ūüéĄūüéȬ†NAlidays 2018¬†ūüéČūüéĄ

Posted by Angela Espenschied on

NAlidays are here!

Addons, various sizes, Sets, and Select Unlimited stock is available until 5pm est Sunday, November 18th.  

NAlidays Resurgence Collection
Items will be limited/closed as/if they sell out at NA! Please be considerate of others and limit yourself to 1 of each scent in this category!!  

NAlidays 2018 Limited Collection
This listing includes the new Studio Limited Bourbon Vanille!  Empties are not available for Eternal Ankh Colours.

Non-NAlidays Addons
Addons are now ordered and shipped separately from limited collections so as not to hold up shipping from NA.  They may extend your wait time, though you are welcome to place Addon orders separate from your decant orders. :)

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