Nui Cobalt Valentines

Nui Cobalt Valentines

Status: Orded
*Returning scent
A soothing blend to restore equilibrium.
Green coconut water, chilled aloe, neroli, sacred benzoin, lemon balm, and creamy pink rose petal musk.
Wear to alleviate stress, fatigue, and sensory overload.

Love of Cats Egyptian musk, tonka, and dulce de leche wrapped in luxuriant cashmere, soft suede, wisps of sandalwood and copal smoke. Wear this comforting concoction to honor your feline familiars and invoke their ancient power.

Aphrodite Chrysea*
The Golden One Sacred benzoin, amber and copal resins, Moroccan cashmere, pink sandalwood, osmanthus, guava, and coconut milk chai.
Wear to manifest prosperity, pleasure, and a garden of earthly delights.

Aphrodite Nikephoros*
She Who Brings Victory Three precious sandalwoods, bronzed skin musk, raw vanilla bean, Haitian amyris, creamy white rose, and a sprinkle of cardamom.
Wear as an offering to the sea-born titaness whose will becomes Fate and whose favor begets Fortune.

Aphrodite Peitho*
Goddess of Persuasion Tortuga teakwood, green amber, fig leaf, honeycomb, skin-warmed linen, vanilla orchid, fox fur accord, and lime blossom.
Wear to empower your magical petitions, to influence people, and to sway decisions in your favor.

Love of Stars A shimmering constellation of iced white tea, bergamot, diamond musk, clary sage, ginger ale, cold conifers, and mint. Wear to refresh and inspire.

At Your Command
A trembling air of anticipation.
Pistachio creme, coriander, black cardamom, and humid ylang flower.
Wear to find vibrant stillness and heightened awareness.

Love of Books The vanillic scent of aging paper, the tang of fresh ink, venerable bookshelves of oak and mahogany, a sweet trace of pipe tobacco, an undercurrent of faded leather. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your perceptions.

Love of Moss A soothing bouquet of green suede, rainforest fern, Caribbean teakwood, river stone, oakmoss, and ancient fallen mahogany. Wear for deep relaxation, meditation, or sound sleep.

Love of Dance A kinetic bouquet for fearless self-expression.
Wild violets, warm Earl Grey, Dominican blue amber, orris root, a handful of blueberries, and a touch of lime marmalade.
Wear to shed inhibitions, overcome anxiety, and live your truth.

Love of Cemeteries Freshly turned soil, gentle rain, moss-covered tombstones, low-lying fog, old red oaks, and fading funeral lilies. Wear this somber scent to invoke the blessings of your ancestors and commune with the dearly departed.

The yielding redolence of devotion.
Black calla lily, orris butter, oat milk, red satin sheets, ripe papaya, and a slender twist of yuzu.
Wear to release control and receive adoration.

Love of Trees Moss-covered deadfall, birchwood and pine, lingering resins and sunlight through the leaves, a trace of woodsmoke, the memory of vetiver and cedar. Wear this evocative blend to commune with the spirits of nature and reconnect with your primal wisdom.

The captivating aura of quiet confidence.
Dark Vicuña wool, caramelized bourbon, Siberian Iris, ebony musk, and English ivy accented with pear.
Wear to turn every head without saying a word.

Love of Red A vivid aroma for bold moves and ambitious endeavors.
Velvety red rose, tart cherry, mahogany, dragon’s blood resin, scarlet musk, pimento berry, and a pinch of clove.
Wear for unshakable confidence and courage.

A spectacle of clean skin, patent leather boots, emerald musk, quatre épices, and dewy green fig leaves.
Wear when you’re ready to abandon all pretense and let yourself be truly seen.

Love of Crime This is the scent that the Devil's personal stylist would conjure.
Ebon cashmere, guaiac wood, storax, myrrh, syrupy vanilla pipe tobacco, a whisper of grey suede, and a trace of green lavender.
Wear when you want to be led into temptation.

Instant Chemistry*
A shamelessly sexy philtre to attract romantic prospects.
Almond pignolis still warm from the oven, a steamy cup of mulled Merlot, dark hazelnut mocha, and the subtlest hint of black patchouli.
Wear for night on the town, or to stay home and luxuriate in your own fierce fabulosity.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should not be worn on skin by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

Lure of the Lash
The sting and flush of ardent craving.
Blood orange, pink and white peppercorn, lurid musk, nasturtium flower, allspice, cathedral incense, dark patchouli, and tonka.
Wear to push your limits and expand your horizons.

Love of Music A symphony of scent to inspire virtuosity.
The rich mahogany, pale maple, and spruce woods of a violin, rosin on its bow, a vase of white heliotrope, dry vanilla, and French lemon verbena.
Wear to connect more deeply with your inner Artist.

Nephophilia 2.0*
Love of Clouds A fluffy melange of pink cotton candy, ivory cashmere, silk tree blossoms, blush suede, and steamed vanilla. Wear this playful scent to turn heads and lift spirits.

Love of Sleep Puffy white pillows that always stay cool.
Lamb's wool accord, orange blossom, barely-budding lavender, melissa, green fig, clary, cloud musk, and weightless vanilla marshmallow meringue.
Wear at bedtime for restful and restorative sleep.

St. Andrew’s Cross
A sturdy scent for strength and stability.
Antique mahogany, iron, flushed skin musk, beeswax, and bay.
Wear for unfailing support through any ordeal.

An elegant scent for blissful acquiescence.
Lotus silk, elderflower cordial, pale peach skin, honeysuckle, pillow moss, and slender bamboo.
Wear to elevate Yin and heighten receptivity.

An intoxicating elixir for elevated consciousness.
Warm almond milk, dewy blue lotus, labdanum, gardenia, driftwood, and porcelain musk.
Wear to dissolve the mundane and enter a state of bliss.

A dynamic blend for complex people.
Champagne, Lady's Slipper orchid, Egyptian cotton, kudzu, pomegranate, and pink larkspur.
Wear for adaptability and to honor your freedom of choice.

A passionate potion of juicy mulberry, acai, and red plum gently spiced with cardamom, heady egyptian amber, wood musk, ambrette seed, and black silk.
Wear to enhance your natural allure and draw attention to your finest facets.

Tall Dark Stranger*
An intriguing aroma for chance encounters.
Clean suede, earthy bronze whiskey, superior green sandalwood, dry fig, syrupy cedar resin, top-shelf patchouli, and a wisp of smoke from a fine Meerschaum pipe.
Wear to enthrall would-be suitors and nurture budding romance.

A subtle aroma for discretion and discernment.
Wet Bulgarian lavender, lemon verbena, old books, oakwood, and tweed.
Wear for calm focus and enhanced powers of perception.

Temple of Astarte
A regal and evocative paean to the Goddess.
Black vanilla, sandalwood, red patchouli, a spark of ginger, and sacred incense composed of cherrywood, benzoin, and nag champa.
Wear to awaken the Sacred Feminine.

That Spark*
The juxtaposition of dynamic opposites.
A champagne cocktail with ginger syrup, a swirl of grenadine, and a twist of grapefruit against a sultry backdrop of red satin musk and dark amber resin.
Wear to ignite a romantic connection or rekindle an old flame.

Venus Amica*
The Friend An enchanted infusion for joyful accord in platonic relationships.
Sun-warmed wildflowers, olivewood, apple blossom, light amber, moringa leaf, and sacred benzoin.
Wear to nurture connections with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and allies.

Venus Derceto*
Patroness of Sex Workers A smoldering mélange to attract only the best prospective clients.
Smooth sandalwood, tonka bean, marzipan, fresh coconut, and neroli, subtly spiced with ginger root, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.
Wear when meeting new people to ensure your connection with those who would prove most generous.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should not be worn on skin by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

Venus Euplia*
Of Good Navigation A cooling blend for smooth sailing and peace of mind.
Mediterranean lime, honeydew, cerulean musk, translucent amber, precious Hawaiian sandalwood, a touch of clary sage, and a whisper of ambergris accord.
Wear for guidance when you feel lost or disoriented. It assists in relieving anxiety and overthinking.

Venus Verticordia*
Changer of Hearts A beautifully balanced potion for eloquence and stature.
Sheerest lavender, clary sage, melissa leaf, and black cardamom warmed by creme caramel, tonka, dry ginger and Moroccan musk.
Wear to carry an air of effortless authority and charismatic grace. It has a talent for winning over difficult people.

Yes, Mistress
A commanding infusion for effortless self-assurance.
Smoldering red amber incense, blackcurrant sangria, stiletto steel, dark suede, and Imperial iris.
Wear to remember your inner strength and sovereignty.

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