BHT Winter 2023

BHT Winter 2023

-Slinks- Will remain stocked for the season!

Status: Ordered November 15th
All I Want for Christmas is… Yuzu & Cocoa!
Chocolatey notes of cocoa powder mingle with sweet tonka bean.  Neroli is brightened with citrusy notes of yuzu, bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Yuzu & Cocoa)

The crème de la crème of warm, milky, sweet scents. Smooth butterscotch pudding and rich caramel cream all swirled together in a marshmallow milk dream! (Marshmallow World)

Christmas Waltz
Sugar plum accord created with sweet plum wine, blackberry syrup, and raspberry jam. Wrapped in spun sugar on a base of vanilla and pink musk. (Christmas Past)

Let It Snow
An irresistibly sweet scent with notes of bubble gum, cotton candy, and vanilla cream. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Snow Fairy)

Let Them Eat Snow Cake
Delicate touches of rose and cassie flower absolutes add a bit of velvety softness to its top notes. Sugared almonds and creamy marzipan create the heart. Warmed on a deeply resinous base of vanilla and benzoin. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Snow Cake)

Lemon notes shine the brightest in this citrus forward scent supported by notes of zingy bergamot and effervescent lime. Marshmallow meringue tampers down the tartness and helps mellow out the sweet vanilla musk base. (Marshmallow World)

A creamy, steamy cup of matcha latte! Created with notes of earthy matcha tea powder, frothy milk foam, and a swirl of sweet sugar syrup. A dollop of melting marshmallow fluff on top adds notes of warm vanilla goodness. (Marshmallow World)

We swirled the crisp crème de menthe accord of our Wonderful Christmastime seasonal scent with our house favorite marshmallow accord, Fluff! We then added our new peppermint bark accord made with layers of white and milk chocolate topped with crushed candy canes to make the scent that much “cooler”. (Marshmallow World)

Mr. Mistletoe
Eucalyptus, pine, moss, cedar and a kiss of camphor. (Christmas Past)

Soft and squishy marshmallows rolled in pink sugar crystals.  Strawberry buttercream frosting spread upon layers of spongey white cake. Vanilla wafers dunked in strawberry milk.  This berry delicious blend is the PINK of perfection! (Marshmallow World)

Fluffy marshmallow pillows with notes of vanilla cream and white musk are sprinkled with soft petals of French lilac. Essential oils of soothing chamomile and relaxing lavender are rounded out with woody amyris.  Our dreamy blend will blanket you in sweet serenity. (Marshmallow World)

Smells Like Xmas Spirit
A delectable mouth watering scent that reminds us of the holidays. Creamy caramel, cocoa powder, and a touch of warm spices are absolutely enticing.  Ylang Ylang cuts through the sweetness and adds a bit of sophistication. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Yog Nog)

Citrusy notes of lime and orange are sweetened with sparkling white grape juice. Light touches of rose and geranium are blended into the base of warm patchouli musk. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Supernova)

Golden sultanas, succulent red currants, tart cranberries and juicy apricots combine for a sweet and tart scent. Cheery bergamot and grounding olibanum delight the senses. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Sultana of Soap)

We Gonna Celebrate
Orange flower and lime top notes fizz and shimmer. Honeyed cognac, enlivened with sweet almond and cocoa, warms the heart. Vanilla and benzoin create the base. (Lush + Us, Inspired by Celebrate)

White Winter Hymnal
Cranberry wreath with evergreen notes of pine and fir. Freshly fallen snow with crisp notes of cypress and mint. Wafts of chimney smoke. Vanilla cedar base. (Christmas Past)

Wonderful Christmastime
Crème de menthe, crushed candy canes, and spearmint create the coolest, crisp mint accord. Vanilla cream and marshmallow fluff make it extra delicious. (Christmas Past)

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