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Want to get a head start on your Summer Retour testing?  Many scents are currently available in the Possets Alumni section!

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14 Carnations
I imagine the thought of 14 carnations being dug up by the enthusiastic Bendico, and the scent of earth and surrounding plants are the backdrop for the scene. Add bit of fern. I think it is a ravishing scent. Very clean and uncomplicated but beautiful in a deep manner.

4 Seasons Summer
(Kuniyoshi) Bamboo, silk, Japanese incense, a hint of water, and fresh green shoots, and a small introduction of sandalwood in the mix to send a cooling breeze your way.

A Haiku Chrysanthemum
(Gordon Christenson) A silver musk (which is one of the most special ingredients I have) combines with an essence I think of a chrysanthemum, a smooth and uncharacteristic white musk rounds it all out. Delightful. Light yet lasting, very refreshing.

A Haiku Pond
(Bashu) Japanese incense and white musk combine. A hint of water but not the harsh ozone/aquatics type. Silk essence. A fittingly lingering but very soft and intuitive fragrance.

A Haiku Roof of Hell
(Kobayashi Issa) Earth (with a whiff of civet), a Hell-like antiphon, and the wild beauty of Linden blossom and violets. A really unusual combination and a memorable one.

A Haiku Soseki
(Natsume Soseki) A leaf-mold-like element, a cool mint-like essence, and rounded out with yuzu. Entrancingly wistful in the heat of the full summer.

A Haiku Whale
(Yosa Buson) White musk, coconut, lime, and pineapple. A bit of rum and it's a lot of salty, briny whale fun. Actually, this is a very pretty and summery blend.

A Poem of Villeneuve St. Georges
(Mbella Dipoko) Blue musk and blueberry, crystal musk and Meyer lemon zest. This would be pretty to make love in on a hot day.

Strong clove notes are combined with a grey musk, a foundation of pink damascena rose otto and a good portion of sandalwood (a dark golden sort of sandalwood). A cross between an oriental and a chypre, the crossroads of Eastern and European taste.

Air Conditioning
(100% natural) Grapefruit, mint and lavender are set together to make a really beautiful and chilly scent to wear on your skin or in a scent locket.

Ancient Marshmallows
No kidding, the Egyptians had marshmallows for candy! They would use the sap of the mallow to thicken honey and it ended up (I guess) being something like nougat or Bit-O-Honey. I am trying to recreate this very old confection here, at least the way it smells.

April Is The Cruelest Month
(T.S. Eliot) Lavender and green tea form the base for this perfume and somehow it is a very compelling combination and gorgeous for summer with the exquisite lilacs, and I did remember to throw in a peach for you to enjoy...would not be Eliot without that. Floral but dry, fresh but profound.

A rich blend of green tea spiked with the smoke of fragrant burning spikenard, a whiff of coumarin (they didn't have vanilla but this could have been available) and it is thick black sweet and lovely. So, let your imagination run away with you. A sprinkling of sweet spices finishes it all off so nicely. Gourmand.

Bikini Girls of Sicily
They are beautiful and smell of the thick myrtle blossom honey, a tot of almond bitterness (like cyanide) and the summer jasmine which is so enchanting around the Mediterranean. On top of that, add a deep portion of coumarin from the ripening summer grasses, a drop of blood red pomegranate and the merest breath of saffron.

Birth of Venus
The accord I use for this perfume is very very similar to my favorite jasmine. I have stirred up a special aquatic blend as a backdrop for all of this, I am not so keen on stock "aquatic" scent and so I have experimented with many ingredients to make something which I can fall in love with. Finally, I just must use a light citrus blend in here as I keep on thinking of the hot humid air of summer and need something to remind us all that there is relief against this heat. I would say this is a dry fragrance but it is loaded with charm and sass despite the floral addition. Very pretty.

Black Sheep
A very unusual concoction which can only be described as a "zesty animalic", cognac combines with an unctuous aldehyde, the whole thing ignites in a light haze of lightest menthol, a rasp of lemon and orange peel, and a wallop of blue musk.

Blood Orange
Fresh and unexpected, this take on the scent of orange is more than mere orange. With the sly infusion of aged patchouli, a tiny dash of Saigon cinnamon, and a backup of a zesty "yellow musk", this is a grand perfume for summer. (Due to the cinnamon, those who are inclined to be super sensitive should patch test Blood Orange).

Loads of honeysuckle resting on a bed of sweet sweet summertime goodness. You might get arrested just for wearing this perfume. Floral.

Bouquet a la Marechale
Violet and bergamot, and a bewitching light touch of bay to keep the whole thing fresh. An upbeat floral but with very herbal underpinnings.

Candy Is Dandy
(Ogden Nash) Candy and booze. Very simple. VERY sexy. For those special times.

There was never anything so very soul fulfilling as these deep fried tubes of the lightest crust filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. I prefer mine with no fruit or chocolate chips, so I can revel in the deep milky creamy goodness which fits perfectly with the crust.

Canopic Box
Teak wood, Oude wood, sweet camphor wood for enshrining the vitals of the beloved dead one, a lining of cedarwood, a kiss of oude (a soft oude to soothe rather than stimulate), and a rush of rockrose. This is a more upbeat and zesty fragrance for day wear and quite masculine. Woody.

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Carnations, lilies, and roses with the ambient scent of heavy green air and earth. Floral and classic, just lovely and very come-hither.

This one has a hint of catnip in it, to help you focus (as it is a mint), a drop of lime to go with, copra (dried coconut), and a blast of dark fig to honor the mystery of the cat and the sensuousness of the stretch. Lovely and languorous.

An almost sweet blend, filled with spice and thumping with the dark but smooth teas of the orient. A drop of milk rounds it out and gives it that appealing opacity we love with chai. You can almost smell the foam on top of this one.

A very aquatic base to which I am adding a strong and serious grey musk, and a good shot of espresso because a girl can't do her best without a nice little espresso (which goes amazingly with the sea). This is a great atmospheric scent, it is strong and serious, a bit volatile and quite musky.

Ripe ripe fruits spill out into the air, sensual and refreshing but making you itch for more at the same time, fruity, suave, sophisticated, summery, feminine.

Light lemon, heavy sugar, a float of creaminess and it is all a wonderfully relaxing treat.

Sage from Tuscany and the famous Italian lemons from the south have the lead roles among the other ingredients. A light kiss of vanilla mixes well with a limestoney base. A beautiful blend filled with character but just right for summer.

Cobra I
A back wash of frankincense, a good deal of indigo musk, a drop of thyme in it. It's a heady combination and one which is a bit hypnotic, like the cobra.

Colossus of Memnon
Coconut, lime, and pineapple, two ambers (a sweet and a sophisticated one). Fruity but in a sophisticated and grounded way.

Nag Champa always makes me think of hot hot days and hot hott nights, Fresh green skinned melon scent blends perfectly with it as does red honeysuckle. A perfect blend for the night.

Dry Ice
Driving down the thermometer without a hint of mint, just to show off. Grass and chlorophyll, ice musk, and a kiss of the chilliest of violet and hint of clove. This one is strong and it's long lasting. So you can refrigerate yourself without using any electricity.

Dutch Adonis
(Hals) Violet (one of the gentlemen's flowers) is put up with a thick black tea, a jolt of cardamom, a small amount of cumin (for animal magnetism) and (in homage to another Dutch mania) peppercorn. The combination is dynamite and universally appealing while being thoroughly unique. This is a very Possets scent but not an overly foody blend, and it is somehow a very cooling blend as well.

Earth Touch
Of course, the scent of earth should be in there but I wanted to combine it with the beauty of sandalwood to make it into a symphony of volatile but calming fragrances. There are three different sandalwoods which twine together in this blend. This is a perfume for cool and dark earth lovers.

Envious Pink
It is pink, but with a sharp undertone of the sour, just like the real thing. Pink sugar and a good sharp shot of lime combine with a surprising sting of nettle that settles down to an almost marshmallowy dry down. There is enough interest here to play with for hours, though. Not just another foody fragrance which outstays its welcome, but a changing and evolving thrill which brings out the insatiable in you.

Strong and aromatic, Etna is a powerful blend of grey and crystal musk, a musk I put together which I call 992 and packs a real punch. It's hard to say whether this one is super hot or super cold, like a burn can confuse your sense of touch. To be sure it is alluring as hell and I named it after the famous volcano for a reason.

Evil Eye
Pungent cleansing ginger, smoke from the sacrificial fire laden with tears of frankincense and copal, all this as a propitiation of the gods against the Evil Eye.

Named after the turquoise blue ceramic that the Egyptians were famous for, Faience rings with cool blue notes which warm up to a through sexy on your skin. Again a light and almost Chinese incense is a high feature of the blend. Spicy and resinous.

Fiorie di Profumo
Acacia with its honey scent, neroli, the whiff of lime and the artful addition of a bit of linden blossom to hold the whole together. A bouquet perfume held together with the lime juice. It is a tremendously classy and elegant perfume, perfectly pitched for summer yet with that honey note which will carry it through to the first chilly days of fall. A real beauty and the flower of perfume.

Heavy with a remarkable musk called musk nitro, part of the components of this blend are relatives to TNT! No kidding. This is a totally non-explosive blend of perfumes, it only has a punch in the way you smell. Dark and sultry, very subtle and long lasting. It's a night time fragrance which packs a very sexy punch.

Flying Horse
(Chinese Bronze) Bamboo (green cool and delightful) combined with grated ginger. A background of green tea and luan wood. This is a very oriental blend of high keyed ingredients tending to the green side of the scent spectrum rather than the golden earthier side. Buried deep in the mix is a white floral note which is necessary to keep the mix from becoming too bracing.

A dash of pomegranate, lemon, and a strange mead made from the extravagant honey of Malta. Utterly captivating and is said to have been the cause of a great many babies born in the Mediterranean. No claims for its aphrodisiac properties. But...

Fig layered with creamy fig, a shot of astringent fig, with a captivating fig musk, set against a backdrop of deepest fig - fruity, sensuous, suave, unisex, foody.

Garcia Lorca
Lime (a sublime lime, too...zest and juice) and smooth amber, laced with bamboo sap; finished off with green tea, a grassy white amber, and Mysore sandalwood. Sharp at first but beautiful, carrying the promise of a mellow drydown. The grass element asserts itself and has a great many similarities to lime. Though there is not black pepper in this, it has an aspect which reminds me strongly of black pepper.

Gelato: Blood Orange
When the wonderful Sicilian Blood Oranges give up their essence to become gelato, the world swoons.

Gelato: Pistachio
A ubiquitous flavor of gelato, and not at all like the pistachio ice creams in America this one has the suave character of roasted nuts, a dusting of great spices, and a rich thick bed of cream upon which to lounge.

Gelato: Profound Lavender Chocolate
Lavender and chocolate are fully explored in one gelato store which I will remember forever. Not sweet just glorious.

Gelato: Riso des Anges
For sugar and carb nuts, this famous Italian flavor celebrates rice and sugar in ways too sinful to recount. Just the utter bliss of cream and that indescribable feel of carby goodness.

Gelato: Stracciatella
A wonderful creamy vanilla gelato is drizzled with a dark bitter dark chocolate and left for just a few seconds.

Gelato: Strawberry from Syracusa
You have not lived until you taste the strawberries in Sicily. Crush them and add them to gelato and the scent and taste is so glorious, your mortal body can scarcely contain the pleasure. Very fresh and not cloying at all.

Ginger lime Granita
Three kinds of ginger mix and marry with sprightly lime and icy cold fragrance. This is a fairly tart scent, one that will make you feel cosseted. It is simple yet elegant, long lasting and just right in strength.

Girl With A Watering Can
(Renior) This one smells like a French tarte which is based on a shortbread crust and filled with a custard and topped with Bavarian creme. A handful of coconut has been tossed on top of that. Honestly, it's a foody gourmandy delight.

Green Tea
The classic green tea done Possets' style. All of the green-ness of a real green tea preserved in a light tea base and a float of a drop of a bit of rare Bulgarian lavender combined with a kiss of lemon zest. There is a mere hint of mineral here, and that is on purpose.

A simple confection of pink rose petals, simple syrup saturated with a sophisticated but delicious vanilla, and a wisp of musk to keep it going on your skin.

Hay Wain
(Constable) Grapefruit meets lily of the valley, skin musk, white wood vanilla (not at all cupcake vanilla), and crystal musk. I think this one is a glorious thing which is dignified, sophisticated, and amazingly sexy all at once.

Rich, golden, flowery, almost too much but then just right. I was thinking about Maltese honey when I made this one, the finest honey I have ever tasted and smelled. Yum! Yum!

(Bosschaert the Elder) Fabulous linden blossoms, smooth neroli (both huge favorites amongst Possets fans and for good reason). Frangipani and plumeria and finally, an essence which is well loved in Ohio, fringe tree. A great infusion of soft yet persistent white/skin musk and a kiss of the greenery which knits it all together. This is a melody of white flowers which are in abundance in June and dreamt of for the rest of the year.

In Gallarus
(Seamus Heaney) A path of buzzing blooming fuchsias alive with bee traffic, to read the tiny praying house. Gallarus Oratory is what it is like to be there. A cold yet cozy perfume with a waft of a turf fire in the distance, the sea lapping at the shore below, and the fragrance of stone. Remarkable in its chill, but also somehow familiar. Sophisticated, dry, unisex.

Jardin di Principio
Olive blossoms, cupped old roses, waxy white magnolia, and a hint of clove streaming out of the kitchen or was that a flower which was a clovelike blossom. Mixed with the scent of earth and the scent of water on limestone with moss. Cooling and refreshing floral!

Black fig, oakmoss, copal incense, black amber. Sultry and hot skinlike. Spicy and resinous.

My interpretation includes fig (black and pungent), sweet flag (iris) , ground spices, a small amount of fennel Caution: possible irritant for those with tremendously sensitive skin. Spicy, fruity, resinous.

Lapsang Souchong
Smoky gunpowder tea prized by the Chinese for centuries. Deep dark black tea which is smoked to dry and flavor it. This is strong and full throated, dark and passionate almost musky.

Leaves of Grass
(Walt Whitman) This perfume perfectly captures the idea of Leaves of Grass...outdoors in lazy summer, loafing and enjoying the day rather than grinding out work. The essences of glorious chlorophyll is here, plus a bit of ozone and earth. Crush a blade of grass and this is it, but better.

Leda and the Swan
(DaVinci) Red and perfect strawberry juice with a goodly background of the green frill of the berry, a new and green earthy patchouli, a little fig to sweeten the mix, a background of white musk. Foody and fruity, musky and resinous.

Les Fleurs du Mal
(Charles Baudelaire) Sage and a papery essence which tempers the sage and makes it less sharp, a bit of lime, a cast of honey, a fist full of sea salt to represent tears.

Sweet and pure, the hypnotic flower of the lotus floating on the surface of a placid lake. Black lotus and a small amount of aquatic musk, a good flavor of coconut here combines with the backdrop of a very light bamboo. Very peaceful and yet vivid.

Lotus of the Nile
The lotus is the prime fragrance in the bouquet, but it is followed by bits of roseate beauty, a sort of dark incense which has been winnowed through the air, and faint aquatic background scent. This is a wonderful floral, if I may say so, really has more depth and character than most flower based scents, isn't cloying and is fresh.

Luncheon On The Grass
(Manet) Possets celebrates the Luncheon in the Grass with tea, lemon curd, biscuits, a bit of melon and a good whiff of grass and just a very small gust of skin musk. Very modern and very alluring.

Madame X Squared
White ginger hides behind a veil of wheat blossoms. Deep white musk holds down the blend while a float of sunflower pollen binds it all together. Lemony but with no lemon in the blend, it is a great summertime fragrance. The miracle of Madame X Squared is that it is very light but very persistent.

This perfume is an amazing tour de force featuring one of the most beautiful melon fragrances anywhere with a lovely neroli. The requisite lemon and Mediterranean jasmine which only blooms around June. Strong, complex, sexy as hell, slightly sinful (OK, very sinful). This one is redolent with osmanthus, incense, and distant orange groves in full bloom.

Mayan Queen Bloodletting Sacrifice
Incense smoke, copal resin, red fruit rich in iron scent, and the background of cacao and jungle atmosphere of greenery. Resinous, smoky, incense, green, and dry.

To celebrate the loveliness which Medusa lost Possets has come up with a coconut fragrance which is latticed throughout with a kiss of olive blossom, a hint of myrtle, and a very small amount of stone.

Mint Tea
Now you might think that this would result in a straight cup of minty tea however, the heat performs an act of alchemy and all sorts of nuances come curling out of the mint leaves. There is a sort of grapefruit smell in there, a hint of camphor and a tiny bit of a part of honey (not honey but a part of the scent of honey).

Morning Walk
(Gainsborough) The deep greenery of a shady dell, an accord which is the jetty side of chlorophyll, combined with the scent of green tea brewing and a goodly waft of coumarin from a blooming sweet woodruff. There is a musky undertone to all this green and a dry edge to it all which lends a refreshing quality.

Blue musk rides on a cloud of gentian, a small amount of sage and a hint of blueberry. Very refreshing yet stimulating.

A dry amber base with a lilt of grape (a symbol of success) and a drop of skin musk. Somewhat close to the body, long lasting, suave, calming.

Myrtle of Venus
Peach, apricot, myrtle, grey (seafoamy) musk. Lyrical and beautiful, simple, pure and serene.

Cool green tea and pearly pink berries, a touch of lemon zest and a big swath of grey musk. Cool yet sexy and charming. Perfumy, somewhat gourmandy, musk.

A cool almost stone-like fragrance with a kiss of mint in the topnote to start it off with all intention of cooling down your fevered brow. A garland of spikenard and cold water finish it off to perfection. Aquatic, herbal.

(Manet) Three white musks, hawthorne, a sweet-cold musk, and a hint of civet. This is an exceptionally harmonious blend, perfumy, sweetish without being sugary. Innocent with an edge, like a sly little thing. Musky.

Orange Pekoe Tea
The classic zesty tea everyone starts out with and never tires of. You can smell the deep dried tea leaf here. A bit of ambient outdoor air always is a hallmark of good orange pekoe tea for me. Calming and lovely, very uplifting like a true cup.

Pendant Mask
(Iyoba, Nigeria) The deep feminine dignity of tuberose and gardenia combine gracefully with pure frankincense, drop of sandalwood and Green African musk. Oriental, floral.

Pomegranate Sorbet
Pomegranate and ice blasted with the coldest mint and thickest of tutti fruit sweets. Surprisingly astringent but oh so lovely.

Portrait of Jane Small
(Holbein) This is a deep summer peach scent which opens with the awakening properties of the peach pit (it tastes like bitter almond and smells that way because it is full of cyanide so don't eat one). Then the succulent, sweet summery smell of peach comes blooming out of the blend. There are actually three sorts of peach scents in here, and a couple of secret pushing fragrances which will bring the whole into a divine peach feel, as well as a skin musk. Foody and fruity and luscious.

Portrait of Mrs. Abington
(Reynolds) Buttery chocolate cake with white frosting and a filling of the best Bavarian cream. Plain and simple a sweet sweet indulgence.

Punch and Cookies
t's sweet and fruity and sticky and great. Combined with those lacy, perfectly browned, butter kissed cookies and you have something you are going to want to hoard.

Put the ___ in the ____
Lime, coconut, booze, yum. It had to be done because it's summertime. Simple and succulent.

The tangiest and most strawberried and rhubarbed goodness is the perfect counterpoint to a flaky and buttery crust thoroughly crunchy with extra vanilla and such exquisite bits of sugar crystals forming in the tart heart of a perfectly spiced confection.

Red Tea
(Roobios) I have made this a very dry blend with the true fragrance of the dried rooibos leaf. The "redness" is there but manifests itself in a very insidious way throughout the perfume.

A plate full of fruits which are being offered to some towering god amidst a swirl of incense. Watermelon and incense are the primary pieces of this perfume. Fruity and spicy.

I put in several different sorts of figs in this fragrance in order to capture the right balance of sweet, dark, and elixir. There is a small amount of lychee here to save it from being too heavy.

Sea Of Ice
(Fredrick) Another aquatic base is frozen into a sculpture by way of mint, lime, birch, and green tea ice cubes. Put this on and be refreshed, it's like a sharp spray of 31 deg water.

Serqet The Scorpion Goddess
A golden musk, somewhat similar to the lead musk in 301, is put playfully together with a zest of Meyer Lemon, a sharp drop of crystal musk and a distant hint of pink pepper corn. A hint of green tea rounds out the presentation of Serqet. Spicy and resinous.

Ship of Fools
I have started off with the tang of the sea and added a bit of refined leather to get things started, a roll of key lime zest and a goodly portion of faux ambergris. This is a very nice aquatic with an edge of leather and fruit which somehow combine to make a jolly, boisterous blend which is just perfect for summer!"

100% natural. Ginger of the very best kind is combined with Yuzu, and it all starts out with a goodly shot of sparkling Meyer Lemon.

Sicilian Bride
Candied cherries of the most aromatic variety, a drop of banana for the thrill of its volatility.

Sicilian lemon mingles with oakmoss which vamps to galbanum, which flirts with yuzu. Strangely refreshing for such a passionate blend.

This is granulated sugar just as you remember it as a kid. It is so real it almost crunches. Heady, pretty, and realistic.

(Wateau) 100% Natural Bergamot from Sicily, and with Sicilian Blood Orange and American Clementine. Sicilian lemons and finally American Spearmint.

(Van Gogh) A thick honey base, drawn over with the fragrance of the green stem and a whiff of pollen, a background of saffron, and the distant perfume of a hidden woodland white flower. Very sexy.

Exceptionally cool with a light kiss of olive leaf, a blend of three blue musks (from light to dark and a mid tone one), a bit of cork extract, a small amount of osmanthus. Very dry and pretty and perfect for summer.

The Crown of the Serpent
Rich, spice filled yet deeply resinous this blend is riddled with copal, thick labdenum and a smooth Dragon's Blood which makes it a perfectly exotic deep and alluring serpentine fragrance. Spicy and resinous.

The Crown of the Vulture
Tears of frankincense and tears of myrrh, lovely ambers made from several different recipes, exotic patchouli (just a kiss of it to keep all the other components together), a bit of copal and spikenard for backbone. As dark and velvety as an Egyptian night. Spicy and resinous.

The Dutchess of Alba
(Goya) Cardamom brought from half way around the world on the superb Spanish trading ships, black pepper once so desired and dear of price, and ginger with the fierce hot crackle. You can imagine the passion of the Duchess in the face which Goya loved. A touch of grape, a pinch of saffron and turmeric. Spicy, foody, musky.

The Eye of Horus
Starting out with tears of incense combined with a black labdenum and finished with a strong portion of black amber (which I consider a golden sort of black amber). Very beautiful and simple yet exceptionally attractive. Spicy and resinous.

The Flower
(Alexander Pushkin) 5 white musks form the foundation. Very romantic with the sophistication of modern musks combined with the earthy antique scents of old Russia. White sage, Russian lavender, stachys, and artemisia.

The God of Olives
A lovely rendition of olive blossom (osmanthus) combined with pure bergamot, smoothed over with a beautiful sweet musk of some intensity.

The Great Clod
Fig, earth, Pomegranate, greenery all dance together in happy harmony, a hymn to fertility and loveliness The Great Clod is one of the most graceful of summer creations. A lovely perfume. Fruity, earthy, foody.

The Inferno
(Dante Alighieri) Bitter almond (the scent of cyanide) is the top note, darkest sticky black musk is the deepest basenote. Spices like: nutmeg and cinnamon and clove are caught in the middle, while there is a jolt of capsicum (part of the nighshade family) from the depths licking up. Black oude lurks in the background.

The Magnificent Red Rose
The best rose fragrance I have come up with yet. I have been playing with this one for a number of years and am well pleased with this version and so the name. It's far more than a single note, and with a good deal more depth and character than any other rose fragrance I have smelled.

The Panties of Ptah
The sweetest mangoes, peaches and melons combined with 'nard and amber. Gourmandy, fruity.

The Persian Melon("The P--- Melon" as paypal is flagging and reviewing for 'Persian'.)
It took some doing but I managed to tease cucumber into becoming a fruit of the Earth sort of a smell, and the melon is the kind of melon my dad used to grow on the farm, it's a cross between the All American cantaloup and the ancient and breathtakingly beautiful Persian variety. Of course, there are other Possety things in there as well to keep it from becoming dull. A beautiful lilting clean scent perfect for summer. Characteristics: fruity, bold, melon, summery, cooling.

The Rubaiyat
(Omar Khayyam) The rich resins of the Levant mingle here in sweet desire. High keyed resins which represent the modern Eastern tastes in perfumery. Bakhoor smoke and gentle carnation mix with white oude and a very black musk. A drop of majmua. Sexy, resiny.

The Swing
(Fragonard) The pinkest of pink creations. Raspberry and frothed vanilla milk, add a blush of peach and you are the toast of the court. Foody, frilly, sweet, and fabulous."

The Water Burns
(Beowulf) Essence of earth and high greenery--a hint of smoke but smelled from far away, boxwood, galbanum, and a light hint of Mysore sandalwood. Green, dry, herbal, smokey.

The Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede
(Ruisdael) Marine vanilla (yes, I actually constructed this and it's beautiful), with an oakwood accord, silk accord, and two golden ambers. Dry and sophisticated and somehow resinous despite its aquatic parent.

Afruity blend combining the fun of strawberry munching with a bit of melons (which turtles do love as well). grapes, Watermelon, and a hint of tomato leaf. It's a pretty, zesty, summery, uplifting blend which should stay with you.

A complex blend of several ambers with a bit of arbor vitae and a hint of a green musk which is one of the least volatile and most soothing musks I have ever encountered. In addition there is a bit of rose leaf (not the blossom) which I have added to Tranquility to make it an exceptionally appealing blend, very "friendly" and positive.

Tres Riches Heures
(The Limbourg Brothers) The indulgence of sweetmeats and buttery crusts and the finest zesty fruits (in this case the most perfumed apricots). The lightest dusting of spice to give it depth. Rich, foody and oh so delicious.

Veil of Isis ("Veil of I---" as paypal is flagging and reviewing for 'Isis'.)
Black, green, and a pinkish Fig and honey from Anatolia. Thick and heady with just enough snap to keep it from being too soporific. Stunning. Fruity, gourmand, spicy.

This fragrance is all abuzz with fabulous citrus blend of lemon and grapefruit, the zest of a tomato leaf and pepper lounging in the background. A great invigorating perfume.

Waltzing Matilda
(Banjo Paterson) A sharp banana, creamy coconut, and a sharp vanilla musk, sandalwood, a drop of myrrh, and a grain of cinnamon. Very sweet but it bites back and you will love it.

Tomato leaf meets heavy vanilla with a hint of pipe smoke and grey musk.

Water Lilies
(Monet) The flowers are a light pink and are very sweet, the water is clear and calm and fresh. Floral and aquatic.

Imagine a divine, cold, blue, driving waterfall. Indigo musk and aquatic musk mingle with an ozone note. This one is very dry, non floral or foody and exceptionally serene.

Wet Affair
The richest and deepest silly fruits all blended together to form a riot of smells and a huge shot of nag champa (which never fails to enrage authority figures). Handle with caution. Characteristics: fruity, foody, spicy, oriental, fun, casual, summery.

When In Good Humor
(Sylvia Plath) Bitter tea, essence of pollen, the scent of sunflowers, myrtle, and rue. The salt of tears is hidden in this scent, too. A tragically brilliant and romantic fragrance.

White Tea
Not quite astringent, beautifully tart and high keyed. A pure blend which comes out to being a highly refined white tea perfect in itself.

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