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NAlentines are Here!

Addons, various sizes, Sets, and Select Unlimited stock is available until 5pm est Sunday, February 3rd.  

NAlentines Resurgence
NAlentines Limited Collection
NON-NAlentines Addons


Possets Retour & Blog Scents!

Addons, Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Sunday February 3rd

Possets Blog Scents
Possets Valentines Retour A-F 
Possets Valentines Retour G-L
Possets Valentines Retour M-S
Possets Valentines Retour T-#
Possets Valentines Retour .5 Decants A-I
Possets Valentines Retour .5 Decants J-#
Permanent Blend Addons

Galangal Root is sometimes referred to as "Thai Ginger." "Kha" is the Thai word for galangal root and the name for this blend. Refreshing and lively, Kha combines clary sage, lemon, lime, patchouli and galangal root.

Khulanjan is the Arabic word for Galangal Root. This blend combines carnation, sandalwood, musk, black currant, and galangal root resulting in a fragrance that echoes the sort of perfume that may have traveled the Silk Road long ago.


We still have a number of Sniffie boxes to unload!  For a chance to win one, just comment on the Newsletter post in the Facebook Group or on the Blog and let us know your three favorite things from January.  A book, a product, a game, a pet, whatever made you smile this month!  At least 10 winners will be randomly selected from the commenters next Friday.


The following leftovers will be going live at 6pm est on Wednesday, February 6th!
Trading Post Yules
Trading Post Yuletide with Lilith
Haus of Gloi Love Story
Sixteen92 Winter pt.2
Possets St. Fabian
Poesie Bonny & Buxom

Love & Luck,

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  • Three favorite things: the warmth of my dog through the cold nights, turning 28, and drinking hot coffee in bed on cold Sunday mornings.

    Raquel Garcia on
  • 3 favorite things: Putting up new feeders and seeing how many types of woodpeckers we have, finding a new fantastic chocolate cookie recipe, looking at paint colors for our new house.

    Azsa Hanson on

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