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Epically Epic Spring Collection

Addons, Various sizes, Sets, and Unlimited stock are available until 3pm est Tuesday, March 12th

Apple-Pear Smoothie
Gala apples, green pears, a slice of banana, and sweetened milk.

Blue Bell Knoll
Delicate bluebells, light, fluffy vanillas, blueberries, and tonka bean.

Carrot Cake
Spice cake with carrots, walnuts, and vanilla frosting.

Lavender Cocoa
French lavender essential oil and raw cocoa. A chocolate scent for springtime :)

Santa Fe Springtime
Blooming lilacs, cedarwood incense, plum blossoms, and the distant smell of gluten-free vanilla cake.

Wild Strawberry Tea
Iced tea with ripe red strawberries and a slice of lemon, garnished with a green strawberry leaf.


The following Leftovers will be updated at 6pm EST Wednesday, March 13th!
Conjure Oils Creatures Mixtape 2

Deadline added
Poesie Tudor Lace: Deadline March 28th

There is now a link on the Status Page for the Google Calendar!  I'm going to make every attempt to keep it up to date, too, lol. I keep the text processing list short so you don't have to scroll a ton. But, the google calendar is more informative if you're interested in when things were ordered verses when they get here/process/ship out and so on. I'll also add on Brand events, shop closings, and big leftover updates!

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