Death & Floral January

Death & Floral January

Happy New Year!  In 2024 along with finishing off the Unlisted scents run, we'll also be including the previous years' SotMs in each release!  We have a few more months of the Unlisted run and then we'll start it all over again!
Status: Open till 3pm est Wednesday, January 10th
Sparkling pink grapefruit champagne and leftover midnight cheesecake (Scent of the Month: January 2021)

Astronaut Bakes a Cake
Fluffy classic white cake with cream cheese frosting and apple pie ganache

Christmas Decorations
Single Note

Cosmic Crisis
Hot, smokey space atmosphere; lab-created flowers; the 'pop' of the last minutes of the sun (Scent of the Month: January 2022)

Don’t Shoot Me Santa
Real desert pinyon resin, sweet Mojave rain, and prickly pear cactus  (Scent Of The Month: September 2020)

Honey Amber
Golden brown summer honey, mixed with amber resins and lightly sweetened with rum

Honey Metal
Crafted by the other working perfumer at Death and Floral, Honey Metal is a dystopian based perfume where bees have been replaced by metal bionic bees. Base of musky honey, with notes of oil, metal, and steel machinery.

Herbal black tea and honey with a slight floral undertone, CO2 extract

Inside A Nightmare
Freezing cold water, asphalt, sea salt, lavender & chamomile. very soft leather car interior. Which turn was wrong, and where did we end up?  (Scent of the Month: January 2024)

Love First and Live Incidentally
Sweet marmalade accord blended with linden blossoms and hyacinths

Lucid Dreams
The olfactory profile of a constantly changing dream: Seashell essence blended with 2-year aged vanillin, orris butter, immortelle, burning incense, and the leftover fuzzy feeling of something forgotten. (Scent of the Month: January 2023)

Miss Misery
Boot-stomped roses and dirty outside ground

This Is Red! And So Am I!
Top notes of bergamot, geranium, mint, and orange blossoms; middle notes of jasmine, Bulgarian rose, iris, French lavender, and spices; base notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, musk, Russian leather, opoponax, and vanilla.

‘Tis The Season to Acknowledge the Void
Black musk, black amber, pinyon pine needles, and the knowledge that time's arrow marches on. Contains a very slim profile of warm nuttiness, black coffee, and dark cocoa beans.

Warm Light on A Winter’s Day
Bourbon and plum sauce, cinnamon, ginger, dark and dreamy sandalwood  (Scent of the Month: December 2023)

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