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Moons of Saturn & Flash Sale!

The latest Moon kicks off Black Phoenix's September page!

Addons,Ā Various sizes, and unlimited stock are available untilĀ 5pm est Wednesday August 29th. Ā This is your LAST CHANCE to do addons for theĀ ResurrectedĀ scents!

A Gaulish giant, believed to be the Gaulā€™s parallel to the god Mercury. Wild sage and hyssop, marigold and frankincense, lemon verbena and tobacco.


On to the good stuff.Ā ;) Ā I desperately need to clear space for the upcoming Falloween and Yulmas collections! Ā So, it makes perfect sense to do a sale for last year's scents. Ā From now until 10pm est Friday August 31st use the code FLASH25 to take 25% off all AlumniĀ and Clearance items in your cart!

Do not forget your coupon code as it cannot be applied retroactively! Ā It will be available at the bottom of your cart on the Shipping info page.

Love & Luck,

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