Death and Floral November

Death and Floral November

Status: The Pre-Order is now Closed!  However, there are still plenty of Slinks available!
Astronaut Makes a PB&J
Gourmet peanut butter and royal jelly sandwich on wonderbread

Astronaut Taking a Snooze
Snoozy pillow mints and dreamy lavender whipped fluff blended with pink strawberry clouds

Black Forest Honey
Blackened honey musk, deep and rich with a hint of blackstrap molasses. A dark gourmand experience.

Crows, Cats, and Vampire Bats
Fresh bergamot, rose kush, tonka bean, black patchouli blended together with a hint of black pepper

Cursed Old Fashioned
Vintage whiskey, orange slice zest, brown sugar, and cherries

Dark Honey Patchouli
Darkened black honey blended with earthy patchouli, honey with earthy undertones

Everything Is More Beautiful Because We Are Doomed
Rich gourmet vanilla blended with benzoin and black woodsmoke

First Spring
Soft suede and vanilla absolute, ancient forest wood, oak, tonka bean, sea salt

Golden Honey
Light golden honey and sweetened oudh, a divine luxurious honey with bold richness.

Pop Flowers
Hibiscus flowers and sweet grass, blended with heliotrope and passion flowers.

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