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LV Rewards Collection

The following leftovers will be stocked and added to the LV Rewards Collection @ 6pm est Wednesday, February 27th!

Possets Blog Scents

Possets Valentines Retour A-F 
Possets Valentines Retour G-L
Possets Valentines Retour M-S
Possets Valentines Retour T-#

Black Phoenix January Updates

Epically Epic General Catalog

Lilith's Winter Travelogue pt.1
Lilith's Winter Travelogue pt.2

The Vermont Lunacy Stock page has also been updated!

Black Phoenix February Updates

Addons and various sizes are available until 5pm est Thursday, February 28th!

Game Over
A coppery-clove, blood-tinged, cherry blossom-dappled blue cotton candy.

Other Updates
I am expecting to have NAlentines shipping by the end of the week!  Keep in mind that due to a plethora of variables, I cannot always promise that decants will be done before collections come down, or in other cases, before items sell out.  Though, I do promise that everyone involved does work as fast as humanly possible to make that happen!  The NAlentine collection was 175 bottles of various sets and sizes, making it particularly labor intensive for me and the studio.  It also came out with other large and extensive collections.  But, this is exactly why we have the stated 14 day turn around time. :)  While we almost always ship well before the TAT, always be prepared for the full 14 days, just in case!  You can get an estimated idea of how long things will take before you order by adding my max TAT days to the brand's.  For example, NA's max is 14 business days, so you can roughly estimate that at the latest, a  NA decant order will ship out to you about 28 business days after I place the order.  :)

Just to clarify, I am not bemoaning the work!  lol.  I am always and ever grateful for it and for you!  I just want to be sure that everyone has realistic expectations when they place their order.  Particularly with a steady flow of newcomers to the fandom.  So!  Visit the FAQ, explore the Status Page, and let me know if you have any other questions anytime! 

Love & Luck,

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