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Black Phoenix Halloween Collections!

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Sunday, September 23rd

Black Phoenix Halloween
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab non-weenie Addons

A Note About Chaos: All bottles, decants, etc will be RANDOM. As much as I pride myself on being accommodating, Weenies generate hundreds of orders and bottles and unfortunately, I just cannot check individual blends for preferences or death notes. :(  All sets will contain 5 different blends and if you order multiple singles they will also be different.

Possets Forgotten Halloweens

It turns out there has been a handfull of scents missing from the Possets Halloween Retour master list that we didn't know about!  There've all been added the the above listing if you'd like to grab any of them. :)
Cypress essence with a hint of sweet earth, a distant and indistinct blossom, a smooth creamy underscore of a light creamy almost ozone modifier topped off with Chinese incense.

Dead Man's Curve (100% Natural)
Turmeric and ginger, Pink peppercorn and a big wallop of darkest patchouli and a dot of vetiver. A deadly beauty, unstable but earthy, pleasantly volatile. 

Blackest tea, deep grey musk, a bed of sandalwood, a drop of galbanum, and a small amount of vetiver (an essence of vetiver which is not as earthy as the usual type). This stunning perfume is bold, oriental, spicy and wild.

Ka The Soul
Uplifting with a bit of light suede, strongly put Red Egyptian Musk smooths off any rough edges, two types of incense and a bit of celery (!) for tang. A light light kiss of lemon zest and one last complimentary drop of white musk to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. 

Naked Lady (100% Natural)
Saffron represents the crocus side of this lady, and vetiver represents the earthy yet unearthly sweet side of her nature. Very beautiful blend, more on the austere side and perfect for autumn. Dry and beautiful, the art is in the quality and proportion of these excellent ingredients.

A very light and transparent scent with a subtle amber as a base, Sicilian lemon zest, a drop of cognac, and the tiniest amount of menthol (you really would not notice it if you were not looking). 

Pumpkin PURP
Pumpkin and their spices, dope, liquor they stole from the liquor store, some kinda perfume for covering up the other odors. They got 5 on the shelf* starin' 'em in the face. BUSTED. 

Shock Treatment
Mint and smelling salt ingredients and a whiff of an electrical fire. Strangely nice drydown. Well, that's the idea, isn't it? Minty, spicy, dry.

So, in memory of those witches I made a potion heavy with sage and floated with sweetgrass but with a magical musk in the background which bears the whole thing up like a night flight. Strong, white-spicy, and having a nice little cache of white peppercorn to it.

Spell 125
Heavy incense belching from the pleading pots surrounding the scene, a great river of black musk and the lighter but top note dank smell of a well used dim place. This perfume is the odor of supplication, fear and hope. It is a bit audacious though.

Tin Foil Beanie
What does it smell like? Try grape and patchouli wrapped up in a strange and minty wrapper. That is odd and it is oddly appealing. No kidding! It has a bracing unearthly metallic tang to it. Unisex and not your everyday fragrance. Metallic, foody.

A dry masculine and memorable scent featuring a smooth yellow amber, bay, bay wood, a drop of tobacco flower, a very tiny amount of lavender. Dry, very dry, grown up, unisex, prosperous, and business like.

There's a large Leftovers update going up tonight at 7pm est.  Dione will also be on the BP September listing when it pops back up at that time.
Haus of Gloi Halloween
Sixteen92 Fall
Bastet's Bazaar
Epically Epic Summer pt II
BPAL Lunacy
BPAL Liliths
Poesie Mary Shelley’s Nightmare
annnnd BPAL Skyborn

And finally, a note about wayward packages.  In nine years, we have only had three parcels go completely missing, but this year, we've already had two that look like they might be wayward.  Considering I ship out hundreds of parcels every month, this is hardly a majority, but still enough that I want to mention it and remind everyone that insurance is available!  Also, while I provide what help I can, Ajevie is not responsible for packages once they have been scanned as accepted by the carriers.  FAQ

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