BPAL Yules

BPAL Yules

Status: Open till 3pm est Sunday, November 26th
This order is value capped to control the size. The listings will be up until AT LEAST Saturday morning and this run does have a higher capacity than the lunacy drop so that we can share with as many folks as possible and still keep things manageable. Pre-Order may close EARLY if capacity is reached. 
A Doll’s Doll
Something to hold and play with during the solitude imposed by winter: cool porcelain cheeks glowing with a blush of spun sugar, lacy carnation frills delicately strung with pearlescent snowberries, and the faintest dusting of chimney soot.

Banana Gingerbread
Making banana perfumes makes me laugh.

Bear Prince
Shaggy fur, snow-flecked and rose-touched.

Black Julbocken Alchemy Lab
Our winter mascot! A musky, snow-touched, forest-deep Yuletide blend: shaggy black wool and a slushy tangle of juniper, mistletoe, winter sage, spikenard, white moss, and terebinth.

Blackberry Apple Sufganiyot
Sugar-sprinkled sufganiyot filled with blackberry jelly and spiced roasted apple.

A solitary track stretched out upon the world: grey amber and white oud, ti leaf, vanilla ash and white sandalwood.

Carrotberry Pie
A surprisingly delightful blend of blackberries, cranberries, carrots, and pumpkin mash.

Carved Wooden Alchemical Laboratory
The Lab isn’t open to the public, but you can smell it from the street: hundreds of tiny wooden bottles of Snake Oil, marked with wee paper labels and packed off in tiny cardboard boxes.

Carved Wooden Bakery
Be sure to visit early in the morning to watch as scores of flaky chocolate-filled croissant are rolled out on a walnut countertop with a maplewood rolling pin.

Carved Wooden Barber Shop
Many an hour has been whiled away in this gentlemanly retreat: skin-warmed steel, fresh cedar shavings, a creamy fougere lather, a soothing splash of orange blossom water, and the distant memory of blood and bandages.

Carved Wooden Bawdy House
Let your fingers wander along this ornately carved teak banister, polished to a high gloss by the rough hands of countless miniature clients being led upstairs to taste trickles of sugar maple sap, illuminated by a cherry-red light and suffused with decadent, lustrous perfumes.

Carved Wooden Post Office
We owe everything to the USPS! And we certainly wouldn’t mind waiting in line surrounded by this ink-smudged, papery shuffle of letters, parcels, and holiday cards stuffed into a mahogany mailbox cabinet covered in shiny brass doors with a faint whiff of fruitcake.

Coffee Cream Pie
A lightly jiggling glop of cold brew, vanilla pudding, dark chocolate, and crushed chocolate cream cookies.

A bounty of chocolate coins! Dry cocoa and golden amber!

Gingerbread & Leather
They ride again! Black leather, gingerbread, clove, and tobacco.

Gingerbread Ghost
An otherworldly snack: gingerbread twisted in ivy and chilled by white iris, osmanthus, calla lily, gladiolus, lisianthus, and delphinium.

Gingerbread Hot Cocoa
Dotted with marshmallows.

Gingerbread London Fog
Steeped a bit too long because I wandered off and forgot about it.

Gingerbread Milk
Warm and frothy.

Gingerbread Oud
An almost grotesquely sensual, indolic cookie perfume.

Gingerbread Snek
Gingerbread thickened with molasses and patchouli, spiced with Snake oil, and frosted with sugared vanilla bean.

Grasshopper Pie
A minty mousse of creme de menthe, creme de cacao, marshmallow fluff, and whipped cream in a chocolate graham cracker crust.

Hard Luck Lollipop
This year’s fundraiser scent is a wish for enjoyment that transcends hard conditions: a cotton candy-flavored lollipop blessed with a pinch of grit and petrichor.

Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, the warm, worn leather of an easy chair and a pleasant, subtle waft of fireplace smoke.

Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy
A hearty, humor-balancing, cheer-inducing cake crafted with spelt, nutmeg, clove, and a dollop of honey.

Hymn to St. Brigid
A bounty of butter, honey, and sweet cream.

Be good, or Krampus will toss you in a river! Sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches.

Lavender Brownie
A chewy-edged brownie that gently bites back, studded with cacao nibs and lavender baking morsels

Lavender Coconut Cream Pie
Billows of lavender-tinged whipped cream luxuriating on a silky bed of coconut custard.

Lavender Earl Grey Cookies
A bitter, tea-stained ache soothed by softly herbaceous sugar cookies.

Lavender Honey Cake
Every crumb sticks to the fork: a dense, lightly-spiced cake glazed in raw honey gathered from bees who thrive on lavender nectar.

Lavender Lemon Bar
Ribbons of thick curd cooling in a crust flecked with crystallized purple buds.

Lavender Plum Galette
A mouth-watering mixture of glistening plum wedges and ground almonds, enfolded in flaky crust and drizzled with lavender sea-salted caramel.

Lavender Rosemary Baguette
Perfectly crusty and yeasty with a pillowy-soft interior, sprinkled with lavender sea salt and brushed with herbed olive oil.

Lick it With Consent
A sugar-crusted vanilla peppermint stick!

Maple Pie
Maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, and sea salt.

Mari Lwyd
Welsh cakes and ale with a smattering of dried lavender.

Marlborough Pie
Apple custard with sherry and lemon zest.

Marshmallow Snow

Merlot and Frankincense

Midnight Mass
This perfume is a traditional Roman Catholic sacramental incense, most often used during a Solemn Mass. Traditionally, five tears of this incense, each encased individually in wax that has been fashioned into the shape of a nail, are inserted into the paschal candle. This is, of course, represents the Five Wounds of Our Risen Savior. Symbolically, the burning of the incense signifies spiritual fervor, the fragrance itself inspires virtue, and the rising smoke carries our prayers to God.

The Peacock Queen
In dramatic contrast to the soft innocence of Snow White and the dew-kissed freshness of her sister, Rose Red, this is a blood red, voluptuous rose, velvet-petaled, at the height of bloom. Haughty and imperious, vain, yet incomparably lovely to the eye, but thick with thorns of jealousy, pride and hatred.

The Picture of Dorian Sufganiyot
A deep-fried fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea.

The Poinsettia Gown
A perfume simply inspired by a vintage Christmas postcard. Rose cream, jasmine cream, mallow, vanilla foam, and sweet amber.

Pomegranate Ink

Pomegranate, Fir Needle, and Cypress

Pomegranate, Golden Sandalwood, and Amber

Pomegranate, Kyphi, and Oud

Pomegranate, Wild Plum, and Green Tea

Puff Pastry Apple Roses
A deceptively simple recipe: paper-thin red apple slices pulled from a bath of lemon juice and rosewater, sprinkled with cinnamon, layered just so in syrup-brushed strips of pastry, and then rolled into perfect rosebud shapes that crisp up into a red-gold bouquet in the oven.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Creme Brulee Pie
Scorched pumpkin creme brulee in a gingerbread crust.

Red Velvet Tuxedo
A very special Yuletide sponsorship scent, dressed up for a scandalous night on the town: red velvet fruitcake with buttercream and a splash of cologne.

Rose Red
The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut.

Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help
A calming, affirming fragrance to help motivate Santa through the daunting tasks which await him year after year: sugar plum lavender marshmallows.

Our gruesome blend of ghastly greens and blacks, now streaked with blue-white: frozen and snow-packed vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, elemi, camphor, black basil, eucalyptus blossom, clove smoke, and scorched cumin.

A relaxed, lazy scent; slightly sebaceous and sweetly slimy: warm, buttery honey cream and dribbles of amber. May we all have at least a few gentle, sweet slug moments throughout this holiday season.

Slushy Snowballs
Chilly vanilla frankincense snowballs polluted with raw cacao, labdanum, and myrrh.

Snake Oil Hot Toddy
BPAL’s perennial favorite, Snake Oil, soaked in whiskey, honey, and a twist of lemon.

Snow Lotus
Frost-blue lotus petal, lotus root, amber, myrrh, and black sandalwood.

Snow Snake 2023
A chilly interpretation of BPAL’s Snake Oil: sweet, spiced musk with a crunch of snow and frost-hardened patchouli.

Snow White
A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

Snow-Covered Cathedral
Ecclesiastical incense wafting behind candlelit stained glass and icicles thrusting from stone archways.

Black Phoenix’s rapturous blend of three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk strapped in leather and covered in snow.

Snowy Cross
Snow-dappled rose and frankincense.

Sugar Cookies and Bourbon

Our most potent lavender sleep blend, frozen.

To a Wreath of Snow
Morning rising in mourning grey: tobacco flower, white oud, lavender bud, and ambergris accord.

Vintage Candy Garland Blow Mold
This tangled string of hollow plastic sweets is sure to conjure childlike fantasies of cartoonish opulence! An enticing swirl of multi-hued fruit and mint flavors, illuminated from behind by twinkling amber tree lights.

Vintage Mrs. Clause Blow Mold
A shell of milky plastic encasing fond memories of bread pudding with strawberry cream, illuminated from within by 40 watts of glowing amber.

Vintage Snowman Blow Mold
He’s just pretending to be cold! A milky plastic shell of frosted blue spruce, illuminated from within by 40 watts of glowing amber.

Vintage Wise Man Blow Mold
A sun-faded plasticky shell of lemony gold, frankincense, and myrrh, illuminated from within by 40 watts of glowing amber.

Weed and Fruitcake

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