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A Menacing Misfit
Tea olive, peach, Chambord liqueur, creamy sandalwood, & suede.

Bring Me the Axe!
Freshly chopped down orange trees, metallic iron axe, nocturnal primrose, torn up garden soil, & vintage musk. (Inspired by Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway as a heavily-fictionalized Joan Crawford.)

The Chased & Unchaste
Zingy pumpkin spice, smooth amaretto, hazelnuts, vanilla orchid, tawny musk, & aged agarwood.

Curse of Blackwood Manor
Cured golden tobacco, velvety rose, Calla lily accord, mahogany, merlot, vintage chypre, & smoked toffee.

The Gilded Cage
Bananas Foster, French vanilla, golden amber, & sandalwood musk.

Hunter's Moon
An ode to Diana, lunar goddess of the Hunt: Moonflower, tonka bean, honeyed amber, sandalwood, tolu balsam, oud, & rich golden spice.

I've Written a Letter to Daddy
Pancake makeup, faded sheet music, warm footlights, sweet Rose de mai, violet, California redwood, vetiver, oakmoss, & a crumbling façade of former stardom. (Inspired by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, starring Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson, along with the real Joan Crawford as Jane's older sister, Blanche.)

Ready for My Close-Up
Gin, a stuffy drawing room, long-stemmed red roses, black lilies, orris butter, & ambrette. (Inspired by Sunset Boulevard, starring Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond.)

Precious resin incense burning in an ancient cathedral: frankincense, styrax, opoponax, myrrh and benzoin; snuffed-out candles, & warm polished woodwork.

Terra Incognita
Cetalox & soil.

Whispers in the Forest
Spruce, juniper, fir, pine, pumpkin spice latte, & sinister ebony musk.

Women in Dresses Running From Houses 2022
Caramelized sugar, a roaring bonfire, aged patchouli, scarlet amber, & 'Witchfire' dianthus blossoms.

Women in Dresses Running From Houses 2023
Caramelized sugar, a roaring bonfire, heliotrope, aged patchouli, & spicy Daphne blossoms.

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Items are hand-filled and may vary slightly. Below are the manufacturer’s suggested fill volumes per size. Ajevie sample will always have more.

Perfume Oil Slinks/Samples = .74 ml vials

Perfume Oil Slonks = .92 ml bottles

Perfume Oil Chonks = 2.3 ml bottles

Perfume Oil Drams = 1 Dram (3.7 ml) bottles

Various Slink Sprays = 3 ml spray vials

Various Chonk Sprays = 1/4 retail bottle in a 1 oz spray bottle, averages to .97oz

Fulls = Original retail bottles from source