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Haus of Gloi, Sixteen92, & Black Phoenix

Time to catch up!

Haus of Gloi's Iced Collection

Addons, Full sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock is available until 5pm est Thursday June 14th

Iced Blossoms
Ice covered violet and rose petals. 

Iced Chocolate
Dark chocolate powdered with glittering ice. 

Iced Earth
Rich loamy earth blanketed in frost. 

Iced Herbs
Bright aromatic rosemary and garden herbs touched by hoarfrost. 

Iced Lily
Perfect white calla lilies dusted in a layer of cold snow. 

Iced Resin
Sweet Frankincense with a pinch of Cuban tobacco veiled with a layer of ice. 

Iced Vanilla
Pure, rich vanilla spun with slushy snow. 

Iced Woods
Cedarwood and antique sandalwood lashed with cold winter sleet. 


Sixteen92's Summer Collection

These I grabbed before I left, so they are limited stock and no addons this round.  They are processing this week, though!

The Bottling Room
Sterile glass, electricity, copper, hot light bulbs, lab-grown flowers, synthetic greenery (premium)

Every Frozen Heart
Skin musk, faded perfume, citrus blossom, wormwood, empty streets

Four Fifty-One
Paper, kerosene, ash, night sky, burned flowers

It's History. It's Poetry.
Tobacco, whisky, polished wood, typewriter ink, city sidewalks, carousel lights in the rain

Only Children Weep
Sweet tea, azalea, red clay, rhubarb, dry wood, cement

And finally...

Black Phoenix June Updates

Trading Post Addons & Lab Addons, Full sizes, and Unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Thursday June 14th. Please note we do not have a down date for the Trading Post items and if they disappear before the order date/time, refunds will be issued. 

Fairy Wine (hair gloss & bath oil)
An ethereal vintage, steeped with dandelion, honey, and red currants.

High-Strung Daisy (hair gloss & bath oil)
Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar.

Lab Addons have been offered to give everyone a chance to grab imps ($4.50 addon) or bottles ($19.50 addon) of the Resurrected scents.  

Love & Luck,

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