Black Hearted Tart NEW Lush + Us

Black Hearted Tart NEW Lush + Us

Status: Open till 3pm est Saturday, February 10th
A refreshing blend of invigorating eucalyptus, zingy lemongrass and cooling peppermint. Inspired by Outback Mate by Lush

A charming blend of sweet and tart. Irresistibly juicy pomegranate and lip puckering grapefruit create a swoon worthy combination. Infused with vanilla pod and marshmallow root to add a creamy component. Inspired by Prince Charming

Heaps of Imogen
Vetiver and iris root add earthy, wet grass elements. Lemon and bergamot add citrusy brightness. Damask rose petals create the heart. Grounded on a base of ambrette seeds and tonka bean. Inspired by Imogen Rose

Ice Cold
A frosty blend of iced rose with sparkling grapefruit and uplifting neroli will warm the coldest hearts. Inspired by Frozen

A scent with star power! Shine bright with bergamot, mandarin, and orange blossom. Keep them all enthralled with a lingering base of sultry sandalwood and resinous myrrh. Inspired by Icon

Love U 24/7
Candied lime slices and litsea cubeba oil create a strong citrus presence. Ylang ylang and lemongrass add a bit of complexity. Tonka bean and caramel create a sweet foundation. Inspired by 25:43

Mint Condition
Cool, crisp, and clean peppermint perfection. Inspired by Dr. Peppermint

Nom Nom Nom
A fruity blend of strawberry, passionfruit, and bergamot drizzled in wild honey. This “berry passionate” blend is absolutely delicious! Inspired by Yummy Yummy Yummy

Sticky Sweet
Sticky date syrup enhanced with orange juice, is blended with soothing notes of  sandalwood and the rich, caramelized aroma of vanilla and benzoin.  Inspired by Sticky Dates

Tender is My Heart
Sensual jasmine paired with soothing ylang ylang creates a soft, yet sexy, floral blend.  Balanced with warm notes of sweet vanilla. Inspired by Tender is the Night

Sultry jasmine absolute is blended with sugared rose petals to create a divine botanical floral. Smoky sandalwood combines with resinous oud to create an earthy, woodsy base. The combination results in a scent that feels delicate, yet evocative. Inspired by Goddess

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