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Trading Post Additions...

Two new Hair Glosses have been added to the Black Phoenix July Listing!

Addons and various sizes available until 7pm est Saturday, June 7th.  Soaps and Mugs have also been added to the Addons page.

Caramel Patchouli Hair Gloss

Violet & Green Tea Hair Gloss

Personal Stuffs:
The NAVA Summer update is tomorrow and I will be adding it to the shop as soon as I have the chance.  I only have a half day at mom's, but tomorrow is Gelion's surgery.  

Many months ago, she developed a lump on her lower belly.  This isn't the first time, but at nearly 18 years old and with a heart condition that we're managing with medication, we put off surgery until it was actually causing her discomfort.  Thanks to you and the ebay update, she can have the surgery tomorrow that will buy her at least a few more comfortable months, if not longer. It took three years for the cancer to come back this last time and everything else 'wrong' with her is managed just fine with medication.  She just has to survive the anesthesia, which none of us are 100% sure she can do.

So, I guess this is sort of my gentle warning that if things don't go well tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure how it will impact updates for the day.  She is my baby and we have spent maybe a total of five days apart during her entire life so, I'll be taking the night off to cuddle with her.  I know there are many, many of you who understand perfectly and I cannot thank you enough for all the well wishes and good luck coming her way already.  

We will all do our best here and I'll keep you update via the FaceBook Group! ‚̧¬†

Love & Luck,

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