Hexennacht Scent List

Hexennacht Scent List

Hexennacht at Ajevie!


°Seasonal, will not be restocked when out of season
*Discontinued, will not be restocked regularly

Dragon's blood, tobacco leaf, tonka bean.

50 Shades*
Leather + roses.

86 Bedford St.
Cherry pipe tobacco, rum-dipped cigars, golden amber, leather banquettes, bookcover-lined teakwood shelves, barrel-aged bourbon, honey-drizzled croissants, chocolate whiskey, pipe smoke, freshly brewed coffee, smeared ink, jauntily-draped cashmere shawls.

A Clockwork Orange
A bolshy, bezoomny blend of vanilla, spun sugar, and orange blossom, jammiwammed with every orange blend in me flatblock.

Across the Universe
Bergaptene-free Calabrian bergamot, rosewood, mandarin, frankincense, ylang ylang, Siam benzoin, sweet orange, blood orange.

A Deal with God
Fougère accord (Bulgarian lavender, silvanone, oakmoss absolute, vetiver, tonka, jasmine, cetalox, bergamot, vanillin), olibanum, vanillin, black tea, amber, bois d'encense, tonka, myrrh, benzoin, peru balsam, geosmin, patchouli. Inspiration: Running Up That Hill (K. Bush)

Incense, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, plum, strawberry, dark patchouli, oudh.

All Soul's Night
Molten marshmallow blobs on scorched sticks, plumes of woodsmoke, and hot, glowing campfire embers on a cool autumn night.

Sage, sandalwood, Egyptian musk, dragon's blood, honey amber, sweetwood, pinyon, tonka, guaiacwood, cedarwood, oudh, lavender, vetiver, patchouli.

Black loamy soil, mushroom caps, and dirty dark patchouli.

Ambre Blanc
White amber.

Ambre d'Or
Created by utilizing a very special premium perfumer accord based on the legendary De Laire Ambré 83 base. Originally created in 1889, Ambré 83 has been a cornerstone of a plethora of classic perfume blends, including Jicky De Guerlain, Guerlain Mitsouko, Chanel Bois des Îles, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Dior Mitzah, Tom Ford Amber Absolute, and Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche, just to name a few. Ambre d'Or is a thick, resinous, rich golden amber.

Ambre Vanille
Premium warm amber accord and a swirl of rich, elevated vanillas.

Pumpkin pecan waffles, pumpkin brûlée, marshmallow, sugar cookie, vanilla bean noel, salted caramel popcorn balls.

White chocolate, raspberry cordial, rose petals.

Spectral amber, alabaster vanilla, bone-white woods.

Chai, pumpkin puree, buttercream, vanilla cookies, powdered sugar.

At October's Table
titled after and inspired by "At October's Table" by Alyssa Thorne.
Smoked vanilla, beeswax [vegan], honeyed pumpkin, toasted marshmallow, tonka, nutmeg, clove, kindling branches, cassia.

Marshmallow-topped hot cocoa, rice, wool, crêpes, leather-bound antique books, and old, wooden bookcases.

Slow-baked sweet gourds, Russian tea cookies, pipe tobacco, Autumnal spice accord, caramel, nutmeg, honey, coumarin, beeswax absolute, cardamom sugar, crushed apples, black pepper, liatrix absolute. (non-vegan)

Bah, Humbug!°
Sticky pine sap, slushy wet melted snow puddles, squished chocolates, broken candy canes, and countless strands of tangled holiday lights.

Baltic Amber
Thick rivulets of golden amber, pinus succinifera, cedarwood, jammy fir absolute, oakmoss absolute, tree moss, verdant musk, cardamom, balsam, lightning-scorched ancient boughs.

Banana Milk
Sweet milk, melted ice cream, vanilla pudding mix, banana.

Bananas Foster
Caramelized bananas, buttery rum sauce, vanilla ice cream.

Basic Bitch*
Pumpkin spice latte.

The Bell Witch
Blood musk, ebon musk, feral musk, nag champa, sandalwood, incense, guaiacwood, vanilla, bergamot, aged dark patchouli, woodsmoke, amber.

Layer upon layer of chocolate and banana puddings, topped with gloopy globs of whipped cream and white chocolate shavings.

Strong coffee, streusel coffee cake, nutmeg, brown sugar, toasted almonds.

Big Toddy Goth Girl
Spiced buttered rum, bourbon, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove cigarettes.

Smeared lipstick and warm, flushed skin: vanilla, orris root, violet, sugar, cetalox, skin musk, and safralein

Black Cherry Fizzy Cola
Smells just like the real thing. This is a *strong* scent.

Black Mass
Essentially, "MOON-mallow": smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, night musk, and scorched marshmallows.

Black Musk*
Incense, sandalwood, lemongrass, leather, castoreum. Clean animalic.

Black Phillip°
Black amber, dragon’s blood, black musk, tonka, black oak, firewood embers, black currant, soft woods, black pepper.

Black Vanilla
Golden amber, three different vanillas, marshmallow fluff, musk.

Blood Moon
Dragons blood, smoked vanilla, pipe tobacco, beeswax, sanguine musk.

Blood Orange Cotton Candy
Italian blood orange, spun sugar.

Blueberry Crème Soda
Blueberry cordial and cream soda with an extra shot of vanilla.

Blue Moon*
Blue musk, grapefruit, neroli, night air accord, lime peel.

Blue Musk
Clean, soapy, aquatic.

Bohemian Rhaps-berry
Wild berries, aged dark patchouli, vanilla, pu'erh tea, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, tonka, cedar, sandalwood, artemisia, sage, bergamot, neroli, incense, pink pepper, benzoin. Contains natural raspberry isolates.

Plywood, lumber, sawdust.

Bomb Pop
Cherry, lime, blue raspberry

Blueberry cordial, blueberry cobbler, vanilla bean.

Bordello of Blood*
Red musk, dragons blood, honey, tonka, saffron, Eastern spices, incense smoke, fire-cured tobacco, beeswax candles, black musk, caramel.

Bourbon Street
Coffee, beignets, mahogany, pipe tobacco, cocoa, cardamom.

Brightening The Daybreak
Grass, clover, hay, sun-warmed cornfields, muguet, honeysuckle, acacia, ozone, meadow air, tree moss, oakmoss, fir balsam. Inspiration: Amoreena (E. John / B. Taupin)

Bubbly-pop (formerly Karmical Imbalance)
Lemon, cola, and ginger beer.

Burn Down the Mission
Creosote, amber, tanned suede, palo santo, copal, sandalwood, vetiver, sage, dirt, dry grass, artemisia, sage, cedarwood, olibanum, smoke. Contains wildcrafted creosote (larrea tridentata) infusion. Inspiration: Burn Down the Mission (E. John / B. Taupin)

Butterbrü (Formerly Butterbeer)
Sweet, golden, drippy butterscotch, rich vanilla ice cream, hot buttered rum.

Café Noir*
Black coffee accord, coffee bean CO2, Coffea arabica L essential oil.

White/yellow frosted cake accord.

Calm the Fuck Down
A sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli).

Camp Crystal Lake*
Lake water, fishing dock, seaweed, forest.

Candied Violets
Sugared violet.

A layering accord of offertory resinoids - myrrh, frankincense, benzoin, and faintly smoke-tinged brass thuribles. (EO/AC blend. Safety considerations: avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Carpe Noctem
Cistus, benzoin, vanillin, offertory resins, red musk, iso e super, dark Indonesian patchouli.

Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe
Aged dark Maduro cigars, spiced vanilla, beeswax votives, golden honeycomb.

Cereal Killer*
Fruit Loops, Cap'n Crunch Berries, Trix cereal.

Cereal Marshmallows*
(reformulated) Strawberry and raspberry sugarmallows.

A post-modern synthetic ambergris perfumery component redolent of warm skin/paper/cedarwood/ozone/pepper with an ambroxan-like background -- and to *some* -- smells like nothing at all. Exceptional longevity.

Marshmallow, buttercream, black tea, chai spices.

Chakra Khan*
Amber, sandalwood, vanilla, orange blossom, tonka bean, patchouli.

Nag champa, vanilla liqueur, vanilla bean, musk.

Children of the Corn
Candy corn, caramel corn, kettle corn.

Chocolat Blanc*
Cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids.

Chocolate Lavender
Dark chocolate, Mexican vanilla, coumarin, lavender buds.

Chocolate Orange
Dark, rich chocolate, and sweet clementine.

Mock-orange, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, white amber.

Wet earth/soil, ozone, petrichor, light hints of grass.

Spun sugar and clove. This is quite heavy on the spun sugar, with juuuuust enough clove to give it a more grown-up 'kick'.

Coconut Crème Soda
Freshly-cracked coconut flesh and sweet cream soda.

Coffin Nails*
Tobacco leaves, tobacco flower, whiskey, ginger, anise, coriander, clove, spices, fruitwood sap, juniper berry, hay, vetiver, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla pods, tonka bean, honey.

Conscious, But Very Little More
EO Blend. Aged dark patchouli, sweet orange, tangerine, mandarin, sage, white sage8, rosemary, atlas/Texas/Himalayan cedarwoods, lavender, Roman chamomile, lemon balm, neroli. *white sage EO is sourced locally and sustainably from a small farm in Southern California [deviates from the original 2016 version, which only featured sage, rosemary, sweet orange, tangerine, patchouli, and cedar EOs.]

Corpse Bride
Black roses, white amber, damp earth, vanilla, tonka, musk.

Creaky Floorboards
Old, weathered wood, aged dark patchouli.

Cream Egg*
Tooth-achingly sweet, gooey, sugary confection encased in thick milk chocolate. Contains cacao absolute.

Black tea, bergamot, tobacco, vanilla, amber.

Leather, suede, chamois accord.

Dark Shadows
Benzoin, caramel, pipe tobacco, myrrh, incense, honey amber, sandalwood, vanilla rice milk, cardamom.

Dark Sided!
Devil's Food cake, cream cheese frosting, cardamom, pipe smoke.

Date Nights at Annapurna
Yellow curry, jaffa rice, homebrewed chai, coconut milk, naan.

De Falsis Deis
Tobacco, bourbon, salted caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, cayenne pepper.

Desert Rain
Sweetgrass, cactus flower, summer rain, ozonic accord, black sage, cedar, sandalwood, pink pepper.

Devil's Lettuce
Cannabis, incense, agarwood, dark indonesian patchouli.

Incense, cinnamon bark, red musk, animalic musk, sweet orange, patchouli, woodsmoke.

Dodongo's Cavern
Dragon's blood, toasted marshmallow, black cinnamon.

Doll Head
Heliotrope, marshmallow, benzoin, long-forgotten cardboard boxes, plastic, attic wood, vanilla, Bulgarian rose

Dragon's Blood + Lavender
Dragon's blood, lavender, amber, myrrh, tonka, Egyptian musk, and clary sage.

Sweet pillowy marshmallow, lavender, mugwort.

Dropped Lolly
Blood orange, clover, and freshly mown grass.

Smoked vanilla, cacao absolute, Stay-Puft marshmallows, graham crackers.

Egyptian Musk
Myrrh, cedarwood, rose petals, frankincense, ambrette. Clean, "white t-shirt" scent.

Lush green cloverfields, dampened soil, petrichor, sunwarmed moss, wet pavement, ozone, rain-soaked thunderheads.

Green tea, ambergris, Egyptian musk, Indonesian patchouli, cannabis accord, neroli, chamomile, apricot, pear.

Embalming Fluid
Egyptian musk, green tea, lemon.

lavender wands, cowrie shells, coconut husks, tonka beans, black amber, hyssop, spikenard, tea leaves.

Eternal Sunshine
Coconut water, pineapple, apricot, papaya, banana, sunscreen, pool water, sandalwood, seaweed accord, sea salt, driftwood, mysore accord, sun-warmed sand, pool toys, choya nakh.

Dark patchouli, clove cigarettes, tonka bean, marshmallow.

The Evil Garden
Prickly holly bushes, blackberry brambles, bamboo sugar cane.

The Exorcist
Church incense, labdanum, golden copal, and religious tomes.

Fallen Angel
Rain-soaked granite, mountain air, petrichor, creeping ivy, damp earth.

Fall from Pearadise
Anjou pear, red apple, salted caramel, Demerara sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, cayenne pepper.

Fleurs Blanches
Tuberose, iris, tiaré, paperwhite narcissus, night-blooming jasmine.

Every single vanilla bean in my collection.

Marshmallow fluff, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter, and a sticky drizzle of honey.

Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, spearmint, a faint wafting of violets. EO/FO blend. Essential oils used: lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) + spearmint (Mentha spicata). All else are synthetic accords.

Forbidden Fruit
Fresh, crisp, unadulterated red delicious apple.

Fougère Accord
Bulgarian lavender, silvanone, oakmoss absolute, vetiver, tonka, jasmine, cetalox, bergamot, vanillin.

Frau Perchta°
Soft, spiced cookies, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, molasses, honey, powdered sugar, black pepper.

Freddy Loves Nancy
Dreamy, pillowy, torched marshmallows, and strong black coffee.

Frickin' Bats
Vanilla ice cream, black licorice whips, candy corn, root beer, kettle corn.

Hex-blend solinote of bonfire, embers, woodsmoke.

Garden Tea Party
Petits fours, rooibos tea, lemon curd, rose petals, orange blossom.

Pine, vanilla, frankincense, myrrh, cardamom, dried fruit, sugarplum, peppermint sticks, spruce, spiced tea, woodsmoke, fir balsam, cedar, sandalwood.

Ghost of Christmas Past°
Fir boughs, dusty pomander balls, satsuma oranges, and a petrified clump of old-fashioned ribbon candies stuck to Grandma's candy dish since 1957.

Gingerdead Man°
Spectral-like swirls of marshmallow goo and snappy, spicy gingerbread.

Golden Milk
Sweet condensed milk, coconut cream, tonka bean, raw honey, mysorewood, coconut, mango-apricot preserves, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon.

Gold Skulltula
Golden amber, cardamom, vanilla orchid, vanilla bean, tonka, myrrh.

The Grady Twins*
Apothecary lavender, violet candies, wood, metal.

Freshly overturned dirt, pine boxes, cedarwood.

Green Musk*
Clean, lime, soapy, verdant.

Sweet biscuit sticks coated in matcha white chocolate.

Halloween 2020*
Candy corn (and LOTS of it), jack o' lanterns with lit beeswax candles, fresh apple slices dipped in thick, globby caramel.

Halloween Town*
Pumpkin spice, marshmallows, caramel apples, candy corn, buttery popcorn balls.

Hand Me My Leather
Premium leather/suede accord, vanilla, benzoin, tolu balsam, Peru balsam, olibanum, amber, black pepper, cedar, sandalwood, tonka, musk.

Hannibal Loves Clarice*
Ripe, fleshy cherries, slivered almonds, a bite of blood orange, and a fine chianti.

Harvest Cider
Pumpkin pie, nutmeg, allspice, apple cider, ginger beer, honey, black pepper.

The Haunted Tea-Cosy°
Black tea, shortbread scones, Devonshire cream, spiced orange marmalade.

Red musk, shisha, spiced honey, tonka, teakwood, smoked vanilla, aged dark patchouli.

Head Shop
Grape cigarillos, nag champa incense.

Spiced honey, date sugar, tonka bean, red musk

Pumpkin cakes, mace, smoked vanilla, burnt sugar.

Fir boughs, bayberry, vanilla leaf.

Marshmallow and clove. This is quite heavy on the marshmallow, with juuuuust enough clove to give it a spicy 'kick'. (also very similar to Lolita, but with marshmallow in lieu of spun sugar)

Gingerbread cake, salted caramel, baked apples, vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pecan waffle

Black agar, rosewood shelves stacked with books, and deep, sweet, heady incense of every variety.

Hexenhaus 23
Papier d'Arménie, sandalwood beads, agarwood, rosewood shelves stacked with books, and deep, sweet, heady incense of every variety.

Cedar, leather, caraway, tea tree, anise, rosemary, clove, vanilla.

Holy Water
Palo santo, white sage, cedarwood, angelica root, lemon rind.

Honey-Buttered Crumpets
Lightly toasted English muffins, slathered with homestyle creamed honey butter, a *light* smattering of baking spices, and a pinch of sea salt.

Honeycomb Calcite
Creamed honey, wild honeycomb, beeswax, cedarwood, amber, musk, vanilla, basmati rice, brown sugar, woodsmoke, almond, oats, benzoin, acacia absolute.

Honey Moon
Far-eastern accord, honeyed fig, vanilla pod, white musk, balsam accord.

Canela-infused white rice steeped overnight, strained through cheesecloth, and blended with sweetened condensed and evaporated milks, with a dash of Mexican vanilla extract.

Stroopwafels, cardamom-infused custard, oatmeal porridge, pink peppercorn, smoked vanilla, myrrh, fir balsam.

I ♥ the 80’s
A Lisa Frank-esque powerhouse: tuberose, orange blossom, white amber, bubblegum, suntan oil, Aquanet hairspray, gummy worms, & fruit-scented erasers.

Orange pekoe tea, orange, clove, cinnamon, ginger.

Spun sugar, marshmallow fluff, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, vanilla.

Just Took A DNA Test, Turns Out I'm 100% That Witch*
Benzoin, clove, dark patchouli, bonfire smoke, candy corn, pumpkin pie, frankincense, cedarwood, cassia.

Kentucky Bourbon & Woodsmoke
Rich Kentucky bourbon, vanilla musk, teakwood, mahogany and light woodsmoke.

Killer Queen
Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk, lavender.

Kona Mocha
Coffee, chocolate, sweetenened condensed milk.

White chocolate, lingonberry, pinyon.

l'air en hiver
Dead leaves and frozen earth beneath a heavy blanket of snow, wintry air, leather boots, chimney smoke, stacked firewood, musc d'amande, clove bud, patchouli.

Laundry soap, fabric softener, ozone, and coin-op washing machines.

Lavender London Fog
Earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla, lavender simple syrup.

Lavender Macaron
Confectioner's sugar, vanilla bean paste, finely milled almond meal, ground lavender buds.

Lavender Shortbread
Delectably buttery shortbread cookies + Bulgarian essential oil.

Le Chat Noir
Chimney smoke, freshly fallen snow, and the cool, dry, musky scent of a cat just in from a long winter stroll.

La Messe En Forêt*
Both a mistake and a rescue mission, this was an accidental mixing of Black Mass (smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, night musk, and scorched marshmallows) and Mephistopheles (dead leaves, pine, cedar, fall air, laurel, balsam, smoke, clove bud, black patchouli, mushroom caps, dampened black soil), and a reincarnation into something wholly new by adding sugarplum, amber, olibanum coeur, fir balsam absolute, spruce, benzoin, myrrh, clementine, black currant.

Lemon Curd Crème Soda
Homemade lemon curd, shortbread, powdered sugar, delicate lemon blossoms, and sweet cream soda.

Mysore sandalwood, golden sandalwood powder, vanilla husk, chamois accord, Alaskan cedarwood, tobacco leaf, black oak, cardamom, saffron threads, miel blanc.

Lipstick Accord
Powdery violet, heliotrope, orris, vanilla musk, almond.

The Listing Attic°
Spiced apple cider, maple sugar, Kentucky bourbon.

London Fog
Sweetened earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup.

Silver amber, fur, lunar musk.

White sage, blue musk, cedar, blackberry, black tea, bergamot, apple.

Luxe Cerise
Tonka bean, cherry, star anise, almond, amber, lemon blossom.

Marshmallow, buttercream, candy cane.

Marshmallow, buttercream, spiced eggnog.

Ginger beer, cardamom, black peppercorns.

Maplemallow Doughnut
Fresh doughnuts, topped with sticky maple frosting, and tooth-achingly sweet marshmallow fluff.

Matcha Mandarin
Matcha genoise sponge cake, mandarin essential oil, almond extract, candied ginger, pink pepper, clementine.

Dead leaves, pine, cedar, fall air, laurel, balsam, smoke, clove bud, black patchouli, mushroom caps, dampened black soil.

Middle Earth
A golden mix of vanilla, chocolate, amber, nag champa, dark patchouli.

Milk & Honey
Condensed milk, sweet cream, tonka, vanilla bean, caramelized sugar, honey lactone, beeswax absolute, benzoin resinoid.

Melty Minty Marshmallow Mocha)Hot cocoa, marshmallows, peppermint bark, mocha latte.

Mojo Dojo Casa House
Vanilla, oakwood extract, benzoin, burnt caramel, labdanum, guaiacwood, frankincense, rum succan absolute, cognac accord, tobacco absolute.

Moloko Plus
Steamed milk, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, and rice milk, infused with lavender simple syrup, coconut crème, and green cardamom poddiwods.

Smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, and night musk.

Moon in the Twelfth House
Prickly pear, white sage, black sage, red musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, ozone, hot sand, pink pepper, jammy fir balsam.

Argent ambre, night-blooming jasmine, evening air accord, lunar musk.

Morning Star
Thick, rich golden orbs of amber, vanilla, whipped cream accord.

Steamed milk, lavender buds, honeyed apricots, chamomile tea, honey, white amber.

Peach, sun-warmed meadow, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, tree moss, oakmoss accord.

Spicy (almost cola-clove-y), resinous, warm, premium myrrh accord.

Nag Champa
Champak, sandalwood.

Nanaimo Bar
Graham cracker crumbs, cocoa powder, flaked coconut, butter, heavy cream, custard powder, sugar, cacao absolute, chopped walnuts.

Animalic accord, amber, black patchouli, cedar, Peru balsam, vanilla, cacao, caramel, cardamom, musk.

Never Was A Cornflake Girl
Honey oat cereal, fruity pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, raisin bran, rice krispies, sweet sugary milk at the bottom of the bowl

Deep, rich, Oscuro cigars. Plumes of sweet, fire-cured pipe smoke. Fresh-cut tobacco, rum-dipped cigarillos, cacao Shisha, vanillic vape clouds.

Tonka bean, tobacco leaf, vanilla, black cherry, pipe tobacco, maraschino, frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, Peru balsam, benzoin, sandalwood, black pepper, pink peppercorn, clove.

Thé Noir
Hex-blend solinote of black tea.

Noix de Coco

Norman Loves Mother
Earthy cardamom, rich vanilla, deep dark patchouli, and dry, woody notes of an old teakwood rocking chair.

Old Scratch
Blackstrap molasses, bourbon, pumpkin pie, candied ginger.

Oogie Boogie
Marshmallow, buttered rum, sweet potato pie, coconut, vanilla, dried leaves, pipe smoke, charred wood, amber, sandalwood, musk.

Confetti angelcake, topped with lemon whipped cream and a melty scoop of birthday cake batter ice cream.

Orange Blossom & Marshmallow
Fluffy white marshmallow, premium orange blossom accord.

The quintessential mall-smoothie of the 70's/80's: orange juice, milk, sugar syrup. (allergen information: contains Valencia orange & red mandarin essential oils)

Overlook Hotel
White spruce, sugared vanilla, buttermint candies.

White grapefruit, bitter grapefruit rind, ruby red grapefruit.

Pastel Goth
Marshmallow, buttercream, black violet, violet leaf, raspberry-rose compote. Contains natural raspberry isolates.

PB & J
Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiched betwixt soft, squishy bread slices.

Peach Crème Soda
Sweet, juicy Georgia peach, cream soda with an extra shot of vanilla.

Pearanormal Activity
Bone-white amber, spectral musk, Comice pear, ozone.

Dr. Pepper soda, vanilla bean ice cream.

Amber, dark patchouli, sandalwood, orange blossom, vanilla.

Plastic Fantastic
Doll parts, cardboard boxes, heliotrope, strawberry, bubblegum, sugar cane, marshmallow, cream soda, benzoin, Bulgarian rose, coconut milk, vanilla musk. Contains natural strawberry isolates.

Pâte à choux filled with vanilla cream pudding and pumpkin pie filling.

Poivre Vanille
Vanilla, pink peppercorn, black pepper, amber, cedar, conifers, clove.

Polite Menace
West Indies bay leaf, Siracusa lemon, bergaptene-free Calabrian bergamot, sweet orange, Bulgarian lavender, tolu balsam, clove, cinnamon leaf, Persian lime, black pepper, choya nakh absolute, bourbon vanilla CO2.

Black sage, california sagebrush, golden amber, dark amber, white amber, white cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass, cedar, sandalwood, Egyptian musk, frankincense, myrrh, dark patchouli, saffron, vetiver, agarwood, smoldering incense.

Purple Rain
Violet, grape, rain.

Pumpkin Peachcrème*
Pumpkin pie, peach pie, cream soda.

Raspberry Rosemallow
Marshmallow, buttercream, raspberry-rose compote.

Red Berry Trifle
Vanilla madeleines, custard, strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream. Contains natural strawberry & raspberry isolates.

Red Musk
Eastern temple resins and spices, rose, pepper, sandalwood. Simultaneously clean AND sexy/dirty.

Reefer Madness
This is not a "pretty" scent -- rather, it's an atmospheric, conceptual blend of skunky, weedy, dried bud notes, dirt, flannel shirt pocket lint, a faint hint of berries, fir, and apple (munchies and misdemeanors not included).

This formula was made with magical intent -- primarily as a protective/healing formulation: dragon's blood, red frankincense, red cedarwood, red musk, saffron.

Rootbeer Crème Soda
Frothy rootbeer and sweet cream soda.

Rose Quartz
Rose bud, pink grapefruit, passionfruit, cream soda, pink bubblegum, raspberry mimosa accord, pink pepper.

Rosewater Lemonade
Tart, sweet lemonade infused with fresh, heady rose petals.

Rum-soaked Cuban cigars, pipe smoke, whiskey, bourbon cream, caramelized sugar, bonfire.

Pumpkin pie cream puffs drizzled with honey.

Offertory resins, deep golden amber, soft incense-smoke finish.

Sandalwood incense, golden sandalwood, Mysore wood accord, vanilla sandalwood.

Santal Vanille
Sandalwood incense, golden sandalwood, Mysore wood accord, vanilla sandalwood, marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean extract.

Scenic Route
California sagebrush, narrow-leaf eucalyptus, purple sage, pink peppercorn, driftwood, ocean air, orange blossom, sandalwood, cypress, palo santo, patchouli. (Not safe for those who are pregnant/nursing. Contains essential oils of: Eucalyptus radiata, Callitris columellaris, Cupressus sempervirens L., and sustainably harvested/small-batch Bursera graveolens. The aged, dead wood is gathered from the forest floor on Ecuador's Pacific coast, allowing the production of oil without any harm to the living trees.)

Scream Queen
Pink bubblegum, vanilla bean pod, light musk.

Season of the Witch
Pumpkin pie, myrrh resinoid, smoked frankincense, benzoin resinoid, warm amber. (EO/AC blend. Safety considerations: due to the inclusion of myrrh resinoid, avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding or consult your medical practitioner prior to use.)

Speculoos cookies, mandarin oranges, black tea sweetened with sugar and fresh heavy cream.

Sleep Paralysis*
Lavender, chamomile, violet leaf, valerian.

Dragon’s blood, smoked vanilla, fire-red musk, aged dark patchouli.

Smoky Quartz
Beeswax candles, simmering birch bark, dragon's blood, bundles of incense sticks, black tea, autumn-ripe gourds.

Southern Hospitali-tea
Sweet tea, marionberry scones, freshly-made strawberry preserves.

Space Cakes
Chocolate brownies, ganache frosting, cannabis.

The Space In Between
Stratospheric air accord (ozone, chlorine), fresh air accord, rain, lily-of-the-valley, ambergris accord, ambroxan, dirt, geosmin, green musk, blue tansy.

Hex-blend solinote of vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. NO bakery/caramel notes.

Spirit Temple
Vanilla bean pods, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, nag champa incense.

Squeaky Bedsprings
Pumpkin pie & lavender.

Strange & Unusual
Lime bubble pop, balsam violet accord, ozone, fresh mountain air, ambergris accord, mimosa accord, pink peppercorn accord, violet leaf absolute, rosewood, ylang ylang.

Stranger Things
Eggo waffles, chocolate pudding, and upside-down cake.

Strawberry Crème Soda
Freshly-picked strawberries and cream soda with an extra shot of vanilla.

Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberries, fresh cut grass, dirt.

Wax, vinyl, leather, and latex.


Sucre Bleu!
A veritable sweet-shop explosion: pink gumballs, Juicy Fruit gum, gummy bears, Pop Rocks, rainbow candy-coated popcorn, Skittles, caramel chews, Twinkies, marshmallow Peeps, red licorice whips, Sour Patch Kids, caramel corn, Smarties, cotton candy, waffle cone, peachy gummy rings, jawbreakers, candy corn, gummy cola bottles.

Sugar-encrusted doughnuts filled with magenta blobs of raspberry filling.

Sunday Mourning
Freshly-juiced blood oranges, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, rivulets of maple syrup, and a melty pat of butter.

Sun in the Ninth House
Frankincense, Myrrh, Bergamot EO, Sweet Orange EO, Dark Indonesian Patchouli EO.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
An essential oil/naturals-only aromatherapy blend, also used in my Dream Balm: Roman chamomile, Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, petitgrain, black frankincense, cedarwood, palmarosa, Peru balsam, dark patchouli, sweet orange, neroli, lemon eucalyptus, ylang ylang, clary sage, mysore wood, German chamomile, benzoin, armoise, hops flower, red mandarin, rosewood, tangerine, white sage, cardamom, and jatamansi.

Fresh tobacco leaves, unlit pipe tobacco, blonde tobacco absolute.

Tabula Rasa
EO Blend. Lemongrass, lemon, bergamot, sage, citronella, gingergrass, palmarosa, clove, lavender, vetiver, white sage*, cinnamon leaf. *white sage EO is sourced locally and sustainably from a small farm in Southern California

Take Me To Church
Ultra-premium amber accord, vanilla, tonka, bois d'encense, frankincense, olibanum coeur, myrrh, benzoin, peru balsam, roasted labdanum. Inspiration: Take Me to Church / Movement (Hozier).

Dragon's blood, black tea, green cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, musk, oakmoss absolute, vetiver, tonka, jasmine, cetalox, bergamot, vanillin.

Teenage Dirtbag
Keds, freshly laundered tube socks & band shirts, white musk, Egyptian musk, bubblegum, vinyl LPs, two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby

That Fancy Wine Won't Put This Fire Out
Red musk, sweet Brachetto d'Acqui, cashmere musk fleuressence, amber, myrrh, smoked vanilla, cedarwood, suede.

Desiccated leaves, hedgerow blossoms, charred pinyon, aged cedarwood boughs, petrified tree sap, crisp fall air, laurel, clove bud, smoke-tinged balsam, santalum, and graveyard dirt.

Tiger Tail
vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, and black licorice swirl.

Leafy, vine-ripe, garden-fresh tomatoes.

Torture Chamber
Leather straps, metal chains, wooden paddles, earthen floor.

Trashcan Man
Smoke, motor oil, low-octane gasoline

Tumbleweed Connection
Sandalwood, leather, sarsaparilla, tobacco, sagebrush, barrel-aged whiskey, vanilla, cedarwood, amber, hemp, rum.

Wild blueberry, white amber, prickly pear, apricot, artemisia, green tea, honey sage, ghost flower, lemon verbena, lavender, lemon balm, cactus flower, dry grass.

Aged bourbon, dark rum, pumpkin purée, frankincense, Daemonorops draco resin, smouldering firewood embers.

Unholy Water
Dragon’s blood, palo santo, sage, cedarwood.

Un Rêve d'Hiver
Hot cocoa, marshmallow, golden amber.

Vanilla Clove*
Rich, creamy vanilla, warm, spicy/herbal clove.

Benzoin, vanilla, labdanum, santalum, red musk.

Velvet Cocoon
Labdanum, benzoin, frankincense, burnt caramel, guaiacwood.

Lascivious crimson musk, crumpled velvet, leather, far-eastern accord, animalic accord, suede, over-ripe figs, rum, raspberry, cognac, smeared red lipstick, tobacco, silken underpinnings, florid skin, cocaine accord, smoke.

Waking The Witch
Patchouli, vanilla, cashmeran, oakmoss, black pepper, laurel leaf.

Whitechapel 1888°
Rice pudding with a drizzle of maple syrup.

White Musk*
Clean, slightly soapy skin, powdery white florals, light vanilla.

Grape bubblegum and lemonade.

The Wicker Man
Forest greenery, damp earth, wicker, smoke.

Winchester Mystery House
Vanilla, fireplace embers, aged cedarwood, dark patchouli, sandalwood, amber, gingersnap cookies, clove.

Dark patchouli, amber, cardamom, vanilla.

Witch of the Wood
Amber, patchouli, copal, frankincense, overgrown foliage, dirt, treemoss, cedar, redwood, fallen pine needles, artemisia, purple sage, dead leaves, mushroom, Bulgarian lavender, oakmoss absolute, vetiver, ambroxan, bergamot, musk.

Sassafras root, burdock root, sarsaparilla root, clove, star anise, wintergreen, sweet cream.

Would Thou Like The Taste of Butter
Hot buttered popcorn, marshmallow fluff, kettle corn, vanilla bean, dulce de leche.

Wuthering Heights
Lavender, vanilla, spectral musks, vetiver, tonka, jasmine, tea leaves, oakmoss.

Smashed jack o' lanterns, gingersnap cookies, and rum-spiked eggnog.

Fresh floofy marshmallow fluff.

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