Osmofolia Duets & Single Notes

Osmofolia Duets & Single Notes

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Status: Pending
Benedictine Incense
Liturgical incense of frankincense and sandalwood, with a sweet undercurrent of cinnamon and rose.

Exquisite Corpse #1
Vanilla milk

Exquisite Corpse #2
Smoked lavender musk.

For Seconds at A Time #1
Madeleines with raspberry jam

For Seconds at A Time #2
A cozy borrowed sweater.

Insomniacs On a Date #1
Café con leche

Insomniacs On a Date #2
Ferns and flowers in a tropical greenhouse.

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #1
Steamed matcha latte

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #2
Cold rain on pavement.

Rice Milk
Smooth, delicate rice milk, warm and gently sweet.

Roasted Pears
Richly spiced pears, roasted until gooey and caramelized.

Vanilla Bean
A rich, multi-faceted vanilla bean single note.

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #1
Honey dust

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #2
Antique books.

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