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Conjure Oils Hallows 2018

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock are available until 5pm est Saturday, September 15th

The dark scent of twilight lilies, the softest waft of bat musk, the chill of midnight and the pleasant mustiness of a crumbling Victorian mansion. 

Massive black leather boots, a crack of electricity and the charge of ozone that floats through the air. 

The depraved scent of decapitated blood red roses, a cauldron full of witches' herbs for a love spell: patchouli, ginger, vanilla. Sealed with a heaping sprinkle of blackened sugar to keep the passion sweet yet smoldering. 

The metallic tang of dueling swords clashing, billows of seductive cigar smoke, and a lustful drop of blackest musk. 

The scent of cleanliness and dark perfection: Evian skin cream slathered into an unblemished epidermis followed with a gentle spray of Nina Ricci's L'air Du Temps and covered with designer wool scarf that still reminds her of the screaming of the lambs. 

A fragrance that's nothing short of refined perfection: golden musk, rare Indian sandalwood, an arterial spray of blood crimson carnation with a passionate addition of Middle Eastern herbs and spices: sensual saffron, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg and clove.

Deadly nightshade harvested from a witches' grave, the spice of moldering gorgeous fall leaves and acorns, a sewing kid filled with sewing needles, black, red and purple threads elegantly blended with dark fruits and cassia.

A skeletal blend of bone musk, royal pumpkin spice and the cool winds of Autumn with dried crimson, orange and golden leaves whipping through the cool breeze. 

Mrs. Lovett
A decidedly Victorian blend. Egyptian musk, Mirabella plum wine, black current infused vanilla and soul black oude. 

Sweeny Todd
Based on an old Victorian fougere formula: Bay rhum, emerald ferns, ambergris and a drop of blackest musk. 

Janet (Slut!)
Bergamot, red patchouli, aged vanilla resin and pink grapefruit.

Brad (Asshole!)
Lemon zest, ylang ylang, red tangerine, crystal amber and nutmeg. 

Parma violet, vanilla bean cream, raw whipped honey and a drop of clove. 

Russian amber, vanilla bean infused vodka and dried orange blossom. 

Marceline The Vampire Queen
Red and black patchouli, tonka bean, red rose blood, white ginger blossom, red frankincense and crimson dragon's blood. 

Princess Bubble Gum
The scent of pink bubblegum and puffs of sweet cotton candy smoke from Princess Bubblegum's MAD SCIENCE experiments! 

A powerful and honest blend of louban, incense cedar, Bulgarian lavender, tonka and aged vanilla. 

An extraterrestrial blend of oakmoss, labdanum, juniper berries and grey musk. 

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