NA Holiday 2023

NA Holiday 2023

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‘20s Cairo
Amber Musk Resin accord, soft spices of Coriander infused Honey with Tobacco Leaf and White Cinnamon, Bergamot, Tonka Bean, Amber Attar (NA Accord), Egyptian Amber, White Amber, Egyptian Lime Zest and Egyptian Musk

‘20s London
English Rose Garden accord, eNVie saphir absolute, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Cold-pressed Bergamot infused with English Earl Grey Tea accord, Rose Petals, and Carnation Musk

‘20s New York
Apple Brandy accord, Apple peel, Bourbon Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Maple infused Crystalline (Crystalline – Studio Limited Originals), Organic Madagascar Niaouli, Cinnamon Leaf, Tangerine zest, and Apple Musk

‘20s Paris
Elderflower extraction, Green Cognac accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute, eNVie saphir, French Benzoin infused with Spanish Styrax, White Raspberry, and White Lily

Moonstone absolute (Studio Limited Originals), rich Black Honey (see above), eNVie saphir, Vanilla Bean attar, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), and Balsamic Benzoin Styrax resin

Australian Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, rich Black Honey (see above), Baster’s Amber absolute, and eNVie saphir

Turkish Rose absolute, Jasmine and Violet Musk accord, Egyptian Rose, rich Black Honey (see above), and eNVie saphir

Pine and Balsam Essential Oils, Fir extraction, Green Cardamom, Green Pepper, White Musk, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Labdanum, and eNVie saphir

(Crystalline #14) Crystalline Absolute, Cake accord, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla infused Sugar Cane accord, Ice Cream accord, English Lemon Curd, Crème Brûlée accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute, and Green Cardamom absolute

Cats in Space
Strawberry Crème, Vanilla, Pink Sugar accord, NA Oudh accord, Crimson absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Peach skin, NA Amber Attar accord, Cinnamon Stick, Violet, White Patchouli, and Space Pine (German Pine)

Cherry Cardamom Sugar Cookie
Cherry Skin, Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Buttercream, Green Cardamom, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla extract, Cherry essence accord, and Vanilla Fleck

Cotton Candy Apple Spice Honey Mallow Musk
Cotton Candy accord, Caramelized Sugar accord, Vanilla absolute, Sweet Honey Mallow accord, Pink Peppercorn essence, Orange Blossom Honey accord, blanched Apple Skin accord, Spices of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Black Pepper, Apple Juice accord and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Cotton Candy Sandalwood Mallow Musk
Cotton Candy accord, Vanilla absolute, Australian Sandalwood, Santalum absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Vanilla Marshmallow accord, Mallow, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Lavender, Lemongrass, White Patchouli, Mandarin, Egyptian Geranium and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils blended with Juniper Berry Extraction, Bastet’s Amber absolute, Tonka Bean and eNVie saphir

Dream Musk
Blue Chamomile Paste extraction, Bulgarian and Moroccan Rose blend, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavender, French Lavender, Cola root extract, Cola accord, Caramel, Frangipani, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Eclipse Exaudia
Crème Brûlée accord, Coconut Custard accord, Vanilla Bean, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Incense accord, Labdanum Resin, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Eclipse Xanadu
Egyptian Jasmine, Vanilla Cake accord, Egyptian Pastry accord, Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Cherry Skin, Cinnamon infused Angel Cake, Powdered Sugar accord, and Bastet’s Amber absolute

NA Amber Attar accord, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Amber, Bergamot, Lime zest, Spearmint Musk, Lemon and Orange zest, and White Musk

Encens Myrrhe
Egyptian Myrrh Resin, Black Myrrh accord, eNVie saphir absolute, Salted Benzoin accord, and Smoked Amber Incense accord

Encens Oliban
Egyptian Frankincense, Frankincense resin Tears, eNVie saphir, White Myrrh extract, and Smoked Amber Incense accord

Jasmine extrait, French Lavender Essential Oil, Crimson absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Bastet’s Amber absolute, eNVie saphir, and Jasmine Musk

Teakwood, Sandalwood, Mahogany, Bastet’s Amber absolute, eNVie saphir, Caramelized Oak, Bergamot, and Coconut Crème

Gingerbread Owl
Vanilla-Ginger Cookies accord, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie accord, Steam-distilled Ginger, Vanilla Bean extraction, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Bastet’s Amber absolute with Bastet’s Ice Cream accord, and Musk

Holiday Bear
Caramel covered Anjou Pear accord, Pear Skin, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Marshmallow accord, Maple Caramelized Sugar with Vanilla essence, Buttercream, and Black Cherry skin accord

Holiday Cat
Spiced Caramel Icing Cake accord with Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove, Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Labdanum resin, Nag Champa Incense infusion accord, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Holiday Yeti
Abominable Vanilla Cream Soda Snow accord, Snow Butter Cake accord (sweet butter cake with vanilla frosting), Vanilla essence, Vanilla Buttercream accord, Vanilla Sugar Cookies, White Patchouli, and Crème of Vanilla-Caramel accord

Hot Cocoa Mallow Cookie
Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Buttercream, Hot Cocoa accord, Chocolate accord, Tiny Marshmallows accord, Vanilla, and Bastet’s Musk and White Musk accords

Cherry Skin, Almond Milk accord, Snow Musk, Rose Petal, Cedarwood, Sandalwood essence, Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Tonka Bean, and Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Vanilla Cinnamon accord, and Cherry skin

Llama Llama Llama
Bastet’s Ice Cream (Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, Brown Sugar infused Cinnamon, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar), Vanilla Caramel accord, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Buttercream accord, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Mallow Bunny
Vanilla Bean Fluff Marshmallow accord, Mallow accord, Vanilla Sugar Cookies accord, Crystalline Absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Bourbon Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited Originals), and Ember Wood accord

Mallow Mouse
Vanilla Marshmallow accord, Mallow accord, Vanilla Bean, Australian Peppermint Essential Oil, Apricot skin, Strawberry seeds, Peach skin, Sandalwood Marshmallow accord, and Pink Sugar accord

Mallow Otter
Vanilla Bean Fleck Marshmallow accord, Mallow accord, Buttercream accord, Vanilla Sugar accord, Black Vanilla, and Kobalt absolute (Studio Limited Originals)

Mocha Latte Choc Chip Bikkie
Chocolate Chip Cookie accord, Cacao absolute, Caramelized Coffee accord, Roasted Coffee Bean Cold-pressed oil, Hot Cocoa accord, Bastet’s Amber, Caramelized Marshmallow, and Coconut Caramel syrup accord

NAliday Tree ’23
Bayberry, Cranberry Skin, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Zest, Red Pine, Steam-distilled Juniper Berry, Cardamom Musk, Bastet’s Amber absolute, Bastet’s Musk absolute, and Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals)

A Amber Attar accord, Limestone Amber, rich Black Honey (see above), eNVie saphir, and Bastet’s Amber absolute

French Lavender, Mandarin, Egyptian Geranium, Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils with Frankincense tears Resin, Japanese Ylang Ylang Incense accord, White Jasmine, White Rose, and White Sandalwood, eNVie saphir, and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Parisian Musk
Lily of the Valley accord, Muguet Musk accord, eNVie saphir absolute, Honeysuckle extraction, Honeysuckle sugar accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute and White Musk

Spiced Raspberry Sugar Cookie
Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Buttercream, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Raspberry Seed, Raspberry essence accord, Coconut Crème accord, Toasted Coconut Pulp accord, Spice of Pink Peppercorn, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, Allspice, and Vanilla Bean Cookie accord

Sugar Plum Clove Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Butter Cookie, Vanilla Buttercream, Clove Essential Oil, Damson Plum accord, Blackberry accord, Sweet English Rhubarb accord, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Vanilla Sugar accord, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Vanilla Ice Cream accord, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Sugar Plum accord, and Vanilla Bean Fleck

Lotus Amber accord, Egyptian Lotus, Musk, Orchid accord, Jasmine, Rose Musk, White Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Mandarin, White Plum, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Kobalt (Studio Limited Originals), Crimson (Studio Limited Originals), Water Lily and Bamboo accord

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Butterscotch Crème, Vanilla Sugar Brûlée, Vanilla Cake accord, Vanilla Frosting, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla Bean Fleck, and Vanilla mashed Butter accord (everything everywhere all at once at our store is vegan), and a scoop of Bastet’s Ice Cream accord

Ruby Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon Essential Oils, Lotus Musk accord, Rose and Jasmine flowers, Sweetgrass, Sweet Heliotrope, Pink Peppercorn, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Bastet’s Amber absolute, Lotus Blossom, White Patchouli, and French Vanilla Bean

Xmas in OZ
Orange Peel, Red Apple Peel, Passionfruit accord, spices of Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg, Bayberry, Bastet’s Amber absolute, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, and Australian Sandalwood absolute

Zodiac Aquarius
Vanilla-Sandalwood Musk, NA Snow Jasmine accord, Jasmine Flowers, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Mandarin, Patchouli, California Redwood, and White Musk

Zodiac Capricorn
Australian Gardenia accord, Muguet, Jasmine and Strawberry essence accord, Lilac, Hyacinth, Lotus Blossom, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited Originals), and Bastet’s Amber absolute

Zodiac Pisces
Salted Peach Skin accord, Peach essence, Ocean Salt, Ocean Sage, Ocean Moss accords, and eNVie saphir
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A Rose in the Library
Egyptian Rose, Moroccan Rose, Tea Rose extraction, Bastet Amber absolute, eNVie saphir absolute, Book Leather accord (vegan), Suede accord (vegan), Peach and Violet accord blend, Peach skin, Plum Blossom and Peony

Spiced Applesauce accord (apple skin, essence, sweet cinnamon), whipped Strawberry Marshmallow accord, Mallow root absolute, Pink Sugar accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla Bean Cordial, Orange zest and Pineapple Sugar accord

Aset’s Frangipani Sandalwood
Hawaiian Frangipani, Australian Sandalwood, Santalum absolute (Studio Limited), Toasted Marshmallow accord, Vanilla Egyptian Nile Mallow infusion and eNVie saphir absolute

Bastet’s Caramel Swirl
Bastet’s Caramel Crème accord, Pure Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Fleck, Caramelized Sugar, Rich Crème accord, Tolu Balsam, Coconut Milk, Bastet’s Chocolate Ice Cream accord, Cacao extract, Warm Caramel accord, Vanilla Waffle Cone essence accord, Bastet’s Ice Cream accord (Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel accord, French Vanilla Bean absolute, Vanilla Musk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline absolute (Studio Limited) and Vanilla Sugar

Indian Tuberose absolute, Violet accord, Peach essence, White Pear, Ginger essence, Bastet’s Musk absolute and eNVie saphir absolute

Beauty’s where you find it
Japanese Tiger Lily essence, Moonstone Vanilla essence (Studio Limited), Bastet’s Musk absolute, Crimson Red Musk absolute and Syringa Lilac

CC Amber Spice Marshmallow Musk
Amber accord (rock rose, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and benzoin extracts/absolutes/essential oils), Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla Marshmallow crème,  Sweet Frankincense, White Pepper, Nutmeg and Allspice absolute essential oils

CC Gingerbread Spice Marshmallow Musk
Fresh Ginger essence, Sweet Cardamom pod, Mallow Root, Whipped Marshmallow Musk accord, Cotton Candy accord, Strawberry essence, Gingerbread accord (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg), Bastet’s Musk absolute and Vanilla Bean

Cleo’s Cherry Frankincense
Cherry Skin, Cherry, Cherry Stone, Cherry skin oil infused Mallow Root, Marshmallow accord, Vanilla, Egyptian Myrrh resin, Frankincense resin, Honey accord (vegan), Crystalline Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), Egyptian Musk and Oman Frankincense

Googly Cat
Candied Peppermint accord, Egyptian Sugar, Dark Chocolate accord, Cacao absolute, Bastet’s Musk enhanced with Cacao and Chocolate accords and Crystalline Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited)

Happy Rawr
Italian Roasted Chestnuts accord, Brown Sugar covered Cardamom pods, Toasted Marshmallow accord, Mallow Root absolute, Bastet’s Musk and Bastet’s Ice Cream Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar

Holiday Owlet
Crème de Nutmeg French extraction and whipped accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Sugared Damson Plums, Labdanum, Cedar extract, Fig skin, French Lavender, Praline accord, Sugar, Bergamot boiled Pear accord and Coconut flake.

Ladies with an attitude
Lady of the Night orchid accord, French Vanilla bean, African Vanilla bean, Moonstone Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), Kashmir Absolute Red Musk (Studio Limited) and Musk

Llama Llama 2
A new version of the original Llama Llama Wrapping paper from 2020 with some things taken out from the original and some things newly added to this new version of a fan-favorite!  Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited), Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Cream Soda accord, Caramelized Patchouli essence and Bastet’s Ice Cream (Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar)

Meditating Raccoon
Black Cardamom, White Cinnamon, Italian Chestnut, Sandalwood Crème accord, Santalum absolute (Studio Limited), Bastet Amber absolute and warm sweet Milk (vegan) accord

NAliday Tree ’22
(Holiday Tree '22)Spiced Cranberry with spices of Nutmeg, Ginger essence, White Cinnamon and Orange zest, Moonstone Vanilla Musk accord, Vanilla Bean Liqueur and Nevada Desert Patchouli

Nocturnals Lustre of Moonlight
Tolu Blossom, Atlas Cedar, Vanilla Malt accord, Apple skin, eNVie saphir absolute, Mallow Root e/o, Tonka Bean absolute and Bastet’s Musk absolute with Plum skin

Om Shanti Fox
Vanilla Eggnog with spices of Nutmeg and White Cinnamon, Brandy accord, Soy Milk accord, Vanilla Sugar accord, Labdanum absolute, Black Frankincense, Holiday Love and Amber

Paper Moons
Vanilla Orchid, White Musk, Bastet’s Musk essence, Vanilla Bean cordial, Egyptian Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, White Cinnamon, Powdered Sugar, Angel Cake accord, Almond Cake accord and Buttermilk Vanilla accord

Pomander ’22
Cinnamon, Valencia Orange and Clove blended into Vanilla’s of Crystalline (Studio Limited), French Vanilla and Vanilla Bean Cordial with Clove, Orange Zest and Amber resin accord

Santasaurus ’22
Sugar Cookies accord, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Frosting, Bastet’s Cookie Musk accord, Colombian Coffee organic extraction, Toasted Hazelnut, Molasses, Cinnamon Sugar, Snickerdoodle accord and Vanilla Bean paste

Serqet’s Butterscotch Latte
Caramelized Sugar, Butterscotch Caramel, Nutmeg, Pumpkin Pie essence, Soy Latte Coffee, White Cinnamon, Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited), Coffee Bean organic extract, Creamed Soy Milk, Coconut Butter and Buttered Rum

Raisin essence, Rum Molasses accord, Sugarcane Juice accord, Crystalline Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited), Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Caramel crème accord and Maple essence

Strike a Pose
Queen of the Night flower (Kadupal), Bastet’s Musk absolute, Halmaddi resin (Ailanthus Malabarica), Nag Champa Incense, Sacred Sandalwood Incense and Champak

Tefnut’s Vanilla Marzipan
Vanilla Cookies accord, Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting, Sugar Cookies accord, Almond Marzipan accord, Vanilla Almond Milk (vegan), Black Currant Musk accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute and Moonstone Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited)

Egyptian Jasmine, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang essence, White Patchouli, Black Musk, Red Musk, eNVie saphir absolute, Vetiver, Incense and Peach essence

What a Wonderful Life
Nevada desert Patchouli, Bastet’s Amber absolute, Strawberry Crème, Plum skin, Jasmine, Amyris, Davana, Nootka Cypress and Egyptian Black Currant

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