OSMOFOLIA Seasonals Samples
OSMOFOLIA Seasonals Samples
OSMOFOLIA Seasonals Samples
OSMOFOLIA Seasonals Samples

OSMOFOLIA Seasonals Samples

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A Chinchilla with A Knife
Wisps of smoke, a cashmere blanket to nuzzle, warm sweet vanilla, velvet musk, a handful of timothy hay, softest gray fur, and the gleam of a very sharp knife. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: velvet ✦ metal
Mid/Heart: vanilla ✦ smoke
Base/Drydown: cashmere ✦ hay ✦ musk

A Marten with A Vengeance
Brash tonka bean, rich oud, sugary butterscotch, bitter orange peel, deer musk accord, a trail of pawprints through a dusting of cocoa powder, a flash of fangs, and a sharp bite of Sichuan pepper. [Nonvegan, vegan option available on request at OSMOFOLIA.]
Top/Wet: Sichuan pepper✦ bitter orange
Mid/Heart: butterscotch ✦ cocoa powder
Base/Drydown: oud ✦ deer musk accord ✦ tonka bean

A Raccoon with Sticky Fingers
Jittery espresso, black walnuts, toasted marshmallows, scraggly fur musk, restless hands, greedy machinations, and a shimmering ring of gold and amber. [Vegan.]
Top/Wet: black walnut husks ✦ espresso
Mid/Heart: dried walnuts ✦ coffee grounds ✦ gold
Base/Drydown: amber ✦ fur ✦ toasted marshmallow

A Squirrel with An Evil Plan
Cracked acorns, weathered oak wood, dribbles of maple sap, a pinch of chai spice, shredded vetiver, poisoned buttery almond cookies, and the glint of watchful eyes. [Nonvegan, vegan option available by request at OSMOFOLIA.]
Top/Wet: chai spice ✦ almond cookies
Mid/Heart: maple sap ✦ acorns
Base/Drydown: oak wood ✦ vetiver ✦ butter

A body designed in fragments—or perhaps only the idea of one: vanilla daydreams and milk-laden bones atop lavender legs and hazy feet.

Exquisite Corpse #1
Vanilla milk [nonvegan, vegan option available by request ay OSMOFOLIA]
Top/Wet: cream
Mid/Heart: caramel ✦ heliotrope
Base/Drydown: vanilla ✦ milk ✦ musk

Exquisite Corpse #2
Smoked lavender musk [vegan]
Top/Wet: fresh lavender
Mid/Heart: dried lavender ✦ smoke
Base/Drydown: oakmoss ✦ musk

A short break in a long day: hands cupping a piping hot matcha latte from 7/11, and cold rain slicking the pavement of busy Taipei streets.

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #1
Steamed matcha latte [vegan]
Top/Wet: steam
Mid/Heart: matcha ✦ warm milk
Base/Drydown: green tea ✦ cream

On The Corner of Jinhu Road #2
Cold rain on pavement [vegan]
Top/Wet: cold air
Mid/Heart: humid air ✦ puddles
Base/Drydown: rain ✦ concrete ✦ tar

The remnants of a carefully laid spell: tattered antique books and crumbly pages, dusted with powdered honey and the lingering scent of pollen.

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #1
Honey dust [nonvegan]
Top/Wet: pollen
Mid/Heart: hay ✦ honey
Base/Drydown: beeswax ✦ powdered sugar

What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind #2
Antique books [nonvegan]
Top/Wet: paper
Mid/Heart: leather ✦ glue ✦ old books
Base/Drydown: cedar ✦ vanilla ✦ cetalox


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Items are hand-filled and may vary slightly. Below are the manufacture's suggested fill volumes per size. Ajevie sample will usually have a smidge more

Perfume Oil Slinks/Samples = .74 ml vials

Perfume Oil Slonks = .92 ml bottles

Perfume Oil Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles

Various Slink Sprays = 2.6 ml spray vials

Various Chonk Sprays = 1 oz spray bottles

Fulls = Original retail bottles from source