NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)
NA Halloween LC (pre-order)

NA Halloween LC (pre-order)

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Rose absolute, Rose Petals, eNVie saphir absolute, Bastet’s Musk, Turkish Rose, Violet, Peony, and Musk

Black Honey (SE)
Intense and rich honey nectar accord from Egypt. Rich and incomparable.  The scent of honeybees on the wind near the Elephantine Island and crossing over the Nile water to the Temple of Philae. Initially, a deep and rich honey accord was created to blend with and for Jill Tracy's album Silver Smoke, Star of Night.

C13 (Crystalline #13)
Crystalline Absolute, Moonflower Accord, Pear skin, Agave Nectar, Amber, Poppy accord, Italian Lemon, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Allspice, eNVie saphir Absolute, Lotus Blossom, Rose Petal, Jasmine essence, White Patchouli, and French Vanilla Bean

Carpe Noctem
SLO Moonstone Absolute, Vanilla Bean Cordial, Black Vanilla Bean Buttercream accord, Nag Champa Incense, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Bastet Amber, Lotus Blossom, Musk, Patchouli, Shoyrea Robusta Resin, Bonfire Smoke and Leather accord, Sweet Resin, and Amber

Cotton Candy Candy Corn Caramel Pumpkin Mallow Musk
Cotton Candy accord, Caramelized Sugar accord, Candy Corn accord, Vanilla Absolute, Sweet Mallow, Bastet’s Musk absolute, SLO French Vanilla Absolute, Caramel accord, Brown Sugar, Caramelized Fig, and Pumpkin Flesh

Cotton Candy Kashmir Crimson Marshmallow Musk
Cotton Candy accord, Bastet’s Musk, SLO Crimson Red Musk, SLO Kashmir Red Musk, Vanilla Marshmallow, Strawberry, French Vanilla, and Raspberry Seed

Count Diablo
Incense, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Atlas Cedarwood, French Lavender, Sal Tree Resin, and Smokey Amber accord

Dance Macabre (bleu)
Orange Zest, Vanilla Bean, SLO Crystalline, Labdanum, Bastet’s Musk, Cardamom, Cream Soda accord, Mallow, Caramelized Vanilla Flecks, SLO Kobalt, Horchata blend of Rice Milk – Vanilla Milk accord – Sugar – Cinnamon, Blue Sugar accord, Bastet’s Musk, Candy Corn Accord, and Allspice

Dance Macabre (rouge)
Mandarin Orange Zest, Vanilla Bean, SLO Crystalline, Labdanum, Bastet’s Musk, Mallow, Cream Soda accord, Caramelized Vanilla Bean Pod, Caramel Accord, SLO Crimson, Horchata blend of Rice Milk – Vanilla Milk accord – Sugar – Cinnamon, Pink Sugar accord, Bastet Amber, Candy Corn Accord, and Cardamom

Eclipse Khariq
Black Cherry Skin, Sour Cherry Skin, Creamy Sandalwood infused with Cherry Wine accord, Tonka Bean, Bastet Amber Absolute, Black Patchouli, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Black Pepper, Benzoin Absolute, Wild Currant Skin, Vanilla Extract, Fig, and Passion Fruit extract

Eclipse Phantasma
Palo Santo e/o, Egyptian Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood, White Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Labdanum, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Bastet Amber Absolute, Vanilla, Amyris, Balsam of Peru, Elemi, Guaiacwood, and Languid Amber Cordial accord (rich PC Ozymandias amber absolute)

Encens épice à la citrouille (pumpkin spice incense)
Incense, Raw Pumpkin Flesh accord, Sugared Pumpkin Skin, Blackened Fig, Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Oak, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice, Apple Skin, Musk, Lemon Zest, Violet accord, Strawberry essence accord, and Buttercream accord

Encens épice de cidre de pomme (apple cider spice incense)
Apple Cider accord, Allspice, Cinnamon, Oak wood accord, Incense, White Atlas Cedarwood, Bastet’s Amber, Vanilla Bean and Sweet Tobacco accord, Mallow, and Bastet’s Musk

Encens Veille de la Toussaint (Halloween incense)
Incense, Mulled Cider accord, Apple Flesh, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Oakmoss accord, lemon zest, Honey (vegan) accord, Vanilla fleck, Bastet’s Musk, Bastet’s Amber, Labdanum, and Red Wine accord

Halloween 2024
Caramel Apple Accord, Red Apple accord, Caramel accord, Vanilla Bean Candy Corn accord, Vanilla Bean Cinnamon accord, Bastet’s Ice Cream accord, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Thoth’s Halloween Birthday Cake: Vanilla Bean Buttercream Cake accord, Caramel Filling accord, and Vanilla Bean Fleck

Haunted Portrait Helena Hackley
Vanilla Cake laced with Blueberry Icing accord, SLO Crystalline Absolute, Bastet’s Ice Cream Accord, Caramelized Vanilla Bean, and Brown Sugar

Haunted Portrait Jackson Graveston
Spiced Coffee Cake accord, French Vanilla, French Cinnamon, Allspice, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, Café Latte, Coffee Bean extract, Snow Musk accord, Vanilla, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Vanilla Bean Fleck, and White Musk

Haunted Portrait Shipwreck Sally
Coconut Frosting, Tonka Bean crème, Vanilla Bean Cordial accord, Bastet’s Ice Cream accord, Atlas Cedarwood, Bay Rum accord, and Crème Vanilla Musk

Haunted Portrait Tavern Teddy
Almond Cake accord, Angel Food Cake accord, Cinnamon Butter accord (vegan), Powdered Sugar, Bay Rum accord, Sandalwood Essence, Benzoin, Himalayan Cedarwood, and Vanilla Bean Cordial accord

Haunted Portrait The Count
Creamy Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, Blood Grapefruit, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Black Sandalwood, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Vanilla extract, Orange Blossom, Blue Lavender, Amber, Cedar, and Jasmine

Haunted Portrait The Countess
Pomegranate Wine accord, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, SLO Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Blood Orange, White Patchouli Leaves, Bastet Amber Absolute, SLO Kashmir Red Musk, Mandarin, and Australian Sandalwood

Masquerade Anubis
French Lilac Accord, Lilac Bush Accord, White Musk, SLO Crystalline Absolute, eNVie saphir Absolute, eNVie saphir amber, Crystal Amber Resin Accord

Masquerade Bastet
Rose Garden Accord, Moroccan Black Rose Petals accord, Egyptian Rose, SLO Bourbon Vanille Absolute, SLO Crimson Red Musk Absolute, Geranium, Lotus, Myrrh, Cedar essence, Sandalwood extract, eNVie saphir Absolute, and Amber Incense

Full sized bottles are stocked at Nocturne Alchemy. As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.

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While we work as quickly as humanly possible, we Do Not Guarantee that you will always have your samples while the manufacturer has the scent available. This is especially true for super small release windows such as for special holidays that may only be online a few days or collections with a limited production.

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Items are hand-filled and may vary slightly. Below are the manufacturer’s suggested fill volumes per size. Ajevie sample will usually have a smidge more

Perfume Oil Slinks/Samples = .74 ml vials

Perfume Oil Slonks = .92 ml bottles

Perfume Oil Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles

Perfume Oil Drams = 1 Dram (3.7 ml) bottles

Various Slink Sprays = 2.6 ml spray vials

Various Chonk Sprays = 1 oz spray bottles

Fulls = Original retail bottles from source