Nui Cobalt Critters

Nui Cobalt Critters

Status: Ordered

- .5ml Slinks -

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Barred Owl
The scent of twilight intrigue.
Vanilla-infused pipe tobacco, nutmeg, honeyed oats, tan suede, bronze musk, a touch of Australian sandalwood, and a dark heart of ebony.
Wear to commune with otherworldly beings and seductive spirits of night.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

Black Mamba
A collaborative blend inspired by the illustrious Adele Tantalo of Ophidian Grove. Ethiopian frankincense, acacia wood, golden savannah grasses, jackal berry, coriander, and agarwood. Wear this warm scent to remember your power, conjure your courage, and stand up to those who would make the fatal mistake of mistreating you.

Black Sheep
A fluffy scent for comfort and connection.
Clean lamb's wool accord, myrrh resin, black seed, ambrette, and barely a whisper of oudh.
Wear for support in finding your people and a true sense of belonging.

Black Swan
An enigmatic air, sui generis and darkly elegant
Smooth tobacco, wild violet, humid black orchid, Peru balsam, clove bud, and a touch of star anise.
Wear to honor your unique self and embrace your eccentricities.

Blossom Bat
A buoyant scent for foresight and strategic thinking. Humid rainforest blossoms laden with nectar, dense moss, passionfruit, black fig, and bamboo. Wear to dodge predicaments and navigate complexities with effortless grace.

A fresh, living redolence to shake off shyness and dissolve social anxiety.
Crisp aquatic greens, allspice, feijoa, acai blossom, ylang, and yuzu.
Wear to inspire friendliness and support a sense of calm.

Copper Fox
A shrewd blend for wit, resourcefulness, and acumen. Warm chai with steamed almond milk nestled in sumptuous cashmere, crimson musk, sarsaparilla, and budding birch.

A clever concoction to sharpen the senses.
Inky oudh, dry Mission fig, black walnut, velvety sweet pipe tobacco, dark patchouli, a subtle suggestion of shade-grown violet, and a single silver pine needle.
Wear for help in solving riddles and clearing confusion.

Eastern Chipmunk
A sweet scent for stability, comfort, and to attract earthly delights. Pecans and pistachios with Moroccan spiced coffee, black fig preserves, and roasted marshmallow. Wear when you need to gather resources and optimize your abundance.

Fennec Fox
This sparkling scent conjures warm winds and sunlit dunes. Blush sandalwood, amber resin, antique Egyptian cotton touched with saffron, spiced peach preserves, and sweet cedar resin. Wear to prioritize joy and ignite your sense of play.

Glasswing Butterfly
A diaphanous veil of coconut water, elderflower, moonlit gardenia, silver musk, green lavender, and a slender twist of lime.
Wear to perceive the Other realms. It can serve to enhance dream magic, trance work, and meditation.

A collaborative creation born of one particularly hilarious discussion in the Nui Cobalt fan group.
Sweet labdanum and myrrh resins, Himalayan cedarwood, white grapes, green amber, olive leaf, high-altitude lavender, and lemon verbena.
Wear to repel all manner of trolls, and stand firm in the knowledge that you are indeed the greatest of all time.

Golden Retriever
A warm, affectionate blend for mood management and gentle grounding.
Sunflower, amber resin, budding dogwood, fenugreek, and fresh-baked bread.
Wear to release tension and find ease.

Harlequin Rabbit
A sassy spin on our beloved Little Brown Rabbit.
Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against toasted marshmallow, auburn cashmere, white pepper, black tea, and a trace of carrot seed.
Wear to elevate confidence and spark a bit of moxie.

Honey Badger 2024
A fierce ally in any fight.
Black amber, raw honey, smoked maple wood, and cardamom-infused cream.
Wear to ignite courage and burn away anxiety.

A lucky little number to steer you toward good fortune.
Tomato leaf, fresh ginger root, Pink Lady apple, and oak sap dotted with mulberry.
Wear to align yourself with the most benevolent happenstance.

Lilac Rabbit
A youthful cousin of our beloved Little Brown Rabbit.
Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against toasted marshmallow, carrot seed, summerweight cotton, allspice, and pale lilac in a smooth fur accord.
Wear to illuminate the solar plexus chakra, stir the creative juices, and recapture childlike wonder.

Little Brown Rabbit
An auspicious blend for abundance and great good fortune. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, pink pepper, and a trace of carrot seed.

Little White Rabbit
A chic, contemporary twist on our beloved Little Brown Rabbit.
Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against cottonflower, white peppercorn, clove, vanilla marshmallow creme, pale blue cashmere, carrot seed, and honeyed almond.
Wear for cool confidence, grace, and poise.

A playful blend to balance instinct with ingenuity.
Sepia cashmere, guaiac wood, Egyptian amber, Copaiba balsam, golden musk, a twinkle of coriander, blonde oudh, resinous Himalayan cedar, and myrrh.
Wear for self-reliance, adaptability, and creative problem solving.

Red Admiral Butterfly
A piquant aroma to keep you alert to signs from the Universe.
Blood orange, nasturtium flower, coriander, subtle blackwood, wild strawberry, and fresh garden basil.
Wear to connect with Guidance and clearly receive its messages.

Red Wolf
A sultry sibling of our dearly departed Grey Wolf.
Skin-warmed suede, sweet cedar resin, saffron, red santal, and glowing ginger.
Wear to inspire passionate ardor and carnal delights.

River Otter
A scent that manages to be at once sleek and cuddly. Languid amber accents dark patchouli and sandalwood with Peru balsam and teak while balancing the playful sweetness of homemade maple fudge. Wear when you feel like a nice long snuggle.

Siberian Tiger
An elegant balance of warm and cool, light and dark, strength and tenderness.
It announces its presence with the salty roasted corn scent of mighty paws, then mellows into white sandalwood, sweet oudh, balsam fir resin, gorgeous golden musk, and a trace of blue lotus.
Wear to call upon the fiercely loving protection of your guides and allies in spirit.

Silver Fox
An elegant blend for charm, eloquence, and decorum.
White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. Wear when you must put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

Sugar Glider
A gentle blend to guide you toward good friends and kindred spirits.
Raw cotton, sugar cane, flannel flower, macadamia nut, pearblossom, palest musk, and dandelion puff.
Wear to attract compassionate people and nourish lasting connections.

White-Tailed Deer
A blend for peace, tranquility, and bountiful blessings. Soft brown suede, golden musk, wild forest berries, and roasted chestnuts dusted with maple sugar.

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