Astrid Valentines & Lychee Study

Astrid Valentines & Lychee Study

Status: Open till 3pm est Sunday, February 4th
Cherry blossom, a blend of incense accords, sweet orange, and fountain water.
Coup de Foudre
Egyptian musk, orange blossom, pear, amber, vanilla, and lemongrass.
Peony, vanilla cream, rose, patchouli, and rice milk.
La Chance M’a Trouvée
Peaches, rice milk, cherry, patchouli, sandalwood, and benzoin.
La Clé du Coeur
Champagne, strawberry jam, frankincense, citrus, gold shimmer accord, and patchouli.
La Mère Dragon
Dragon’s blood, white and dark patchouli, lychee, Egyptian jasmine, jasmine sambac, and cinnamon.

Lychee Study #1
Lychee with lily of the valley, lime, clary sage, and dark patchouli.
Lychee Study #2
Lychee with peach blossom, ripe peach, flouve, black tea, and petit grain sur fleurs.
Lychee Study #3
Lychee with rice milk, vanilla, tonka bean, myrrh, and tobacco.
Lychee Study #4
Lychee with wild berries, gingerbread, and clove CO2.

Lychee Study #5
Lychee with patchouli, benzoin, and labdanum.

Lychee Study #6
Lychee with gardenia, buttercream, strawberries, and champagne.
Mon Douceur
Violet, velvety moss, sugared cranberry, benzoin, and green musk.
Mon Trésor
Nag champa, red currant, lemon verbena, sandalwood, and sweet benzoin.

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