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LV Rewards Collection Update

The following leftovers will be live at 6pm est TONIGHT!

NAlentines Resurgence
NAlentines Limited Collection

Conjure Oils Mixed Tape 2


A Note About Empties and Leftovers…

Leftovers are sold as is, meaning they are sold in their decant vials.  Everything has already been processed out, otherwise, we wouldn't know how many leftovers to list. ;)  Anytime you order 4+ decants of the same scent, they come with a free 5ml glass roller bottle!  You can also request specific empties to go with duplicate decants for a few days after a leftover update.  After a few days, empties are packed and sealed for quarterly giveaways in the Facebook Groupand specific requests are no longer an option.  Keep in mind that empties can add weight to your package and additional shipping over $1 will be invoiced.  Additional empties ordered via the Freebie Sniffie listing are ALWAYS random.  As stated, you can request a specific brand, but the scent will be a surprise!  

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