Possets Valentines Retour

Possets Valentines Retour

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A Cheerfulness of Herbs
Citrus paradisii, spikenard, Australian sandalwood, lambs' ear, and frankincense. It is an intense and yet subtle blend of sharp ingredients which go to your head and clear it out in a delightful way.

The Arrow of Love
Sandalwood, sweet oude, golden amber, a touch of mint leaves.

Osmanthus (the sweet olive) which is at once just pretty and animalic in this context), followed up with ambergris (it's a simulation, don't worry), and rounded out with a very dry and beautiful amber.

Augusta, Sister of Lord Byron
100% Natural Australian sandalwood, pink peppercorn, and jasmine sambac. This is a floral and spicy mixture, with a woody undertone.

Concord grape wine, smooth patchouli, labdanum, a bit of red musk and a slight amount of a ""bright"" musk.

Barbara Villiers
Egyptian Red Musk with a dusting of darkest and somewhat bitter chocolate, a nice smooth amber, a tiny bit of orange zest, and a light light infusion of mint.

A ""champagne"" musk which is very sparkly indeed and enough pink grapefruit to make it quite a paring, a dash of lemon zest, and a veil of dragons' blood (an incensy sort).

True honey and fruit scent marries with a light lemon for frivolity, this combined with a grounding of white musk and a kiss of spice to keep things eternally interesting. Small amounts of sweetbriar & cinnamon keep it from being too cloying.

The scent of paper with a bit of perfume still lingering in it, a slight zest of the ink while it is still wet, a great deal of melting musk.

Bitter green sap combined with citron zest. Dark patchouli, crystal and grey musks, myrtle, and clary sage.

Roses, jasmine and neroli are in accord with effervescent modern pink musk. One small drop of violet gives it character.

Bona Fortuna
Full of cream, sugar, fruit and emollient back notes of lemon cream and amber, as well as a touch of lily (but just the faintest touch to knit all of the other scents together, you would not know it's there unless I confessed it).

Bouquet in the Snow
Glorious osmanthus tucked away among the primroses paired with the beauty of luan wood and an unusual tea (which is very perfumy).

Brass Heart
Desert plant juice married with saki, kissed with citrus and a hint of grass. Very fresh but very alluring, somehow with an appealing metallic tang.

Bridal Veil
Froth of orange blossom, neroli, and the scent of silk woven into the most sheer of chiffon.

Candybox Pretty
Very enjoyable sweet white flowers combined with something I call ""champagne musk"" and carrying a grounding lemon and CANDLEWAX for the background. I chose gardenia and tuberose to carry the floral-sweet of this blend.

Chastity Belt
The zesty priggishness of mint is tripped up by seductive and subtle violet, jasmine rushes in and all is lost. Surprisingly clean smelling for such a sexy somewhat animalic fragrance.

Cherub Fart
Back again for another one...chocolate and that "fart" base. Excellent and worth a giggle on Valentine's Day. If Cupid's arrow can pierce hearts, what do you suppose his flatulence can do? Foody/gourmand.

Christine de Pizan
Shot through with neroli and finished off with citrus and a bright white musk (unlike any other I have in my possession). This is a bright and inspiring scent, youthful and spring like, but with a good deal of power.""

Cinnamon Hearts
A simple little packet containing cinnamon hearts. So sweet and so hot, like love. Be careful with this if you have very sensitive skin, please try it out in a scent locket or not in contact with your skin if you think you will react badly to this one.

Patchouli, dark amber, copal combine to make a late winter incense which celebrates the halfway point to spring in a delightful way.

The Creative Draught
100% Natural. Clary sage, bergamot and other citrus essences with a bit of rose geranium, thyme and the merest smear of myrtle.

Cupid and Psyche
Sweet black vanilla and finest Mexican vanilla dance with the finest patchouli and end up on a bed of incense. Truly a breathless beauty of a fragrance, a classic Possets foody done with all the sticky resin of the east and the staying power of forbidden love itself.

A daring idea to pair jasmine and patchouli in the right balance so each bolsters the other and no one dominates, yet the two elements are in such a surprisingly perfect harmony that you wonder why this hasn't been done many times before. There is a tremendously woody aspect to this one, but that is more due to the ingredients being blended in the correct proportions. Somehow this one comes off like a woman with a formidable intellect.

Dead From Love
Incense and a woody almost minty musk, patchouli and cedar. Also, a drop of earthiness which keeps this from just being too high keyed.

100% Natural. Cedar essence from the Cedars of Lebanon, rosewood from sources unknown, muhuhu (a wood which is incredibly unique in scent at once incensy and paper-like at the same time), a bit of luan, and finally rich dark patchouli from India.

Demon Lover
Fabulous galbanum with a grand and slightly sharp crystal musk, finish it off with a wollop of clove, smooth it with a small amount of fern (fougere), and finally a very small amount of Sicilian myrtle.

Doomed Love
A base of Arabian Amber-Musk, studded with English sweetbriar lying on a bed of silk extract.

Eleanor of Aquitaine
The scent of greenery outdoors combined with a whiff of bitter gall, a bit of earth, a smidge of animalic musk and it is very much like a well needed roll in the hay. Lively and naughty

Elena (Magda) Lupescu
Toasted Saigon cinnamon is combined with marzipan paste of almonds, American red raspberries, and the flakiest of buttery shortbread crust into a treat fit for a king. 

Soft fringed spun sugar blends seamlessly with sandalwood and gray musk. A slight edge of the lightest sage and blond boxwood. A very small amount of lemon zest 

Evita Peron
We start off with a very strong and assertive Egyptian musk, followed by a very unusual leather component which conjures up the scent of violets (!). This is accompanied by a dry white amber, and a kiss of ginger.

January jasmine blooming profusely in the corner mingles with the green and pleasant scent of the sweetbriar, a slight huff of Norfolk Island pine for zestiness and a small plop of primrose.

Forbidden Delight
Take a lacy brown sugar cookie, the kind which cools off almost like a brittle, dunk it in whiskey. Wow, that is sooooo good.

Frilly Garters
A very mellow apricot and a spicy buttery oil are what starts this off in an unusual way, followed by just the tiniest dot of "green" smell, and a very small amount of cocoa "liquor"

The Fruits of Heaven
With the fragrances of distilled fruit mixed with the base of crystalline musk. Muak and lime pulp. A drop of yuzu and a kiss of a second peppery musk.

George Eliot
Two leathers, sandalwood, an uncharacteristically sweet oude, and black seed. It's strong, aromatic, spicy.

Girl with the Floral Crown
Hugely floral, deeply musky gardenias flashing with tuberoses in a background of modern and delightful cashmere musk.

Oakmoss and fougere, with San Salvadorian vetivert, the smallest amount of Siberian Birch, a very small drop of the famous Possets lavender. Deep and sophisticated, this is what you would wear to seduce a duke, and a jaded duke at that. A drop of black walnut essence seals the deal.

Perhaps the most famous character in the Arthur tale, Guinevere is the soft, beautiful, insinuating presence which never has to shout to command attention. I think of this fragrance as transparent, youthful, a little spoiled, and very sexy indeed. It is the lightest of all the Possets' Dreams of Avalons. It is just ravishing and remains discrete. Crystalline and yet warming, sandalwood is the precious main component of the blend.

The Hairy Star
Sparkling sharp musk nips along with a hint of lavender and a dollop of grapefruit zest.

Harold & Edith
Dark oakmoss from the forests of England, the scent of the iris rushes from where they had lain the night before, vetiver offered to a pagan god for the safe return of the beloved, all dry and mournful as a lost love.

Heart Attack
Very sticky very gooey chocolate and vanilla and nougat and butter and the thinnest skin of crystallized sugar which crunches when you bit into it.

Heated Heart
Spicy and going past the redline, Heated Heart smells like it's so full of passion it's going to explode. Very sexy. Unisex and mouthwatering, but not candy-like. Very come hither.

Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw
Heather of the moors and the lavender of English nobility, a drop of wildness in a perfect oude reminiscent of Romani heritage and Catherine and Heathcliff come alive again.

Heather and Hell
Heather is the unexpected top note in this wild oriental! Yes, this is all deep thumping resins being made to dance madly a wild cross between the skirling bagpipes and drums of the Highlands, and the pipes and drums of the Levant. Very perfumy, very floral, very long lasting and the sort of thing which you have to say was made for each other.

Helen and Paris
The mad intersection between succulent fruits and sticky resins, melon and nag champa, sandalwood and citrus and cedar.

Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
Red and green musks, sage, apples.

Henry VIII and Catherine Howard
Red musk, bitter galbanum, sweet honey, myrrh,creamy custard.

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
Red musk, smoky and greenish carnation, yellow saffron, incense, and a bit of rioja grape. Strong and pure and deep and delightfully satisfying, it's my portrait of their happy beginnings.

Henry VIII and Catherine Parr
Catherine Parr's fragrance is Red musk, neroli (for her many marriages), sandalwood, and linen.

Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
Red musk makes a soft bed for the most pure hawthorne, golden honey, fine fat vanilla, and sweetest amber.

The High Born Damsel
There isn't anything more refreshing and tingling good than a dark chocolate mint.

Hylas and the Nymphs
The wondrous fragrance of pooled water, lush vegetation, and sneaking scent of sex. If you can think of fresh and sexy, this is Hylas and the nymphs. Green and musky, aquatic and sassy.

Illicit Affair
Clove and sandalwood, Nubian Musk and tabac. A beautiful smooth perfume with some lovely snap. Clove is used as a uniting force here. There is also a green component to this blend which keeps it from becoming too extreme.

Isabella of France
Lovely smokey seductive Oude from Arabia starts out, with a goodly shot of galbanum, at this point it's sharp aggressive and beautiful. An insertion of Sicilian lemon, a float of black Tellicherry peppercorn.

Isotta Malatesta
Very animalic skin musk, a strong whiff of loam, darkest earthy vetiver from Haiti, crushed black fig. 

Cream, cardamom, clove, pear, lemon, and Balm of Gilead.

The Jester
Chocolate covered cherries with marzipan.

JFK and Jackie
A snap of the finest leather, a bit of oakmoss, combined with tabac blonde essence, a whiff of tea, and the warmth of silk.

Joan of Arc
Churchy incense, smoke from a campfire, a bit of wood (pre shadowing her fiery end).

Roses, a jolt of 'Ivory' musk, galbanum and add a clean edge to it all as if tears had washed away the traces of touch.

Dark Haitian vetiver, cardamom, 'white' sandalwood, tears of frankincense, a very light waft of Madagascar vanilla and a goodly portion of rosewood.

The Kiss
The sweetest tuberose, honeysuckle, and a drop of gardenia then all brought together with a delightful infusion of sandalwood and a tiny amount of cedar.

La Gioconda
Raspberry and the most glorious dark Belgian chocolate ever.

Lady Caroline Lamb
Rue, some artemisia a white leafed plant with a background of vanilla to its heavily herbal key notes, a thick coat of frankincense, and a beautiful amber.

Lady Z
The famous chocolate from Aztec lands, combined with sweetbriar-like almost apple and earthy smoke scent, and a touch of cumin.


The paragon of animal magnetism, Lancelot includes the cockiness of a spice based scent with the suavity of magic.

Lavender Girl
In this blend, the famous lavender of Possets is put with a kiss of its cousin, mint.

Lily Barth & Lawrence Sheldon
Rich myrrh and vetiver are woven through with Indian incense and a flash of camphor to provide the right bite, angelica for uprightness, and opoponax for the base. Too fabulous on one hand, so envied on the other. A cool resin with a deep heart.

Liquid Music
Grapefruit, spice and Black Musk make appearances and combine into a thrill.

Lola Montez
Irish grass accord, a deeply green aquatic note, dark and thick laudanum and a tonka infusion with a very small amount of an animalic musk.

Love Amongst The Snow Dunes
Mint and lilac rolling around in snow dust with a shot of citron and an underpinning of smooth deep white musk.

An opening of bitter almond to remind you of cyanide, this slithers down in to deep very dark red fruity midsection which has much in common with a narcotic drought or the leis of port wine, the mixture is topped off with labdanum for character, and a wonderful strong and assertive musk in the background.

Madame duBarry
Rosewood, galbanum, a kick of amber, a small amount of green cardamom, a bit of lemon zest and lime zest.

Mata Hari
A base of dark Indian Patchouli, sticky black vetiver, true Black Musk with a very smoky edge, several threads of fine saffron.

Michelangelo and Tommaso dei Calaliere
The most sweet of sugar, honey, brown sugar, and a touch of fig fresh from the tree at full ripeness.

Miss Chudleigh
Cucumber, mint, and lime.

Perpetual Motion Heart
The driest vanilla ever with a distinct brass note! An infusion of luan wood extract, a small amount of copra, dry vanilla liquor, a white agar note, and hellebore.

Pneumatic Lover
Oh, what a WICKED idea! A pneumatic lover, indeed? And how attractive is this notion? Manly, goodly, and best with brass goggles. Yes! Precious woods and brass, exotic spice, and earthy florals. Hmmm, that's either his aftershave or her lingering perfume in there! Spice, florals, perfumy.

Portrait of Christina of Denmark
I have to say that it is the essence of stone, with an extreme mineral facade. There is a beautiful animalic side to Christina which is prettied up by a goodly portion of styrax and grey musk. Stunning, musky, and sexy in a dignified way (if you can imagine that!).

The Queen of Love and Beauty
Two kinds of Sandalwood (Indian and Australian) and clear pomegranate musk dance with sweet amber and such a light amount of lavender that you won't know it's there...it's just to knit the ingredients together and give them harmony.

Ready to Wear:Pink Corset
Skin musk, vanilla bean liquor, a slight tang of steel, and a mist of pink lily.

Rhett and Scarlett
Southern jasmine, dark red rose are sweet as sugar, a drop of Northern violet (as a tribute to Mr. Butler), and a bit of spilled sweet tea. Rhett and Scarlett escape being cloying and end up being daring and sexy. Unforgettable!

Riding St. George
A very nice bit of leather bounces off a bouquet of black vanilla, iris, and chypre.

Victorian rose, snow, and greenery. An aquatic floral with a huge whiff of mint.

The Romance of the Bees
Based on Fabian’s favorite candy, Honeycomb Crisps. When questioned about this scent, Fabienne provided a link to the candies that prompted this.

Romping Skyclad
Fir and patchouli are its main themes, with a great lashing of crystal musk as a base from which to launch. Sassy and lasting, glorious and heady. Resinous.

Roses Are Red
Red roses and blue violets.

Black and African, myrrh, frankincense, cedar, ivory musk, green coffee pulp extract, and a very light light misting of black Mexican vanilla.

Aromatic sage combined with myrtle (Sicilian), Two kinds of cardamom and a subtle swath of golden amber to take the hard edge off the blend. Zesty and creative, the marriage of opposites. What emerges keeps the character of the ingredients but combines to present an almost perfumy blend.

Sassy Candy
The kind which is chalky and made from sugar in extreme pastel colors and have saucy or enigmatic sayings printed on them in red lettering. 

Silver Incense
Silver base together with three smokey components.

Silver Leather
Possets' silver base meets up with strong leather and the two live happily ever after.

Silver Pomegranate
Sweet and bitter pomegranate with Possets' silver base.

A spa-like note (something like the next generation of The Vert, with a middle section of rose to keep the whole together) a sweet balsam, a small amount of honey.

Head clearing peppermint, burled walnut, black walnut leaves, angelica, a tot of grapefruit, and grapefruit zest. This is an almost fruity blend of menthol-like aromatics which have combined to make a blend with a very snappy and sharp edge. Don't let that fool you, Sparks has a stingingly fresh and minty start but simmers down to a clean and snugly aura when dry.

A lovely Indian jasmine combines with a hawthorn/roseate mid note, a surprise of nutmeg, the zest of Sicilian lemon rind, and a shot of yuzu. Surprisingly sharp wet, snuggles down to a highly compelling spice-sweet totally in keeping with the season. Somewhat floral but mainly sweet spice.

Taj Mahal
Jasmine, patchouli, red musk, oude, and a very playful drop of lemon zest.

Tea With Mr. Rosedale
The most lovely jasmine tea, cream, and a sandalwood tray.

The Trobiaritz
Grey musk starts off as a base, with clementine as the top note and artemesia in the middle (actually it's an infusion of artemesia so it won't be too strong and just provide a bit of unsweet background. I add a bit of perfumy fig (not a brown fig accord, this one is very perfumy) and voila, you have a beautiful strong and lovely blend which is somehow dignified and sexy at the same time.

Tussy Mussy
Violets, winter blooming witch hazel, a hyacinth, primrose, and a sprig of thyme taken from the kitchen windowsill.

Valentine Surprise
Chocolate, bacon, and roses

The Velvet Riding Habit
A simple and alluring blend of the most beautiful of rose and the most sexy of leather.

Venus and Mars
Imagine a post coital repose of woody black pepper paired with cheeky pink peppercorns, and gloss of green musk, a shot of hot sticky jasmine, and the barding over of thick golden amber.

Venus of Willendorf
100% Natural. Palmarosa and clementine with a hint of champagne!

Victoria and Albert
The rose of England, the resins of India, with the woods of Germany to equal a sexy and yet happily conventional perfume which magically has the power to set your heart racing in the properest and least controversial of ways!

Viking Queen
Cloudberries, a hint of her leathern firkin, a bit of fig, hawthorn, and a light but anchoring musk.

The Virgin
The slightest kiss of clove mingles with honeyed cakes.

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione
A fabulous Blue Lilac accord with a touch of white hawthorne, and three white musks.

Well Bred
The straight essence of a rich uncomplicated but highly refined tea combined with the ineffable splendor of a simple green and refreshing heartnote.

A shot of the same divine osmanthus in Temptation. Still, there is a clever use of the nicotiana flower (a popular staple in perfumery and not toxic at all) and a very small note which smells like wet stone, which is unexpected and captivating.

The Wickedest Idea of all
Wintergreen and butter, the most bitter chocolate enrobed in vanilla bark with the smallest whiff of gum. 

William and Matilde
Chypre, essence of pollen, sage.

The 13th Love Note
Red musk, patchouli, a classic blend of several resins (known as a shamama), a bit of African Musk.

1000 Roses
High centered blood red hybrid teas, tiny baby pink polyanthas, stately grandifloras (yellow), English roses with quatrefoil cups and subtle apricot color.

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