown: paper ✦ orris ✦ humidity

The classic subject of childhood drawings and vivid imaginations, the cumulus cloud: fluffy steamed white rice, baimudan white tea, soft white mimosas, sugared musk, crisp fresh air accord, balsamic vanilla orchid, orris root powder, and petrichor. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: white rice ✦ fresh air
Mid/Heart: white tea ✦ white mimosas ✦ sugar
Base/Drydown: orris root ✦ vanilla orchid ✦ petrichor

Shimmering mother-of-pearl nacreous clouds in the bitter cold of a high latitude winter: glittering ice crystals, yellow and pink plumeria blossoms, a chilly breath of ozonic air, snow-dusted fir trees, and frozen coconut. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: ice ✦ juniper berry
Mid/Heart: snow ✦ plumeria ✦ ozone
Base/Drydown: douglas fir ✦ coconut ✦ orris

Low-lying dark nimbostratus clouds and a torrential downpour of rain: black tea, rain-drenched soil, dewy violets, inky vetiver, and ominous black clouds. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: black tea ✦ ozone
Mid/Heart: violets ✦ humidity ✦ rainfall
Base/Drydown: vetiver ✦ ambergris ✦ soil ✦ petrichor

Towering pyrocumulus clouds blooming above a volcanic eruption: thick smoke, ashen orris, charred and splintered guaiacwood, golden frankincense resin, crimson blood orange juice, white-hot amber, and scorched soil. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: smoke ✦ ozone ✦ blood orange
Mid/Heart: ash ✦ guaiacwood ✦ char
Base/Drydown: orris ✦ amber ✦ soil

Stratus clouds drifting above a misty forest: trodden stems in damp soil, silvery osmanthus petals, stones slick with moisture, a lingering trail of deer musk, and never-ending fog. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: plant stems ✦ mist ✦ stone
Mid/Heart: osmanthus ✦ petrichor ✦ galbanum
Base/Drydown: wet soil ✦ deer musk ✦ fog

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