Nui Cobalt Yuletide & Nutcracker

Nui Cobalt Yuletide & Nutcracker

Status: Open till 3pm est Sunday, November 26th
Arctic Fox
A sexy little number to inspire snuggles on the coldest nights. Soft amber nestled in sumptuous cashmere, steamed rice milk, winter white musk, and snow-covered fir trees.

A formidable potion for invoking inner strength. Cold coconut water with angelica, crystallized ginger, and vanilla-poached rhubarb over hinoki wood, lemon verbena, and green tangerine zest. Wear this scent whenever you need extra courage and fortitude.

Clara's Courage
A tiny satin slipper pelted the Mouse King with a thwack! He turned to find Clara charging him, her one remaining shoe brandished high, her face flushed with tearful rage. He sneered at the child and did not see the Nutcracker retrieve his sword. In one swift stroke he drove it into the Mouse King's side. A flash of light, a puff of smoke, and all the rats had vanished with their monarch. Clara reached for her Nutcracker, but where his broad jaw and wooden teeth had been, there was a soft cheek, a warm smile beneath kind, shining eyes. The curse was lifted. The prince was free.
A multi-dimensional scent that begins with creamy pink rose petals and ripe apricot, warms to reveal hinoki wood, saffron, and mandarin, then resolves into a balance of opoponax and frankincense.
This is a most high and exalted magic: the power to seize the narrative and become the hero of your own story.

Cloak of Evergreens
In East of the Sun, West of the Moon, the Lassie adorns herself in a mantle of conifer boughs as she leaves her childhood home to go and live in gilded captivity. I loved how it communicated her autonomy and true sense of self-worth, regardless of circumstance. Snow-covered spruce, iced cedar tips, golden pine sap, icicle musk, and the fading memory of tea by the fireside.  

Clockwork Dolls
A quirky contraption for lining things up and getting well organized.
Top notes of yellow mandarin and fresh rosemary, a heart of sandalwood incense, and a base of bronze musk, black amber, and Sumatran benzoin.
Wear to achieve the speed and efficiency of a well-oiled machine.

Comfort & Joy
A bright effusion to lift your spirits and remind you that all is truly well.
English tea, frothy vanilla creme, smoked ambrette, wood musk, tonka butter, and a blush of ripe apricot.
Wear to dissolve stress, banish anxiety, and snuggle down into contentment.

Dance of the Mirlitons
A dainty melange for clarity and calm.
Top notes of Persian lime and almond, a heart of violet, clary, and lily of the valley, and a smooth base of blue amber, styrax, and indigo musk.
Wear to restore perspective and inner peace.

Dew Drop Fairy
From the far corners of the world they came to celebrate the return of the Prince and to welcome the brave Princess Clara to the Kingdom of Sweets. Among them was a fairy clad in glistening dewdrops who swept through the palace gardens. At her touch, the flowers sprang at once to life, even in mid-winter.
A verdant composition of crystalline waters dancing over lotus petals, bluebells, and mimosa.
Wear to stir the senses and enliven the mind. It’s a bracing elixir against weariness and brain fog.

The grandfather clock struck twelve, and in the gathering gloom the shadows came loose from the walls to scuttle about on their own. It's only a trick of the light, she thought, but she held her Nutcracker closer. She could swear that the carved owl atop the clock's face was not an owl at all, but her cloak'ed godfather, the wizard Drosselmeyer!
Darkness takes on a life of its own with smoldering sassafras and cedarwood, mulling spices, pale patchouli, black suede, copal, and vetiver root.
This is a potent spell of transformation: for harnessing the power of night and achieving the impossible.

Emerald Velvet
A regal perfume for your most special celebrations. Douglas fir, white sandalwood, heliotrope, pale amber, sweet oud, and a trace of brisk green cardamom. Wear to invoke the Divine Feminine in her most benevolent aspect. Anoint green candles to curry Her favor pay Her homage.

Fairy Lights
A whimsical blend to invoke joy and the true spirit of the season. Their glow is the quintessence of Yuletide.
Bright white copal softens into golden cathedral incense and wild honeycomb, then nestles into a deep dark vanilla and luxuriant amber.

Frozen Forest
An olfactory landscape to honor the wintertime spirits of Nature.
Nui’s inscrutable Cold accord casts a frost over balsam fir, sweet cedarwood, blue spruce, and moss with a foundation of vetiver and verdigris musk.
Wear for energetic alignment, keen senses, and sharp instincts.

Gingerbread Palace
This year’s gingerbread house is a flight of fancy.
Delicate ginger snaps with almond sugar icing, d'Anjou pears lightly poached in brandy, and a scattering of French Quarter pralines.
Wear to encourage optimism and expand imagination.

Gingerbread Sanctuary
The concept for this gingerbread house comes from a lovely friend and member of our Nui Cobalt Facebook Group. In her own words, “'s the sweetest confectionery structure, with a Black Lives Matter sign in the yard. It's a building where immigrants are safe regardless of their paperwork, and yes there's candy on the roof. The little gingerbread people inside really believe in justice and goodness, and they invite their friends of all colors, abilities, genders, ethnicities and religions to celebrate with them each year. And it's a riotous good time but also unbelievably cozy with the deepest, truest sweetness. I think we need it this year. The spirit of loving kindness.”
Warm, soft gingerbread baked with Tupelo honey and toasted almonds, a pinch of precious saffron, draped in lavender-lemon icing. *contains cinnamon; please avoid if sensitive

Hell Freezes Over
A daring and diabolical scent for getting into delicious trouble. Decadent devil's food cake, still warm from the oven, fluffy marshmallow frosting and the lightest dusting of crushed candy cane. Wear this voluptuous gourmand fragrance only if you're prepared to be on the Naughty list.

Icicle Tiara
A diamond-bright blend to remind you that you are royalty. Nui's inscrutable Cold accord casts a glistening frost over delicate white tea, fine linen, budding blue lotus, pale amber resin, frozen forest musk and sparkling vanilla sugar.

Land of Sweets
An ebullient confection to attract life's luxuries.
Sugared rose petals, blue cotton candy, miniature marshmallows, pistachio ice cream, and a drizzle of white chocolate.
Wear to expand and increase your wealth to afford you not only what you need, but also what you desire.

Mother Ginger
A robust array to stir the senses.
Freshly baked spice cake dotted with turkish apricots, pistachios, and candied ginger, served with strong black tea, and a single drop of honey.
Wear for a gentle wake-up and sustained focus.
* contains cinnamon; please avoid if sensitive

The Mouse King
Swords clashed and cannons boomed as the battle raged under the giant Yule tree. The Mouse King's army overwhelmed the Nutcracker, backed him into a corner and disarmed him. Seven chattering heads roared with laughter. They twitched their whiskers and flashed their eyes, rearing back for the final blow.
The tang of wild opopanax, a snap of rhubarb, freshly grated ginger, dusty brown suede, dark guaiac wood, labdanum, and savage musk.
Wear to call upon your primal strength and sharpen your instincts. It’s a stalwart ally in the face of adversity.

An air of mystery to beguile and enchant.
Soft ivory suede, pale amber resin, chilled stone musk, fir balsam, and moss.
Wear this magnetic effusion to spark new romance and fan old flames.

Silent Night
A dreamy sleep scent for instant relaxation and deep, restorative rest.
Fine white sandalwood, non-indolic jasmine, sea grass, ylang ylang, lavender, and orange blossom.
Anoint your pulse points before climbing into bed.

Snow Cat
"...watching the cat's breath gently fog up the window in fleeting wisps as the sun rises grey-white through the cloud cover. her ice eyes, buttons of sky."
- poetry by Jenn Zahrt.
The very essence of Hygge: lightly toasted marzipan, ivory amber, chilled coconut milk, and the soft fur of a purring kitten. Wear this comforting blend for instant soothing and solace.

Snowflakes & Spidersilk
Our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk takes a merry turn for the winter holidays. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, grapefruit sorbet, fresh ginger root, and fluffy white meringue. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight.

The Snow Queen
An austere enchantment for grace, diplomacy, and poise.
Citrus sorbet, bulgarian lavender, white amber, cardamom, and honeyed rice milk.
Wear to enliven your mind and empower your words during important conversations.

Snowshoe Hare
A cold-weather cousin to our beloved Little Brown Rabbit. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, white suede, clove bud, cashmere, and a trace of carrot seed. Wear for cozy comfort and loving protection.

Snowy Owl 2023
Athena’s emissary dons her winter finery. Dried coconut flakes, pale woods, frozen tuberose, vanilla orchid, and fluffy feather musk. Wear for heightened perception and clarity of thought. It’s an excellent ally in working through complex problems.

The Stroke of Midnight
She waited in silence until the guests had all gone home and the family was asleep, Then Clara crept back into the parlor to comfort her injured Nutcracker. She wrapped his jaw in her nightgown sash and cradled him gently to sleep.
Night enshrouds the remnants of a merry Yuletide fete. Orange pomanders adorned with clove, beeswax combs still rich with honey, an imposing Douglas fir, and incense from Christmas Eve mass clinging to woolen cloaks.
This scent weaves a spell of deep peace and lasting tranquility. It brings on restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams.

Sugar Plum Fairy
A hush fell over the royal court. Her Majesty, Queen of the Land of Sweets, arrived with angels in attendance. Her crown was glistening amethyst and every footfall was a feather.
A harmony of warmth and regality: black iris, deepest amber, dry vanilla bean, gently spiced plum preserves, and one tiny anise seed.
A spell for self-assurance, trust in your judgment, and respect for your well-honed competence.

A soothing sleep blend to lull you into a deep and restorative night's rest. Softest sandalwood, warm vanilla and clary sage are accented by precious blue chamomile and subtle french lavender. Please note: there is no actual tryptophan in this fragrance.

Twinkling Fairy Lights 2023
A dynamic variation on our Winter favorite to invoke the spirit of the season.
Golden copal and lemon sugar soften into classic cathedral incense and fluffy whipped honey, then nestle into dry vanilla bean and smooth white amber.
Wear to turn heads and inspire admiration. 2023 reblend.

Ultraviolet Fairy Lights
A sophisticated twist on our Winter favorite to invoke the season’s enchantment.
Imperial iris and sugared violet soften into tonka butter, honey, and liatrix, then nestle into Dominican blue amber.
Wear to escape the routine and gain a fresh perspective.

Waltz of the Flowers
Gilded blooms danced free of their roots and spun about the courtyard in revelry. No greater joy had there been in this realm, and with gratitude they regaled young Clara with a most lavish display.
A bold bouquet of ivory gardenia, blush peony, non-indolic jasmine, and wild honeysuckle with a touch of Persian lime.
Wear to conjure confidence, poise, and effortless grace that you may fearlessly embrace the whole of your beauty.

Waltz of the Snowflakes
At once the parlor faded into swirling gusts of snow. There emerged a silver sleigh drawn by enchanted reindeer. The prince extended his hand, leading Clara aboard and in an instant they had leapt into the sky.
A portrait of winter’s splendor: white sandalwood, orris powder, chilled fresh coconut, palest amber, blanched almond, and barely a whisper of gilded gardenia.
Wear for swift and safe travel, and in Elemetal rituals

A passionate potion to cultivate intimacy.
Madagascar vanilla bean, cubeb, clove, black raspberry, honeyed Merlot, liatrix, and a whisper of Southern magnolia.
Wear to encourage affection and banish discord. It’s particularly supportive in putting your best foot forward in new social situations, or taking relationships to the next level.

Winter Warmth
A cozy potion for comfort and soothing.
Earl Grey Tea with brown sugar and oat milk, sprinkles of nutmeg, ginger root, and allspice with the gentle smolder of cedarwood and mahogany.
Wear when you need some extra grounding and stability.

Yuletide Gay
An unrepentantly sexy homage to all who live their truth and take pride in their authentic selves.
Angostura bitters, roasted chestnuts, Egyptian musk, green figs, dark sweet patchouli, and black tea with a touch of cream.
Wear to elevate confidence and embrace every shining facet of your identity.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this scent will be donated to Kaleidoscope Youth Center, offering free programming, housing, and support services in Columbus, and all over the state of Ohio.

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