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BPAL Singularity!

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 6pm est Friday April 5th 

A Dead Death
The deadest death, most deadest of deadlies: sweet blackened patchouli, blackcurrant, cypress wood, and vetiver.

Bayou Fluid
A boggy poot of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide accord (but easy on the methane!) steaming up a marsh puddle of Spanish moss, creeping swamp jasmine, swamp creature hooch, osmanthus, tupelo, bald cypress, and mud.

Black Putrescence
A vivacious squirt of decay: viscous blackcurrant juice and pomegranate rind with sweet labdanum, rose attar, and a thin splat of motor oil.

Blood and the Lemon
I guess we talk about blood a lot in our copy? Coppery, bloody blood and a squirt of lemon.

Blood for Cat
Bad kitty: golden amber, black cherry, tonka bean, sweet red musk, dried mango pulp, rooibos tea, red currant, and bitter almond.

Blood Twinkle
Mildly maniacal: dragon's blood resin sparkling with shiny pink grapefruit, purple lilac, honeysuckle, white musk, and bergamot.

Cat Event Exorcist
Get thee behind me, kitty! Sleek, buttery brown musk, clove husk, frankincense, holy water, olive wood crucifixes, and hairball accord. (Just kidding: no hairballs.)

Demon Goggles
Infernal pacts always seem like a better idea after a few drinks: bourbon, sweet tobacco, brimstone, weed accord, and khus.

Dreadful Snowglobe
A glopping blurp of viscera sloshing in a crystal sphere: creamy intraocular fluid, intestine-pink bois de rose and grapefruit, and coppery-clove blood musk encased in glassy transparent musk.

Foolish Wooden Cucumber
We won't ask what you use it for. Polished oak, vanilla husk, and cucumber juice.

Harlequin Milk
Ethically harvested: goat's milk, white honey, honeycomb, orange peel, red currant, a burp of honey ale, and a jingle of silvery musk.

La Death Darkness Black Black Hats
The darkest and deathiest of black black hats: inky grey cashmere, tobacco-stained leather, and a feathery plume of bay leaf, opoponax, and sandalwood.

Masquerade Banana
Banana, but glamorous and mysterious, I guess? – banana with wild fig, sweet vetiver, myrrh, cassis, and a swoosh of incense.

Melancholy Inferno
An emo conflagration: tomato leaf, black pepper, coriander, burnt cedar, and crimson musk.

Mother’s Hot Ghosts
GILF: billowing white agarwood, petitgrain, fossilized amber, and white musk.

Rapture Pig
The end is nigh: sweet pink musk, spun sugar, red currant, candied rose petals, and rose jelly.

Scent Boom
A clamorous cacophony of obstreperous, rowdy smells: blood orange, lemon peel, sugar syrup, tangerine, pink peppercorn, tuberose, mango, melon, white tea, and gunpowder detonated by napalm accord and a bombastic, fiery scarlet musk.

Sip of Glass
Cheers! Shards of white musk and brittle white olibanum glinting with muguet, Riesling grapes, ambergris accord, and elemi.

Squirting Shoggoth
Camming live from a basement somewhere in Arkham: pear juice, bloops of yuzu fruit, silty oakmoss, and glowing green musk.

Zombi Sassafras
The sassiest shambling corpse in town. Grave dirt, sassafras root, sarsaparilla, clove, effervescent white ginger, and oakmoss. Smells a bit like undead rootbeer.

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