PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)
PULP May New Moon (pre-order)

PULP May New Moon (pre-order)

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Come to the Circus
Apricot tea, saddle leather, violet pastilles, red musk & white amber.

Corridor of Whispers
Neroli, vanilla orchid, tonka bean, dark patchouli, sandalwood, & sheer golden amber.

The Delicate Vice
English lavender, a touch of forest air, vanilla, and sweet ambery skin musk.

German term for 'intrinsic grey' referring to the off-black dark grey seen by the eyes in perfect darkness. Eigengrau is a neutral yet multi-faceted skin scent with a Cetalox base, featuring additional tones of ambergris, old wood, and faintly sweet musky-amber.

Strawberry Moon
Strawberry ice cream, tea roses, & orris-infused honey musk.

Wicked Fascinations
Melting blood orange creamsicle, marjoram, dry tobacco, plaster, sunbleached wood benches, & ambrette.

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