Pulp Fragrance 10ml

Ajevie is thrilled to be the first US stockist for PULP Fragrance!

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10ml ROLLER bottles

Autumn Morning
(Premium) Warm mug of hot chocolate, bowl of slightly spiced oatmeal, bouquet of carnations, and a cozy blanket on your lap. (Contains cinnamon & clove.) Autumn

Cathedral of Trees
Crisp cold air, cedar tips, pine boughs, towering fir and spruce, snow-strewn forest floor, & smoke-less sacred resins of frankincense and myrrh.

Black licorice, frankincense Papyrifera, lightly singed lemonwood, sweet benzoin & onyx musk.

Drunken Jack
Oak barrels, spiced whiskey, pumpkin, and vanilla sugar.

Eagle Hill Cemetery
An ivy-covered mausoleum, old paving stones, cool damp soil, a creaky iron gate, faded bouquets, & the spark of a match freshly-lit to see your way.

A kindly kitchen witch invites you in from the cold, feeds you pumpkin shortbread with butter, apricot preserves, and brown sugar & then sends you safely on your way. (Non-vegan butter CO2 & contains cinnamon.)

Rich dark oud, labdanum, maple sugar sweets, and a line of black salt at the door.

Harvest Cakes
Cinnamon sugar crumble over moist yellow cake.

House on Widows Hill
Brandy as plummy as Roger's accent, old oak paneling, dusty thick carpets, a thread of incense & a roaring fire in the hearth.

Luna Violacea
Violet, green tea, clary sage, rose geranium, evergreen boughs, white patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber musk.

Mark of the Moon
Golden champaka, sweet spices, Peruvian myrrh, white copal, patchouli, & tonka bean.

Night Shift
Black frankincense, engine grease from a long late shift, smoke, ash, blackened wood, and a hint of leather. Good on its own or for layering.

Sonnet X
Black vanilla, white amber, and a single snowdrop pressed between the pages of an old album.

South Star
Sweet creamy peach, vanilla beans, liatrix, & a woody-ambrette accord, all topped off with a hint of cinnamon. (Contains cinnamon.)

Still Life
(Premium) Emerging into light from the shadows of an oil painting, so realistic you can almost taste them, lie juicy pears, tart apricots, peeled mandarins, a jar of blackcurrant jam, & a basket of sweet, fluffy pastries.

Toasted Marshmallow
Sweet, gooey marshmallow with just a touch of caramel and woody smoke.

The Widow in White
Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla.