Death and Floral May

Death and Floral May

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Dark, burnt honey mead with hints of toffee and whiskey

Electric Feel
A blend of different electricity accords; hot wires, neon signs, tv static fuzz, the electricity that rumbles inside a thunderstorm (Scent of the Month: May 2023)

First Spring
Soft suede and vanilla absolute, ancient forest wood, oak, tonka bean, sea salt (Scent of the Month: April 2021)

Fluffy lamb wool absolute, cedar chips, musky barn accord, crisp morning air (Scent of the Month: April 2023)

Black patchouli and cognac, blended with toasted oats  (Scent of the Month: May 2024)

Mourning in Late April
Sparkling lime and dogwood, with notes of white amber and tuberose

Mx. McJangles
Gourd pumpkin and incense, tangled with black wisteria

Painted Fires
Dry desert rose & dusty ground, sweet summer citrus, leftover bonfire ash, white sage distilled in New Mexico, sun-warmed ghostly glow (Scent of the Month: May 2022)

Queen of Moths
Incense, rich chocolate, decaying flowers, tobacco, dark woods, attic dust (Scent of the Month: April 2022)

Salted Raspberry Sorbet

Summer Camp Gothic
Dry oakwood absolute, browned marshmallows, cedar, black pepper, toasted vanilla (Scent of the Month: May 2021)

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