BPAL Shunga Perfume Oils

BPAL Shunga Perfume Oils

Status: Open till 3pm est Wednesday, February 21st
A Ghostly Encounter
Misty ambergris accord and hinoki wood with juniper berries, galbanum, and palo santo.

A Rousing Performance
Cypress needles, Japanese cedar, brown leather accord, maple leaf, and sweet patchouli.

A Snowy Bench
Snow-covered bamboo reeds, white pear, plum blossoms, honeyed green tea, and Japanese narcissus.

An Onnagata and His Lover
Beeswax, rice powder, white amber, and cherry blossom chypre.

Cascade of Spring Blossoms
Leather, red silk, mahogany, lotus root, honey cream, and red sandalwood.

Cat Stealing a Fish
Salty driftwood, seafoam ambergris, white vetiver, marine lichen, and ocean spray.

Chestnut Vulva
Sweet chestnut, vanilla cashmere, toasted cardamom, and caramel.

Collapsing Mosquito Netting
Morning glory petals, twining dew-covered vines, and lilac butter.

Couple in a Bathhouse With a Go Board
Chrysanthemum and black tea with candied lotus root.

Courtesans Relaxing
Rice milk, cardamom, coconut shavings, hinoki, white almond, ti leaf, and jasmine cream.

Delightful Gargantuan Vagina
Red mango pulp, sugared orange blossom, mimosa, pink musk, and sweet incense.

Drops of Melting Snow
Snow-laden cherry trees, winter peonies, white rose petals, and black plum juice.

Early Experiments with Photography
Russet amber, pine wood, tonka bean, hinoki cypress, hemp, and golden champaca.

Encounter with a Female Ghost
Cypress, immortelle, and white amber enveloping red spider lily petals, dragon’s blood resin, and black plum.

Exclamations of Delight and Surprise
Red musk, osmanthus incense, mimosa, hyacinth, red sandalwood, orris root, and red amber.

Exhausted Couple in the Treasure Room of Love
An effervescent lemon aldehyde with white musk, lychee, yuzu, and white tea.

Fig Vulva
Purple fig, almond cream, sweet Indonesian patchouli, white sandalwood, hay absolute, and guava.

Flowering Plum Twig
Plum blossoms and fruit drenched in brandy with a touch of vetiver, nutmeg, tabac, and bourbon vanilla.

Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024
Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom.

Hallway of a Train Station
Wild plums, black tea, a splash of lilac cologne, a flutter of silk, hot iron, steel, and smoke.

Hana No Miyakoji
White oakmoss, plum silk, tuberose, gilded cedar, blue lotus, and red labdanum.

House Cleaning in Preparation for New Year’s Eve
Green tea and blackcurrant with cassis, lemon peel, raspberry leaf, and white pine.

Insatiable Widow
Jasmine tea and lapsang souchong, white ginger, clove bud, soft lichen, osmanthus buds, green patchouli, and amber.

Jovial Tengu Making Love to Four Women
Pink carnation, clove bud, pink peonies, Tahitian vanilla, sweet amber, and opium poppy accord.

Just Before Penetration
Pink fig and guava soaked in vanilla cream.

Koi No Yatsufuji
Red musk chypre draped in silk cords, abalone accord, black tea, frankincense, polished teakwood, plum leaf, and cognac.

Leisurely Swim
Freshwater lichen, osmanthus absolute, yuzu, blonde tobacco, frankincense, pink apple, a waft of incense, and green tea.

Lychee Vulva
Lychee, pink peppercorn, rosehip tea, pink peonies, angelica, and ylang ylang.

No Longer Can I Resist
Indigo and crimson vegetal musks, sweet red oud, sandalwood incense, narcissus petals, orris butter, golden bergamot, ambrette seed, and black fig.

Peach Vulva
Peaches and sugared cream with pink lotus petals a drop of orange blossom.

Pleasing Two Women
Oakmoss-infused vanilla bourbon, smoked lilac petals, and orris butter.

Pomegranate Vulva
Garnet rivulets of pomegranate juice, honeyed amber resin, labdanum, ylang ylang, tuberose, and red plum.

Rapturous Couple With Harigata
Sugared lilac, white lilies, and jasmine incense.

The Rice Field
Rice milk, hay absolute, Oolong tea, honey dust, champaca, frankincense smoke, golden sandalwood, and heliotrope.

Samurai on a Bridge Battling a Ghost While Making Love to a Woman
Steel, leather, and scarlet chypre, pomegranate incense, tobacco absolute, nagarmotha, saffron, Ceylon cinnamon, champaca, and red oud.

Sea-Cucumber Ring, Jewel Balls, Small Dildo
Tobacco flower, hay absolute, lemon peel, brown leather accord, amber saffron, black pepper, and magnolia blossom.

Several Penises
Lemon frankincense, sandalwood cream, and saffron tabac.

The Shimmering Mirror
Pine pitch brocade, amber incense smoke, Mysore sandalwood, myrrh, red benzoin, inky patchouli, and an oakmoss fougere.

Two Married Couples in a Bathhouse
Cherry blossoms, violet root, muguet, green tea, crystalline musk, and yuzu.

Honeyed labdanum, neroli, vanilla husk, night blooming jasmine, pink rose petals, and pale threads of incense smoke.

Women of Leisure
Red currant, white honey, coconut milk, and amber.

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