General Update & wee delay (I'm sorry!)

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

First the bad news. Friday dad was injured at work. He'll be alright, but while he heals, he can't help mom with the things he usually does, so we're filling in the blanks beyond the usual schedule. Things have gone a bit nuts here, lol.
As a result, things that are easy to do by myself (labeling, decanting, paperwork) have chugged along just fine, but I'm a few days behind on things like pulling orders as when we're processing Huge collections like retours, they really need two people for that task.
As a result, collections that were set for a July 18th deadline have been moved out a little bit to Friday. But, Other things have also moved up to Friday!
Now, a note about Conjure Oils. My dumb ass thought I swapped it over to stop selling after it sold out. Turns out, I did it again and it wasn't turned off, so it's been selling when it shouldn't! I've talked to Vaj and got an order in that she's going to rush out to us at the end of the week. In the meantime, I'll be shipping out anything I can and I am Very Sorry!

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