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Black Phoenix April 1st Update

Addons, Fulls, and Minis are only available until 3pm est Wednesday, April 3rd!

Carnaval Rat
Eau de Carnaval Diabolique. The cumulative weight of dozens of scents — a cacophony of carnies, haunts, snakes, grindhouse dancers, and other attractions, all simultaneously clamoring for your attention.

Mx. Nobody
Weed-smoke and lime-tinged vapors rising from a cauldron of green slime, suspended by cracked leather straps above the heads of an unsuspecting audience.

Street Mattress
Atmosphere Spray
Dandelion sap, baby powder, ribgrass, spurge, and nutgrass squished into a poly cotton blend, poked by a rusty bonnell coil.

ZOMG Smells No Foolin' Update

Addons, Full sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock is available until 3pm est Wednesday, April 3rd

Too many notes to list, so I'll let the titles entice you. ;)
Camping in Marmalade
Captain of Industry Eating a Seagull
Dr. Zomg's Barbaric Splendour
Empty Airship Hanger
Lady Stabbington-Hackworth
Modesty Cod
Ren Tits
Sir Fightypants


Other News!

The First Quarter Giveaway starts today!  Hop on over to the FaceBook Groupor the Blog and tell us all about your favorite hobbies on the Newsletter post for your chance to win a USPS small flat rate box stuffed FULL of sniffy bottles!  Winners will be selected randomly from the comments on Friday.

Hexennacht Samples Update goes live on April 10th at 6pm est!  These are only available in 1ml oil sample vials.  There will be limited stock, but any scent that sells out will be restocked with round two!  Head on over to get a sneak peek of the scents that will be included.  Price point to be announced.

The BPAL Vermont Lunacy listings have been updated!

Also, we have a few new offerings in the Tea department as well!
Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends

New Deadlines
BPAL Worm Moon: Deadline April 19th
BPAL Spring Snakes/Equinox: Deadline April 19th
Poesie Poetic Light: Deadline April 22nd

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