::Monday Update & What are You...::

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

Happy Monday, Lovelies!
About 98% of the pending Trading Post Lupers went to the post office this morning. There are a handful waiting on the backordered Neuf and Onze perfumes and one waiting on a bath oil. Just a gentle reminder that Ajevie TAT does not count Non-Business days.. A lot of collections started processing on April 2nd, meaning they're at some stage of either decanting or labeling (and got put aside once the late trading post stuff got here and needed rushed) and pending any unforseeable disasters, they'll start shipping out by their deadline this Friday. :)
Not counting the Possets retour, there's mostly smaller collections in the pipes now, meaning I should be able to catch up swiftly and happily things should start hitting the lower end of the TAT again.
Now, this week's deep ponder. What are You... Craving?
As for myself, my kindom for some bloody sunshine! I'm all for April showers, but the snow is getting tiresome! That and alllll the matcha frappuccinos!

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