Conjure Oils Ghost Homage Collection

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Conjure Oils Ghost Homage Collection

A brand new collection from Conjure Oils has arrived and is currently listed in the decant shop!

Addons, Full sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock is available until 5pm est May 16th

A Pale Horse Named Death
Black amber, honey infused oud, frankincense, black orchid and toasted vanilla husk.

Blood Honey
A lustful blend of blood musk, the smoke of hellfire, honeycomb and sandalwood saturated with vanilla.

Notes of shameless fig leaves, sweet and sensual tonka bean with ancient Egyptian spices ritually applied.

The One Lascivious
The scent rising from cursed catacombs coated in ancient dust and crypt moss. Eternally possessing a dark kiss for forbidden fruit that is forever desired.

~Bonus Tracks~
Aged oudh, blood red pomegranate, toasted tobacco, black sugandhara and Conjure Oils' own 23 component hand-made Dragon's Blood infused with bergamot for personal power

Morgan Le Fay
Blackened myrrh, red vanilla doused with black musk, juniper and cedar infused cypress, mandragora,black hellebore, a drop of choya nakh - toasted sea shell - for her connection to the sea and angel's trumpet flower essence for her work with death and the afterlife.


Just a reminder that I will be on vacation from June 4th - June 11th.  The shop will remain open, but ALL processing will be paused and no messages will be answered.  I will do my best to get all processing collections out before I leave, but it will all depend on when things arrive in the first place.  All deadlines posted on the Status page will include this downtime and any new collections will be added the following week.

Love & Luck,

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