OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)
OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)

OSMOFOLIA Autumn Equinox (pre-order)

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Autumn Equinox
The scent of the first day of fall in Cass county. Crunchy dead leaves, crab apples from a local farm, locally grown wild rice, walnuts that have already fallen onto the soil, peeling tree bark, and chunks of pumpkin rind underfoot.

Balsam Moon
A balsamic moon that casts a syrupy golden glow: curling trails of incense, salted caramel squares, honeyed chunks of peru balsam resin, air-cured pipe tobacco, decaying logs of firewood, the warmth of a billiard pipe in your hand, and the quiet rustle of dead leaves.

Blackwater Lake
Short-needle pine branches hang over mossy lake rocks, radiant white water lilies soak in the sun, the surface of the dark lake water ripples above submerged northern watermilfoil, and a chill in the air warns of impending autumn.

As the days grow colder, so does the house grow warmer. A blanket of soft cashmere and elegant vanilla, crackling cedar wood in the fireplace, black and pink pepper, and a hint of sweet toasted hazelnut.

The last breath of summer as it fades into fall: a bundle of farmer's spinach and a basket of the neighbor's pears, chopped Minnesotan red cedar, bunches of wild goldenrods and elderflowers, and a sprig of juniper leaves.

Evening Sun
Golden hour at the farm festival. Dried yellow corn husks and crisp green corn stalks, stacked hay bales, flaky cinnamon sugar pastries, fresh popcorn, and a field full of Evening Sun sunflowers.

Moon Guardian
The midnight patrol of the protector of the flock. Snuffles of milky puppy breath, the luminous white amber glow of a pale sunrise, morning mist, upturned sticks, pawprints in soft soil, sweet slippery elm leaves, and the gentle crunch of frosty green grass.

Nag Champa
A nag champa single note that lies somewhere between the oil and the incense. Mysore sandalwood, white champaca flowers, Himalayan cedar wood, Indian frankincense, and smoky incense sticks.

Of House And Home
The warmth of old promises and the joy of new beginnings. Pecans toasting in the oven, rich white amber, a big cozy sweater, vanilla bean paste scraped out with a wooden spoon, whispers of oakmoss, chilly fall air, and dead leaves rustling below an open window.

The Perfect Roast
A whoosh of hot fire from a dragon's mouth, and then a perfectly roasted marshmallow on a stick. Glittering pink pepper dragon scales, crimson dragon's blood, droplets of red dragonfruit juice, a cedar roasting stick, speckles of clove, a toasted marshmallow with just the right amount of char.

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