Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)
Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)

Mr. Hex Perfume Oil Roll-ons (Limited)

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Assorted scents in perfume oil.

One (1) perfume oil in 8.5 mL clear glass roll-on bottle.
Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

Amber Aoud - Roja Dove (type)
bergamot, lime, lemon, fig, ylang-ylang, jasmine, agarwood, saffron, sandalwood, orris root, oakmoss, patchouli

Ambre Sultan - Serge Lutens (type)
amber, bay leaf, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, coriander, patchouli, angelica

At The Barber's - Maison Margiela (type)
basil, bitter orange, black pepper, lavender, rosemary, geranium, white musk, moss, leather, tonka bean
Beach Walk - Maison Margiela (type)
bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, coconut milk, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, musk, benzoin, cedar

Benjoin 19 - Le Labo (type)
benzoin, olibdanum, cedar, amber, musk

Candy Fluff - LUSH (type)
Cotton candy, juicy bubblegum, pear, apple, sugared lemon drops and crushed Madagascar vanilla.

Chergui - Serge Lutens (type)
tobacco, iris, musk, hay, rose, honey, sandalwood, amber, incense

Colonia - Acqua Di Parma (type)
lemon, sweet orange, calabrian bergamot, lavender, bulgarian rose, verbena, rosemary, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli

Curly Wurly - LUSH (type) -

Dove Soap (type) -

Eau Sauvage - Dior (type)
lemon, bergamot, basil, rosemary, caraway, jasmine, coriander, orris root, carnation, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, oak moss, vetiver, amber

Elysium - Roja Dove (type)
grapefruit, lemon, galbanum, lime, apple, Lily-of-the-Valley, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, ambergris, benzoin, leather, vanilla, labdanum

Green Tea - -

Lavender Extreme - Tom Ford (type)
violet, lemon, lavender, cinnamon, geranium, rose, tonka bean, coumarin

M7 Oud - YSL (type)
mandarin orange, patchouli, labdanum, myrrh, agarwood

Poivre 23 - Le Labo (type)
pepper, labdanum, vanilla, frankincense, styrax, guaiac wood, sandalwood, patchouli

Rock Star - LUSH (type)
strawberries and vanilla with soft violet and jasmine notes.

Vanille 44 - Le Labo (type)
bergamot, mandarin, vanilla, incense, aldehydes, vanilla, guaiac wood

Violet Blonde - Tom Ford (type)
violet leaf, iris, orris root, jasmine, suede, benzoin


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