Black Hearted Tart Valentines Day Samples

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Black Hearted Love
A heart of sensuous black rose and white patchouli musk. Toasted vanilla beans and rich vanilla orchids keep things sweet and silky. A bit of cinnamon leaf and clove add some heat. Smoky embers of sandalwood create the base.  

Violet leaf absolute, along with subtle notes of clove and white musk create a Parma Violet candy accord.  Lactonic notes of sweetened condensed milk and whole milk powder are blended with vanilla bean and rice paper to create a White Rabbit candy accord.  Light touches of ylang ylang and cedar tamp down the sweetness.  These two candy inspired scents combine to create a demure fragrance that evokes nostalgia and comfort.  

Levitate Me
An uplifting scent that will have you floating on air! Aromatic lavender macarons filled with sunshiny lemon curd. Fluffy mounds of toasted meringue. Lotus and apple blossoms add an airy floral element. Cotton candy clouds made with pink strawberries and pink spun sugar.

Pinkies Up
English breakfast tea with two lumps of sugar and a slice of lemon. Vanilla cupcakes piled high with Chantilly cream frosting. Accompanied by nutty scones and buttery madeleines.  Rose geranium essential oil adds a subtle green herbaceous note with the richness of rose.

A ménage à trois of decadence! Chocolate with notes of both milk and dark varieties. Caramel with honeyed nuances. Toffee with rich, buttery goodness.

Steal My Sunshine
A bright yuzu forward fragrance with supporting citrus notes of sugared lime slices, lemon drop candies, and orange creamsicles. Verbena, and lily add a sheer floral breeze. Laid on a foundation of vanilla and golden amber.


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